Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why does this Woman have such a Big Smile on her Face?

Chrystia Freeland on Front Page of CBC same day as
Donbass Hero "Givi" assassinated
by Western-backed NeoNazis

Was it FDR or Winston Churchill who said "Nothing ever happens by accident in politics"?  Not sure, but the saying came to mind yesterday. In the morning, Donbass Hero "Givi" was brutally assassinated in Donetsk and, later on the same afternoon...the puss of neoNazi sympathizer and Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs showed up on the CBC website.  She has a smug, satisfied smile on her face.

Is this a subliminal message and insult to pro-Novorossian supporters in Canada and around the world?  Hopefully, when Trudeau goes to meet with Trump next Monday...and drags along the Freeland heavy baggage...Trump will tell Trudeau to stow it somewhere.