Saturday, February 11, 2017

World Finally Waking up to Bus Beheader Vince Li "Justice/Legal" Scandal in Canada

Greyhound Bus

I have been writing, commenting on forums and peacefully fuming about this long simmering Canadian Legal Scandal for years now.  Right after the atrocity took place, I began to pound the keyboard, writing dozens of posts on the CBC news forums with BIG questions about this disgusting travesty of humanity and justice.  Now, it appears that the entire world is waking up.  There was a report on the New York Times yesterday and today there's a report in Russia Today.

Simply put, Vince Li, an adult, male Chinese immigrant to Canada was riding on a Greyhound Bus across the northern Canadian Wilderness back in 2008.  He happened to sit by a young Canadian, a complete stranger, who he then proceeded to stab to death, behead and cannibalize.  He held the head up to the bus window for the other terrified passengers to see.  Finally, after what must have seemed a lifetime to the other passengers, Vince Li was apprehended and arrested.  He proceeded through the court system with lightning speed...getting found not guilty due to insanity.  He spent some time in a locked psychiatric facility but then, again with lightnight speed (as these things usually go) he was released to a "half way house".  Now...must I say it AGAIN...with lightning speed as compared with how legal matters are usually decided...the "insane foreign terrorist" is given a complete discharge.   He has been allowed to change his name to Will Lee Baker.  He will NOT be monitored in the community...all less than a decade from the time of the atrocity!

Bus Beheader Vince Li (Now known as Will Lee Baker)

The big red flags for me in this notorious case are:

1.  The speed that this murderer wound his way through the legal system to a complete discharge and freedom to get his passport renewed, etc., etc.

2.  The lack of information that Canadians were provided on his background.  I read everything I could get my hands on about the case...(let me say that it was not very thoroughly reported on at the trial stage and I objected to that on the CBC forums). Canadians were never told who is parents/family were; what his upbringing was like; what city in China he came from; whether he came from a military background; whether he had been previously incarcerated for violence; whether he ever travelled to or lived in the United States; whether he had ever been surveilled by police or CSIS.  The answers to the above questions (and many more) should have been provided to the Canadian public.  Why weren't they?

3.  Instead, some of the M$M focused on the lack of security on the Greyhound buses and the need to upgrade to more secure/high tech systems with cameras, etc.  A very expensive investment for the financially struggling corporation.  This misplaced emphasis led me to suspect that this was the reason for the entire incident.

Everyone, by now, knows that the perps proceed with their agenda using the mass manipulation tactic of PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.  The Vince Li, atrocity to me seems to be a classic case of this tactic.

Problem(s):  How to get Greyhound Bus to upgrade it's security systems so that some usual suspects can make a huge profit...and security agencies can more closely surveil average citizens as they travel about their own country...going about their own business?

Reaction:  Plan and implement a grossly violent atrocity to terrorize the public.  Use that terror to pressure Greyhound Bus to upgrade its security systems

Solution:  The people feel "safe" (while they have actually become more closely surveilled by the perps) The usual suspects have made a financial "killing" off Greyhound by forcing it to upgrade security.  CSIS and other letter agencies have a ready tool to more closely surveil Canadians...including any activists or opponents of their globalization schemes.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this.  Vince Li might be an otherwise wonderful human being and meek as a puppy while on his meds.  BUT, if he was/is....why are Canadians still in the dark about his background?  Why is his life story still a big and terrifying question that he is allowed to roam free?

Conclusion:  All we want is the truth and the full story!  In the wake of the revelations about police conduct in the Nuttall/Korody case...all these "terror" incidents need to be reviewed in that context.   Additionally, this is yet another very clear example of how so-called "journalists" and "national news networks" have grievously let the public down in the era of "FAKE NEWS".


greencrow said...

In the above post I forgot to mention one other major concern I have about the "authorities" allowing Victor Li to go unmonitored. In my social work career I came across and worked with enough clients with schizophrenia to understand the following realities about the mental disorder:

1. In many patients the disease can become unstable with age or with change in environment. As an example, Heat in the summer can affect the ability of medications to control symptoms

2. Environment can affect symptoms of schizophrenia. High stress environments and/or even living in a high rise building can negatively affect functioning. It is not recommended that persons with schizophrenia live on the upper floors of high rises because they will get the urge to jump.

3. Age can affect the functioning of persons with schizophrenia. The body may develop an aversion to some of the very strong medications prescribed for schizophrenia...the body may become immune to the medications...or the body may develop such serious side effects (this is very common) that the individual will go off his or her meds just to relieve symptoms such as constant tremors or stiffening of the muscles.

For all the above reasons and more....Victor Li should be monitored closely FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Here in Central Canada, this has been in every conversation that the local public has had over the last few days...

The general consensus is this... This man should ABSOLUTELY not be free, period, end of discussion... What he did was signs of someone with a severe mental disorder and now they are allowing him to not only walk free but to have his name changed to try to "protect" his identity...

I also feel so sorry for the McLean family that has suffered the loss of their son from this mentally psychotic individual... And now they have to suffer once again knowing there is no real justice for their son....

I do not give a damn that the authorities see this freak as having a clean bill of health.... He no longer has to even be supervised and he no longer needs to be monitored to make sure he is taking his psychosis medication... Honestly, if this freak commits another crime of the same nature, and he could, then there will be so much hell to pay.. But sadly at that point this guy will have killed another innocent person!

Anonymous said...

Perfect assessment of the situation!

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comment, which coming from someone who lives in the area affected most by this travesty, carries a lot of weight. Yes, the mental health system in Canada is a danger to the public if they routinely let individuals with histories like Victor Li roam free unmonitored. Schizophrenia (if that is what this individual truly has) is a very unstable diagnosis. It does evolve with time and more often than not, the symptoms do become more severe. This is what I found out by front line (anecdotal) experience anyway.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous.

Thank you for your comment. It is good to know that others feel the same way I do.

Penny said...

Hey Greencrow: I wrote extensively about this incident at the time it occurred.

I firmly believe there is much more to this then meets the eye

For example- the cops did not apprehend Mr Li (never boarded the bus- never shot or tased him)

He exited the bus (through the back window) and only then did the cops arrest him- After leaving him on the bus for 3 hours to mutilate the victim- including moving the passengers to make it possible for them to view what was going on.

Tim McLeans mother, direct quote:

" Why didn't they do something in that three hours, rather than having my son locked in with this maniac who, there was no question, had done this? And (they) allowed him to defile my son's body in the way that he did? What was their game plan? Why did they wait for him to throw himself out a window or fall out of it?"

It really appeared some kind of social experiment-

Not only that the incident in Quebec with the white killer and chinese victim are the switched up version of nearly the same crime

Recall how the Harper government went to great lengths to get Luke Magnotta and lock him away as quickly as possible? So he couldn't talk- Because he had some kind of ties to the Conservative party..

I wrote this post in 2012 and it touches back to Tim McLean and Vince Li
Even the names of the perp/victims in the two incidents..


greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, Penny. Valuable additional facts to add to the discussion. That is why I believe they rushed Vince Li through the "justice system". They didn't want any jailhouse confessions down the road. The biggest gap in information is the past history of Li. We just don't know anything beyond the most superficial details about this guy. That fact just screams False Flag to me.

greencrow said...

And thanks, Penny, for drawing my attention to the correct name of this guy...Vince, not Victor...ooops!