Friday, February 3, 2017

Facebook is Toxic for Children, Teenagers and other living things

Jolynn Winter, 12, left, and Chantel Fox, 12, centre, from the community of Wapekeka First Nation in Ontario, died by suicide in January. Chantel is survived by her twin sister, Chanel, pictured far right. (Supplied by the Winter and Fox families/CBC News)

Regular readers will already know the opinion I have of popular communications silos like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (whatever that is) etc.  I despise all of them.  It is so obvious that they are controlled by the same perps that are behind all the gatekeeping and social herding of the sheeple that then allow the cabal to perpetrate Deep State perpetual wars, false flags, geoengineering, genetic manipulation of food and DNA...pollution, vaccinations, etc.

If people communicated directly and not in silos or bunkers...they would not be subjected to the mind games played on the vulnerable children in the photographs above.  Read the following report from today's CBC and you will see how children have been driven to suicide by Facebook.  I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

'Go kill yourself': Social media messages encourage Indigenous youth to commit suicide

WARNING: This story contains graphic content

By Jody Porter, CBC News Posted: Feb 03, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 12:03 PM ET

A grief-stricken mother from a northern Ontario First Nation is sharing the hate-filled social media messages her 12-year-old daughter received on the day of her death by suicide, in hopes of saving the lives of other girls in her community.

"If I'd seen those earlier, if she showed them to me, I think I could have done something, tried to talk to her, not to believe those words," Sandra Fox told CBC News.

Fox's daughter, Chantel, died by suicide early in January in Wapekeka First Nation, a few days after her friend, Jolynn Winter, also 12, died by suicide. Several other girls from the community, about 600 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ont., remain on suicide watch and at least two of them have also received messages encouraging them to kill themselves

A mental health counsellor who works with First Nations youth in the same area said that young people are too often using Facebook as a diary, which leaves them exposed and vulnerable.
"Sometimes people on social media just find your problems are entertainment, and I find that really sad," Valerie Ooshag said. "I've seen some nasty stuff on Facebook, like people telling people to kill themselves. It's just horrible."
Creating youth centres in First Nations where young people can reach out for help to mental health counsellors in person could help curb the problem of children revealing too much online, she said.

Since those resources aren't available in Wapekeka or Eabametoong, where Ooshag works, she offered these words of advice to young people who may be tempted to reveal their suicidal thoughts online:

"There are people that care about you that will listen to you, not just reading it on a Facebook status," she said....

Children of the "social media generation" were raised by IPads, Tablets and Facebook style communication silos.  In a twisted way, Facebook is their "parent"...their confessor and their adviser.  It's sick, I know.  But that is their perception...not knowing anything different.  I've heard Facebook sometimes being called "crackbook" and, after reading stories like the one above it appears that Facebook is as deadly as crack cocaine. 

You know, if the b@$tards who were telling these youngsters to commit suicide were making anti-Semitic remarks to Jewish people...the Facebook "authorities" would be on them like a junebug...and cancel their posting they cancelled Truther PeeKay Truth's You Tube privileges the other day when he posted some debunking of the latest Australian False Flag.

So we know that Facebook/Google can locate and control these @$$holes in a heartbeat if they really wanted to.  Just like Google/Blogger could stop all the spam that keeps infesting my blog (some of it pornographic) if they really wanted to.  This begs the question...why doesn't Facebook/Google maintain "family values" on the Internet?  They could if they wanted to.  An old saying comes to mind..."If they wanted to..they would."  This applies to almost every human activity you can name.  The flip side is..."they don't want to."  Perhaps it suits their purposes/agenda/long term have trolls/spammers/and diabolical commenters on the forums.  Perhaps there is some benefit to them if youngsters in remote communities commit suicide...if Truth Tellers are harassed and silenced...if families are destroyed by suicides.  They say that the Satanists feast on bad karma.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the Facebook taunts were the only reason these children killed themselves...not by a long shot.  As I have said in previous posts on this topic, I believe a major cause is an ongoing subculture of rampant child sexual abuse and incest in aboriginal communities.  There is such a taboo on this pedophilia and criminality that the only way the child victims can vent is self harm.  And this is what they're doing in epidemic numbers.  The Facebook taunts could be being put on Facebook by the perpetrators...trying to eliminate the "evidence" of their perversions.  Certainly the police should investigate whether or not this is the case.

And, of course, Facebook and the other communication silos should stop exploiting children and start protecting them!


Ed(itor) said...

Have you taken the opportunity to delve into George Webb's video series yet?

I appreciate the perspective of others.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

I did spend about an hour reading...particularly the "crib notes". And I did send you an e-mail afterwards. It was aptly described as a "firehose" of information. You know how I like to Keep It Simple...and I can't seem to find my "rabbit hole" suit and crampons.

Seriously, I know what you're getting at...the pedophilia in high places and pizzagate. Could you please send me a précis of your take on it? Thanks.


Ed(itor) said...

GC: Be patient. Will do. Google is playing games. Will probably answer in the form of a post and send you a link, but have errands to do now and ... Ed

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks. I will look forward to reading your post. In the meantime I have gathered a few links on the topic myself and may do a post next week which will hopefully incorporate some of your musings. I have a very interesting take on the timing of the Pizzagate eruption in the press during the election campaign...curiously coinciding with some nasty rumours about Trump.


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