Wednesday, February 1, 2017

NeoNazi backed Kiev Junta is cynically escalating fighting in Donbass

Reporter Patrick Lancaster

In a callow, cynical  and evil attempt to drive a wedge between the neophyte Trump Administration and the Russian Federation, the illegal Kiev Junta regime of Ukraine, driven by their neocon Deep State puppetmasters now hiding out in the CIA and Pentagon, are resuming shelling of civilian neighbourhoods of the Ethnic Russian and Russian Speaking cities of the Donbass in eastern Ukraine.  There is a peace treaty in force--which these neo-Nazi terrorists are breaking in this effort to undermine Trump and Putin.

Here is the video report of Patrick Lancaster in Donetsk and I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

Amongst the many guilty parties for this effort to break the fragile peace in the region and resume the raining down of artillery shells, killing and maiming countless civilians, including innocent women and Canada's le dauphin Prime Minister.  He openly supports the illegal Junta in Ukraine.  In his own effort to escalate this deadly conflict, he recently appointed Chrystia Freeland, a descendant of a neoNazi Ukrainian and a Kiev Junta sympathizer to the prestigious post of Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs.  This individual is banned from travelling to Russia...not a good item to have on a resume for the position of Foreign Minister.

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Chrystia Freeland with
PM Justin Trudeau

When the inevitable reports come in from the Donbass about families ripped apart, children killed and maimed, homes, churches and hospitals destroyed...think about Justin and Chrystia...sitting comfortably in the Canadian House of Parliament....and going home to their safe, comfortable houses to tuck their children into bed at night. 

Anna Tuv Injured in the last Ukraine War
Her husband and daughter killed
in Mortar Attack on their home

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