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UPDATED: Everyone was dead: When Europeans first came to B.C., they stepped into the aftermath of a holocaust

UPDATE:  February 23, 2017 - Riot police & military Humvees enter Standing Rock camp. This brutish approach to the legitimate cause of the opposition to the Dakota Pipeline project is going to cost Trump a lot of his residual 38% support.  Just sayin'.

West Coast Totem Poles

As I was discussing with a fellow blogger last night, we are on the cusp of a "crash" or some kind of epic "sea change" in history.  As Yeats famously said "...The Centre Cannot Hold".  The lies told by the governing cabal, particularly the lies of 9/11 and afterwards, are the only thing that is holding our society together...and the "official version" lies are coming apart at the seams.  While I was pondering the enormity of what we are facing in the near future...I was presented with a equally shocking glimpse into the the form of an essay published in the National Post.  This is a source I am very skeptical of (it being neocon owned and run) and usually avoid.  I am going to present, in its entirety, this very compelling "revisionist" history of first contact between white men and indigenous peoples of the Pacific North West with the warning and proviso that there is probably a neocon agenda behind its publication.  I will leave it to my discerning readers to try and figure out what that agenda is.  Please read the following article and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

"Everyone was dead: When Europeans first came to B.C., they stepped into the aftermath of a holocaust

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When the explorer David Thompson travelled overland to the West Coast in the early 19th century, he traversed whole regions ravaged by the 1782 epidemic. He met locals who had seen their villages die around them, and now lived in whatever post-apocalyptic societal structure survivors had been able to cobble together.
Is it true that the white men … have brought with them the Small Pox to destroy us?” Thompson was asked near the modern site of Spokane, Wash.
In the 1890s, Vancouver woman Ellen Webber found a massive mitten in what is now Maple Ridge.
She asked an elder from what is now the Kwantlen First Nation what it was. Identified only as “an old Indian,” the woman told Webber of a thriving, well-fortified village of fishermen, tanners, potters, canoe-makers, tailors and toy-makers.
That is, until a dragon “awoke and breathed upon the children.”
“Where his breath touched them sores broke out and they burned with heat and they died to feed this monster,” she said. “And so the village was deserted and never again would the Indians live on that spot.”
When George Vancouver saw beaches strewn with bones, he was looking at a pattern of mass-death similar to what had struck thousands of European villages during the Black Death of the Middle Ages.
As the epidemic begins, communities hastily rush through back-to-back funerals. As the bodies pile up, communities start improvising mass graves. Finally, as society completely breaks down, the dead are left where they lie.
For generations afterwards, sites of mass death became taboo places for Indigenous people. As Old Pierre said in 1936, digging into the ground of any abandoned village would turn up the “countless” bones of past smallpox victims.
His great-grandfather, after saving the sole infant survivor of the epidemic, burned the whole village down and never looked back.
How is it that the smallpox epidemic of 1782 is not part of the lore of modern British Columbia?” wrote the geographer Cole Harris in Voices of Disaster, a 1994 history of the disaster from which most of the information in this article is sourced.
The epidemic that burned itself out in the forests of British Columbia was the most significant event in North American history. Just as a settlement-minded people set up shop on the East Coast, a biological terror was depopulating far-away lands they could not even imagine.
From the Grand Canyon to the forests of northern Canada, thousands upon thousands died in the delirious throes of a European disease without ever having seen a European. 
It’s arguably why the continent is dominated by two giant, English-speaking countries whose western halves are divided by a horizontal line.
Europeans had colonized Asia and Africa, but only here and in the islands of Oceania did they have such ease in demographically supplanting the indigenous inhabitants.
It’s possible that smallpox killed as many as 95 per cent of the population of the Georgia Strait. Given that estimate, as many as 100,000 people may have lived in the area at a time when the entire state of New York counted barely 200,000.
In British Columbia, as with depopulated regions across the continent, Europeans were literally stepping over the bones of the dead to find vast landscapes populated by small bands of traumatized survivors.
Here was an almost empty land, so it seemed, for the taking,” wrote Cole Harris.
As George Vancouver steered HMS Discovery north from the the Strait of Georgia in the spring of 1792, his eyes glimmered with what could be done with the seemingly empty forests surrounding him.
“The innumerable pleasing landscapes … require only to be enriched by the industry of man with villages, mansions, cottages and other buildings, to render it the most lovely country that can be imagined,” he wrote.

An artist's rendition of the Vancouver Expedition. Here, the HMS Discovery meets with Spanish vessels to settle claims in what is now British Columbia and Washington State.

And indeed, that’s exactly what happened.
The peoples of the West Coast were well-versed in war: Accustomed to raiding and invasion, they maintained Viking-like fleets of war canoes, lived in fortified cities and went to battle in terrifying suits of armour complemented with trade metals from Russian Alaska.
Against a well-prepared and well-coordinated native population, any invaders could have expected epic battles followed by years of guerrilla warfare. Before smallpox, West Coast oral history contained accounts of rivers being made “black” by the canoes of invaders.
Instead, as wave after wave of epidemic hit the area, the emptied landscape became one of the easiest conquests in British history.
In 1862, just as the colony of British Columbia was getting its footing, the indigenous descendants of the 1782 survivors were hit again. Another smallpox epidemic once again killed more than half of B.C.’s native population and peppered the landscape with mass graves and abandoned settlements.
George Vancouver’s name got appended to a metropolis, an island larger than Wales, and his life-sized, gold-plated likeness was bolted to the top of a Westminster-style parliament in Victoria. “Mansions, cottages and other buildings” were not only built, but they are now counted among the most valuable in the world. 
Rather than “Most Lovely Country That Can Be Imagined,” however, the carriers of Vancouver’s vision ultimately went with the slogan “Best Place on Earth.”


What to make of this sudden injection of revisionist history into the "official" cultural framework of the Pacific Northwest?   The White "discoverers" and their descendants have always tried to portray themselves as having come upon a virtually empty land...with just a few scattered tribes they could cordon off onto "reserves" or massacre like what occurred at Wounded Knee.  Why is it now appropriate to make the catastrophe generally known? They didn't mention it earlier perhaps because they didn't want to overburden the white pioneer settlers with guilt?...I suppose.

Of particular note is the use of the hallowed and consecrated word "Holocaust".  That word is only sanctioned to be used when there is an approved agenda involved.  What is the agenda here?  Now...I have to say...that the wiping out of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest by smallpox is not a surprise to me.  My partner and I (and our children while they were growing up) have sailed the waters of the Pacific Northwest for forty years.... and have stopped in at many small First Nations villages along the coast.  I can remember going into little "museums" of local history and reading about the mass deaths and wiping out of villages by smallpox epidemics.  So it is known on a local scale that this is what happened.

Raising the specter of mass deaths does serve a geopolitical purpose of creating fear of same in the population.  We know the MIC is working overtime trying to come up with some effective bio control millions of "excess humanity"...some of whom are waking up to what the perps are up to.

IMO, this piece has received "front page" treatment in the primary mouthpiece of the neocons in Canada to signal the "fin de siècle"...the end of an era.  Before we can move on to the next white man planned "holocaust" we first need to clean up some unfinished historical detritus from the past.  We need to come clean about what happened.  But, then, why does the article not contain the most important information of all?  The "smoking gun"?  Why is there no reporting about the "smallpox blankets" that were given to the indigenous people by the white traders?
You will do well to try to inoculate the Indians, by means of blankets, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race." — Jeffery Amherst[11]

Do the perps want us to believe that the indigenous peoples were killed by small pox viruses that materialized out of thin air "carried by the winds"?  Do they want us to believe that the massacres were "Acts of God"?  The local "museum" stories mentioned contamination from items given to them by the whites so, again, this is known on the local level.  Or, are the perps surreptitiously acknowledging the most successful use of bioweaponry in human history?  Ahhhhhhhh...NOW we're getting closer to the reason why this essay is being given such prominence.


Anonymous said...

Dakota pipeline
If they stay
Which on news,they say they were gonna be unarmed and stay.
One of the spokespeople for the whites said
mumble mumble mumble,his answer was guarded for,he did not know or maybe he was thinking how much fun the theater was gonna be if they stayed???
You decide.
The chief with his headgear on said
We stay
We shall see
Non educated opinion

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thank you for connecting the dots between what happened to indigenous North Americans with the "Small Pox holocaust" and what's happening now with the Dakota pipeline. I should have thought about that.

I remember driving down the Washington State coastline on a road holiday years ago. There is a small oceanside town there...a beautiful town built on a sheltered cove. Down by the beach was a brass plaque on a pole. We read the plaque. It described a very bloody battle that took place on the beach between settlers and the "Indians". The "Indians" were making a last stand for their land and were wiped out. They remained nameless on the plaque, while the leaders of the whites were each named and honoured as conquering heroes.

I will never forget that plaque...because to me it summed up the whole history of first contact for the indigenous in North America

james@wpc said...

It is still not generally known that small pox is carried by a bed bug. The reason for this continuing ignorance is obvious. The European Powers (the ruling psychopaths) knowingly and deliberately conducted biological warfare against the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

How is it that the Europeans were not wiped out by their own disease until they become rebellious as the Patriots did? How did the Conquistadores carry the disease to South America (and North America) without all dying out on the way from Europe from that same disease?

The PTB (psychopaths) have attempted (successfully so far) to portray the genocide as simply fate or destiny. Nothing has changed. Today we have GMO's and vaccines which the psychopaths are using against humanity to orchestrate the psychopaths ascension over humanity as their "destiny". This is another reason that they are so attached to evolution theory and Darwinianism.

Indigenous peoples need to be restored to their sovereignty and dignity for our sakes as much as theirs. Their survival is our survival because we have a common enemy - organised psychopathy.

greencrow said...

Fantastic comment James. The point I was trying to make in my post was that the neocon mouthpiece was SIGNALLING to its followers that what they did to the "Indians" could be gotten away with again. Just blame whatever bioweaponry they have now on being "carried on the winds" or some other act of Gawd. In other NOT identifying the deliberateness involved in the small pox epidemic...they were caught in the act of gloating.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding Greencrow.
I was just using critical thinking,when you were wondering why.
I saw those soundbites on last nights news.
I channel surf,so not sure which one.
The white spokeperson freaked me out.
Reminded me of Bush in the school,same freaky look.
Your story turned my stomach,all stuff like that turns my stomach.
That is why i do not like men in uniform.
For all the blogging you folks do,you give credit to leaders,but from my point of view.
All those sick atrocities are done by men in uniform.
All brainwashed loonies.
The ones in over there head because they have no way of knowing they are totally brainwashed,i feel sorry for,but the diehard loonies,i loath them.
That is the root of all evil,brainwashed psychopaths or for some reason i call them sociopaths(ill will toward your fellow man)(oppressing your fellow man),sociopath,pscychopaths??maybe you can correct me on which one to use?
I looked in dictionary,on that day sociopath was the one that made sense,maybe i am dislesic?illiterate??mind plays tricks when reading???
Oh well
What ever there orders are,that is how dangerous the theater of operation will be.
I never watched war movies, while other men of my peers loved watching them.
I see it as conditioning people to wanna sign up???
Thanks again for responding to my post

Anonymous said...

Oh,i just want to add my favorite,or one of them.
I have a few but