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Russia/Turkey Friendly Fire Incident - "Miscommunication" or Gulan/USrael sabotage?

Russian War Jet

Yesterday, February 9, 2017, there was a rare Friendly Fire incident involving the Russian Air Force.  Unlike the US Air Force...which used to have regular "friendly fire" incidents, including the infamous 2002 Tarnak Farm Incident in Afghanistan...and dozens of subsequent incidents, Russia had not yet had my knowledge.  The incident yesterday involved Russian planes bombing a building in Al Bab in Northern Syria.  There were a number of Turkish troops in the building and three of them were killed...others injured.  Putin immediately called Turkey's Erdogan on their special "hot line" which they set up last year after some subversive factions in the Turkish "NATO" military shot down a Russian plane.  Turkey and Russia have become allies, particularly after the CIA/Gulan-backed attempted Turkish coup which also was foiled last year. Luckily, Erdogan and Putin were able to smooth things over after this latest incident.

The BBC has a report, however, gleefully saying that there is a fundamental disagreement going on between Turkey and Russia about the "co-ordinates" used by the Russian jet planes in executing their mission to bomb the building.  Here is the RT version of the controversy.  Please read the excerpt below and I will have my thoughts and comments to follow:

From RT

The Turkish military said Russia received all the necessary coordinates a day prior to the friendly fire incident in Syria which resulted in the deaths of three Turkish soldiers. Earlier, Moscow said its planes targeted the location in Syria based on guidance provided by Ankara. “Our troops hit on February 9, 2017 were in the same spot for 10 days before the airstrike,” the Turkish military said in a statement, according to the Haber Turk news outlet.

The statement added that the coordinates of the building targeted were given to Russia a day before the incident, and that both Russia's Khmeimim air base in Syria and the Russian military attaché in Ankara in person should have been made aware of the location.

Earlier on Friday, Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that there should not have been any Turkish troops in the area of the airstrike and that the Russian forces were not informed of their location. He said that Moscow and Ankara agree that the mistake was not deliberate, and added it was due to miscommunication on positioning data.
“As for the reasons [of this incident], they are unfortunately clear. There’s no controversy. The situation is evident: our military was following the data sent by our Turkish partners, and there shouldn’t have been any Turkish troops within the limits of these coordinates,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

Asked if there was a mistake on the part of Turkish intelligence, Peskov reiterated that there was a “miscommunication in providing the data.”
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the incident in a phone call, Peskov added

Turkey and Russia should be wary about these kinds of "mis-communications".  It is non-controversial that the USrael does not want these two nations to become close allies and would be doing everything within its power to sabotage such an alliance.  The past is prologue and NATO/USrael has used its massive infiltration of the Turkish military (including fomenting a coup from the Incirlik NATO airbase last year) to thwart an independent Turkey.  In spite of Erdogan purging the military of hundreds of thousands of pro-Gulan would be stupid to think they've eradicated all of them...particularly after the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara by a "stay behind" Gulan soldier late last yet.

My take on this incident is that it is just another in a series of sabotages of the Turkish/Russian alliance.  Who ordered those Turkish soldiers to locate in the targeted building?  Find out the name of that Turkish officer and you will likely know the name of yet another Gulan mole.  No doubt the Turks and Russians have already connected these dots.  But, the incident will remain as a reminder of how vulnerable all forces are that oppose the "Rule by Deception" perps controlling NATO/USrael.  They have infiltrated every army in the world...including the Donetsk Novorossian army in we found out earlier this week with the cowardly assassination by bombing of Novorossian War Hero "Givi".


As the "War by Deception" types function best in the shadows...the most effective weapon against them is public exposure [thus becoming subject to the rule of law].  Turkey and Russia need to closely co-operate to "out" all the moles and their puppetmasters.  No matter where the trail leads.....and we all know exactly where ALL these trails lead.  One final observation...Trump is also vulnerable to this kind of "mis-communication".  The sooner Trump meets with Putin and they are able to set up their secret hotlines and codes...the better for everyone.

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