Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump - The Real Boss

US asks Israel to "hold off" on settlements...nudge, nudge, wink, wink

The world is getting very tired of the charade that passes for the US/USrael relations.  Today, as an example, Netanyahu is visiting the newly-elected US president in Washington and they are pretending to "negotiate" over the Palestinian question.  As The Saker said, in his excellent analysis linked to in my previous post about the resignation of General Michael Flynn, both the US and Israel have no credibility on the world stage.  Both have lied so many times, gone back on every single promise they have ever made to cease and desist relentlessly bombing, assassinating and killing millions of vulnerable people throughout the world...that both are international pariahs...although it's not polite to call them such.

The situation has become so dire that the US was forced to confront it during the last US Presidential Election...the American people demanded an alternative to the Deep State ziofascist coup occupying the Federal government for the past 50+ years....and Trump presented and was elected on a platform of euphemistically "draining the swamp".  Well, Flynn's forced resignation shows us how difficult it is to drain a swamp...when the entire government bureaucracy is nothing BUT swamp.

All this will be as it may...but the ultimate truth is what I said in my first paragraph.  USrael has no credibility on the world stage.  The entire world is lined up firmly and uniformly against its oppressors.  Leaders (like Justin Trudeau) may bow obsequiously before the tyrants...but the people are not fooled.  Ordinary Americans aren't fooled either, as they showed by the last election landslide for "the Swamp Drainer" (as Trump then portrayed himself to be).  Global support for USrael is a mile wide and a milli-centimeter thick.  And the perps know it.  That's why they always forward their agenda behind smoke and mirrors...duplicitous puppets and politics and "Fake News" media False Flag drills and purges.

The only comfort humanity has in these turbulent the comfort of history....and the true historical record does not bode well....once the people have decided that enough, truly is, Enough!

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