Thursday, February 16, 2017

Have I Reached the Party to Whom I am Speaking?

Lily Tomlin as "Ernestine"

Blogger Jim Stone is a lot further down the rabbit hole than most of us...even most of us truthers.  He rides the extreme outside range of the conspiracy theory outback.  I only visit his blog in times of desperation...for plausible (or any) explanation for what's going on. A couple of days ago, when this General Michael Flynn resignation hit the fan...I went to Jim's blog and something he said brought back a whole closet full of memories and references.  He stated the truth...that the entire phone system in North America is owned by Israeli Zionists.   We know that the letter agencies of the US have been infiltrated by Ziofascists and it is this Deep State that has declared what some are calling a "nuclear war" on neophyte president Donald Trump. 

Stone is saying in the excerpt posted below that this systemic surveillance of the US democracy is what will ultimately bring Trump down. While Stone blames the "Jews" I have replaced this noun with "Zionists" for more specificity.  Some may argue this point with me...but that's a whole other post.  Please read the following quote and I will have further thoughts in comments to follow:

"Shadow government steps forward and shows who is boss

A nuclear strike on the FBI, CIA, and NSA is probably America's only way forward

Obviously these agencies are not under the control of the American people, as they turn their observation powers inward at their own government, and do all they can to destroy it under the instruction of infiltrators such as Soros, Rockefeller and Rothchild, who want America destroyed. The only answer is to destroy the intelligence agencies, and jail everyone in them, and eliminate all people who appear to be external to them that actually own them by any means necessary to accomplish it. If the white hats within these agencies will not unite and destroy the darkness, they deserve to go down with the entire ship.

I really do not know what can be done to stop what is going on. Obviously if any action is launched against them, they will know and render it neutral. The infiltration of America by dark forces which are obviously old world communist is now showing itself to be so complete that there is no way the American people can ever take the country back in a peaceful way.

Trump sent out several tweets that amount to an emergency distress call, stating that the intelligence agencies have gone fully rogue and are working directly against the American people. He is right. And I do not think his firing of Flynn was anything other than a desperate attempt to distance himself from an attack by the intelligence agencies that was fully intended to go all the way up to him, and take him out as well. The bottom line is that by becoming President, Trump basically bought the Titanic 1 minute before it broke in two pieces as it was sinking after it hit the iceberg. We all knew it, and are hoping he's some sort of God that can lift the Titanic back out of the ocean. He might be, but the war is going to be a tough one.

Trump's biggest disadvantage is that he still trusts [Zionists]. They will rip his guts out if he does not grow a brain, and he won't even know where the attack came from.

[Zionists] own all the telecoms, and have their own spies for everything. If you can't make a phone call without them knowing what you said, you can't organize an effort to take the country back even if the NSA was not there. This is CLEARLY outlined in the Carl Cameron Fox News audio file that was done shortly after 911 that I have linked in the top portion of this page. That report shows clearly that the police could not do ANYTHING to stop [Zionist] crimes, all the way back in 2002 because the [Zionists] owned America's communications and knew everything about what the police would do ahead of time because they could listen in on everything the police said. If Trump does not address this issue, he can do all he wants to save America and eventually the [Zionists] will erase his efforts.

The swamp is such a cesspool, primarily [Zionist], that Trump is like a lone firefighter trying to snuff a 3 state wildfire in a forest full of cannibal pygmies with blow gun darts that are trying to paralyze him and serve him up for lunch. If he does get this fire snuffed, it seems it will be by the will of God alone.

DO YOU WANT TO SET UP YOUR OWN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY? I'LL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT, and it is EASY, absolutely anyone can. Set up your own pre paid phone card company. You will need at least a 50 line phone switch, where every line is answered when the same number is dialed. These are easy, many businesses have them. You put that number on the phone cards and hand them out cheap to people who will re-sell them. These people are all over the big cities, you see these phone cards everywhere. Then you set up VOIP and have someone else handle the output from your phone switch and actually make the connections everyone who dials into your switch asks for.

AT THAT 50 LINE SWITCH, YOU HAVE 50 PEOPLE LISTENING IN AND RECORDING EVERYTHING. BAM. There's your own little NSA. You will be able to listen in on ALL contacts and ALL calls made by approximately 3,000 people with that ONE 50 line switch, because they won't all dial out at the same time. And if max capacity is reached, you can just start dropping calls because everyone knows those cards are crap. They will just try later. And you will know everyone anyone calls, what their business contacts are, what they will be doing, EVERYTHING, all from one little 50 line switch that is easy to get, and one VOIP deal with a secondary handler so you don't have to handle the hard part of it.

The [Zionists] do this ALL THE TIME, it is modus operandi. I'd bet every single phone card out there is exactly this. And they will absolutely destroy anyone they want that makes a call over their system.  This is true of any cell phone service (but that is hard to set up), any land line service (but that is even harder to set up) so just sell pre-paid cards. THAT is EASY."

I have known that AT&T and all telecommunications companies in the West are Israeli/Zionist owned for at least a decade least since 9/11.  This is another reason for the "Seven countries (in the Middle East) in five years" agenda.  The Ziofascists want to destroy the countries' electrical/communications grids and infrastructure... and then rebuild along Western they can listen in on all telephone conversations in the Middle East.  Ultimately, they would like to have the ability to listen in on any conversation in the world.  I see this as a potential uptick in the "park bench business" because people.... if they remain at all human...will always want to have private conversations.  Incidentally, this is one of the aspects of the Russian Federation that bugs the Zionists...they can't listen in to Putin's conversations.  IMO, that is one reason why they are trying to implicate Russia and Trump in some kind of co-conspiracy.

But back to the problem at hand...which is the declaration of war on Donald Trump by his letter agencies...and their ability to blackmail him by listening in to his telephone conversations.  He should already have taken steps (even during the election campaign) to secure his communications.  Illegal surveillance and blackmail of an elected leader is treason.  If Trump cannot locate and bring to justice these individuals or this group...then he might as well resign right now...because he will never "drain the swamp" and will ultimately be eaten alive by the alligators.

So.  The US (and North America Wide) telecommunications systems are like "Ernestine" in the comedy video above...sitting at a giant switchboard...connecting people and listening in to conversations.  In order to run the country (not to mention "drain the swamp"), Donald Trump needs to first get rid of Ernestine.  He needs to not only fire (and or charge with treason) all the agents listening in to his conversations...but set up his own switchboard complete with a Ziofascist firewall.  Hopefully, with the growth of alternative communications technology...the captivity of humanity within the Ziofascist communications prison/grid will soon end anyway.  Won't it?


Northerntruthseeker said...

If I was able to tell you what I know about the reality of our telecommunications industry, Crow, it would make your head spin.... And it would cost me my job as well!

Suffice to say that you are on the right track... And the telcos are indeed involved in this criminality!

BuelahMan said...

Do you seriously believe that Trump is not already in bed with the Zionists? Do you realize who is son in law is? His connections? Do you seriously believe that Trump's incessant ass-kissing of Netanyahu, the Zionist King, isn't noticed by the jews?


greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan:

As I have said ever since Trump declared his candidacy...while I believe Trump is and always has been a "fellow traveler" with Ziofascists (he has used them and they have used him)...I also believe, and evidence shows, that they do not trust him. His ego will not allow him to submit entirely to them...which is what they demand of all their leaders. So they are trying to get rid of him.

greencrow said...

Hi NTS...yes I can well imagine. Probably there is a camera and recorder embedded in my laptop as I type...and I'm NOT kidding!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually, it stems from Project Echelon from the 1980's for telecom surveillance..

That was very much real, and now with 30 years improvements in the technology, they have made massive improvements in their methods..

greencrow said...


I wasn't able to do this topic justice...and now it's been buried under a lot of subsequent posts :/ You could do a much better job on the topic of worldwide telecommunications surveillance...and most importantly...who's listening in!