Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Women treated as minority when in fact they are majority...Same old, Same old

Marion Le Pen speaks out against feminists

The above is a "must watch" video for those who want to know what women really think about the feminist movement.  We don't often get a chance to speak out and be heard on the topic so this is an anomaly in itself.  People talk today about "perception management", "identity politics" and the like.  Simply put, it's all about divide and conquer and always has been.

The perps had a problem back in the late '50's and early '60's.  How would they successfully manage the boomer generation of women?  There was soon going to be masses of young women--a majority, if truth be told in the population (there always being more women than men in any given society)  who were raised to work, to contribute to the gross national product.  How were the controllers of society going to keep them "pregnant and barefoot in the kitchens and/or working for peanuts" at the same time?  So they invented (with the help of anti-women agents like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan) "feminism".  It was the latest groove...the thing to do and be. It was "freedom".  They gave the young women the pill and abortion, let them go braless and sleep with multiple partners (hey, doesn't this all more directly serve the goals of the male capitalists? Never mind...).  But they still had to (and still do) work for peanuts.  They still lack representation in the boardrooms of capitalist power and the hallways of government.

Marion Le Pen never said anything truer than when she said that women don't want to have abortions.  They want to have children.  By far and away the highest reason for abortions is the economic situation having a baby will put a woman (particularly a single woman) in.  It is the devaluation of motherhood in our society that's the cause of abortion...not laws.  The reviving of the entire topic of abortion, as I have said in previous posts, is a gross insult to women.  I have always said that I would agree to the banning of abortion if there were a law that all male rapists had to be castrated.  I always have a good chuckle to myself when I think about the dynamic that would take place if that were to be publicly espoused in the media....millions of men would simultaneously and defensively grab their crotch!  lolololol.

We don't need any more phony "women's liberation", feminism OR anti-abortion campaigns.  What we need is a revolution in how society treats mothers and motherhood.  There needs to be a fundamental understanding and appreciation by society and capitalists for the sacrifice that goes with being a mother...financial, emotional, time, career potential, etc.  I understand that in the US...where the abortion issue has been recently revived by Trump and others....they don't even give a new mother paid maternity leave!  Not to mention affordable, reliable and safe daycare.

All this recent pink pussy cat hat crap is just like Marion Le Pen says it is....an effort to marginalize women and merge them in the public mind with other weird minorities like the LBGT communities and Muslim refugees.  Then get them to bicker and waste time/energy amongst themselves.  Meanwhile....young women, faced with the "choice" between being able to feed and clothe themselves...get an education...and ultimately preserve for themselves the option of finding/maintaining a successful, meaningful and satisfying relationship with a life partner...will continue to seek abortions. 


Ed(itor) said...

Hear, hear. Here.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, Greencrow!

I loved that Marion Le Pen speech, too.


Anonymous said...

This is something I always struggle to put into words and you have done it so well.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks for your kudos and for sharing my post with your readers in your excellent blog: Occurrences

greencrow said...

Hi EV:

Thanks...and yes, Marion Le Pen's speech was an anthem for true womanhood.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I agree that describing it (the systemic marginalization of women in our society) is something most women have a hard time expressing...although we live with it every day.