Monday, February 20, 2017

CawRANT Events #42

CawRANT Events #42

Good Morning everybody!  The sun is peeking through the clouds this morning on the West Coast and, it having rained all weekend, I'm looking forward to getting out with my dogs for a walk along the urban salmon stream.  We're usually accompanied by about 20 crows who fly above us as we the hope of getting some peanut treats at the end of the pathway.  Quite a little parade I would say.  But first, I'm going to do this RANT. 

Breaking News:

First of all there's some breaking news.  RT is reporting that Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN has died suddenly in New York.  Churkin had been the ambassador to the UN since 2008 and had captained the diplomatic team through many crises, such as Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc.,  The most interesting thing about this newstory which broke not 45 minutes that it has not yet been picked up by the Western Main$tream media.  I'm going to check again before publishing this post but as of now there is total silence other than RT.  I find this odd...yet it fits with the modus operendi of the M$M.  What they DON'T say is just as important as the lies they tell.  They lie and obfuscate and do fake newz by omission as well as commission.  Just sayin'.  The main take away from this story is that yet another very important voice in the Russian government has gone silent.  Not good.

Somebody's  Making a Killing off the Fentanyl crisis

Back to local news for a moment.  There was an interesting recent report on the ongoing Fentanyl overdose deaths epidemic on the west coast.  Apparently some drug companies are making a "killing" off of a newly developed nasal spray that functions as an antidote to fentanyl poisoning.  It's an Ill Wind that doesn't blow somebody some my mother used to say.  And, in that vein, the doctor that heads up the transplant unit at the local hospital where my partner and I underwent kidney transplant surgery last October (I was the donor and he the recipient...We're both still doing very well...thank you very much) says there's been a record number of transplants done at the hospital this year due to the number of overdose "donors".

Transplants up in BC due to Fentanyl Overdoses - Leading BC Transplant Doctor

I got to know the doctor pictured in the photograph in the story linked above.  He interviewed me several times to assess my suitability to be a donor.  I always ask the question when these statistical anomalies crop up in society...Qui bono?  I'm also asking the question about this suddenly easy access to this deadly drug "fentanyal" and its close and deadlier cousin "carfentanyl".  Is there a hidden hand spreading these drugs so that the aging boomers will have an "option" should they want to relieve society of the financial burden of caring for them in their extreme old age?

CIA/Drug Epidemic

After all, we now know that the US government agency, the Central Intelligence Agency was behind the drug running of the 90's (at least).  On a regular basis, more information comes out about this disgusting history.  Just last week it was revealed that, according to his son, top drug trafficker Pablo Escobar was an employee of the CIA.   Gary Webb was suicided for his break-through journalism disclosing to the world why vulnerable youth in inner American Cities were being wiped out by their own government.  And, as a result of that cautionary tale...we know that the skies the limit as to what evil these taxpayer funded ghouls will get up to while hidden behind their "whited sepulchre" agencies.

The US

Back to the subject of "Fake News", I see that the Main$tream Fake News Media is up to its usual tricks this morning...making up a story out of whole cloth about Trump not being accepted by Brit Upper Crust.  This is a standard M$M ploy...a variation on their "demand to appear" which I have discussed in previous posts.  "Demand to appear" is when the entire media gets into a frenzy about some targeted individual not having been "seen in public" for a period of time...Sheer speculation then ensues as to "why" this person has not been at the media's beck and call.  It is a form of control, intimidation and denigration...trying to bring the individual down in the eyes of society.  Well in this case...the media is doing a "Demand NOT to appear".  They are trying to set up a scenario where the individual (in this case Donald Trump) is "not wanted" to appear somewhere in the unlikely hope that he won't go...or more likely...that his first international outing will be viewed negatively.  It's what they doooooooooooo.


Finally, (I could go on all day about the fake news in today's press) I would like to say a few words about President Donald Trump's first month in the presidency.  In my opinion, it has not been going well for him.  Some factors are his own fault, but mostly because certain Deep State entities just simply will not accept him in the role.  When I was a social main job was to make assessments about peoples' capacity to parent.  In essence, this is what I did.  A person might be a very new parent and there was no record to judge.  So I looked at upbringing, family history, mental health, empathy, responsibility, judgement, etc.  It was absolutely essential that my assessment be accurate...because a young vulnerable life depended on it.  How much more important is it, then, that the capacity of someone like Donald Trump be correctly assessed as regards his ability to "parent" i.e., take care of this planet--and protect it from wars and specifically, a nuclear holocaust.  So, in my new role of geopolitical blogger, I have applied the same tests and standards to Trump as I used to apply to would be parents.

Trump's capacity to lead (parent) the most powerful country in the world needs to be assessed objectively and realistically.  The concerns need to be "named" and brought to his and the world's attention because, only by facing up to the challenges, can changes be made.  That's why in one of my recent posts I expressed extreme frustration with Trump over his most recent "disastrous" press conference.  I identified a couple of major concerns...His seeming gratuitous calling of Iran as "the world's leading terrorist" and his use of colloquial "loose" expressions to comment on a Russian spy ship that was sailing close to US waters off north eastern USA.  These two incidents, IMO, are indicative of what could be lack of judgement.

Now, If a young parent left a child unattended in a bathtub full of water...and as a social worker...I found out about it (this actually happened) there would be immediate ramifications.  The individual would not be allowed to bath the child least until completing a parenting course.  New rules would be put in place so change can be made.  That's how its done.  That's why all this stupid "fake news" is a dangerous distraction to the critical vetting and analysis that is going on and that needs to go on re Donald Trump's capacity to be President.  SOMEBODY needs to grow up here.  Just like a parent should not be written off for one error...a president should not be written off for one or two misjudgments.  There is no one better to raise a child than his or her own parent...and there is no one better to lead a country than an elected leader.  It is the capacity to learn and to change that is important.  We need to see these necessary changes, growth and adjustments in President Donald Trump.  And, believe me...I AM looking for them.

That's it for now...Till Next time. goodbye.

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