Monday, February 6, 2017

CawRANT Events #41

CawRANT Events #41

Weather with Photos

Good Morning Everybody!  Snowmageddon has come to the Pacific North West!  Record amounts of  snow have fallen since this past December and, this past weekend, we had another huge dump.  Temperatures at the moment are slightly below freezing.  Although it is sunny at the moment, more snow is expected later today.  What's going to happen to all this snow when it starts to rain later on in the west is a common concern.  If it melts too fast, there could be flooding.  In the meantime, there is a certain enjoyment to looking out the window at a "winter wonderland".  Here are some very recent photos:

Webmaster with three dogs
in hand-knitted sweaters

Hand-knitted Hat and Scarf out of left-over wool
I'll post this on my "Arts and Crafts" page too

Yes, I was very busy knitting a hat and scarf + three dog sweaters out of left over wool....which I thought I'd put away for next winter...low and behold, as soon as I put down my knitting needles...the snow started.  Having grown up in the wilds of Northern Ontario and remembering those wintry blasts...this is like a trip down memory lane...and I love it!

But, this is supposed to be a RANT so I'd better stop reminiscing and start goes:

Fentanyl Dealer Sentenced to 18 years

Starting off with Canadian News, we note that a local Vancouver drug dealer is going to jail.  The law enforcement and courts are attempting to make up for lost time on the drug epidemic...being shamed into action by the crisis of over 900 drug deaths last year alone in BC.  I say, the courts should half the drug dealer's 18 year sentence on the proviso that the dealer give evidence as to where his supply is coming from.  We need to take down the suppliers...and if he's getting the fentanyl directly from the Pharmaceutical companies...we need to "out" the lax security on these drugs.  I suspect that the recent North American wide fentanyl deaths epidemic is one of the reasons why Trump has been publicly warning Big Pharma to lower its prices.  Low prices would help to put some of these killers out of business.

On to International News:

French leadership candidate Marie le Pen tries to get a word in edgewise with CNN's Fake News Interviewer Christiane Amanpour.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour didn’t look too happy while interviewing France’s presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen over the weekend. Amanpour interrupted Le Pen 5 times in a 3-minute segment and was clearly irritated by her objections to the fake news narrative on Ukraine and Crimea.

The purveyors of Fake News are panicking and working overtime in response to being exposed by US President Donald Trump.  Instead of self-reflection and analysis of why their readership and viewing audience has tanked...they've decided to double down and destroy their attackers.  This only shows how deluded and psychotic they are.  Watch the above interview with leading French candidate Marie Le Pen.  Ziofascist "journalist" Amanpour verbally blindsides Le Pen with verbal sucker punches, wrestles her to the ground and sits on her..."journalistically speaking".  It is disgusting to watch.  Nobody is fooled by this.  The M$M is GOING DOWN!

Here's another example from a FOX TV Interview of Donald Trump by Bill O'Reilly.   Again, the interviewee, Trump, is blindsided by a verbal sucker punch.  O'Reilly accuses Trump of supporting a "killer" (aka Putin)

FOX News O'Reilly blindsides Trump
with Strawman Argument about
"Killer" Putin

This was a standard "strawman" argument.  But because the North American audience have never been trained or exposed to "critical thinking"  they will swallow it hook, line and sinker.  Trump should have refused to answer the question.  He should have identified the calling of Putin a "killer" as being a "straw man argument" and demanded O'Reilly identify specifically "who" Putin had killed.  As the world knows...Putin has been a paragon of patience in his response to the never ending provocations of NATO/US/rael.  At this very moment, NATO is surrounding Russian borders with soldiers doing "exercises".

Putin, with his superb negotiating skills, has negotiated at least three major treaties in the past decade:  1) between the US and Iran, 2) between the US, Ukraine and the Novorossians and, 3) between the US and Syria.  While the US with its "Peace Prize President" was not directly involved in the last two conflicts was the behind-the-scenes aggressor and the killer of hundreds of thousands of innocents by proxy.  The whole world, with the exception of the critical thinking-challenged of America knows this.  The above interview was a trap set for Trump with the goal of showing the "killer" interview to the massive "Superbowl" audience in the US.  When you look at it from the bigger picture.  It was a sucker punch to the zombified brain dead US TV audience.

But I have been having some serious concerns about Trump's agenda since he took office.  This recent headline in an alternative blog sums them up:

Has Trump – Who Ran On an Anti-War Platform – Already Sold Out to the Warmongers … Or Is He Just Playing Unpredictable Madman to Gain Negotiating Leverage?

Yes, Trump continues to be acting erratically, all over the map on crucial issues like war and peace.  One day he is defending Putin...the next... one of his henchmen is saying Russia is the biggest threat to the US (when it is the other way around).  I have never agreed with Trump's plan to build a wall across the Mexican border.  It is a lot of work for a very small reward.  There is so much else that could be done with that energy and that money.  If Trump found out who is co-ordinating the drug and gun running operations between the US and Mexico that, in and of itself, would be a better use of the funds.

The banning of Muslims (or, more specifically, illegal migrants) is also a waste of energy and time.  If Trump and his cabinet would focus on removing ISIS and the US-created proxies in the Middle East...and allow peace to return to those lands...the migrant problem would be virtually solved.  Instead, his cabinet heads are sending worrying and mixed messages throughout the middle east...specifically targeting Iran.  Everyone who has two brain cells to rub together (unfortunately, only about 37% of the western population) knows that Iran was next in line after Syria...for the "seven countries in five years" Ziofascist, hegemonic agenda spelled out by former Pentagon general Wesley Clark.  Say what you want about the Obomber...but he did put Iran on the back burner by agreeing to the Putin-inspired treaty between the US and Iran.  I don't know where Trump is getting his advice, but he seems to lack a fundamental understanding of the history between the US and Iran.  The US interfered with Iranian elections and democracy a few decades ago and installed the puppet Shah of Iran.  The people revolted and put a Muslim theocracy in charge of Iran.  Ever since, the US has been gnawing away at Iran like a dog with a bone.  They simply won't let it exist.  They have to punish it with sanctions...they confiscated billion$ of dollars of Iranian funds decades ago and have been holding these finds in American banks and stealing the Interest.  This was the funds that made up the "billions of dollars" that Trump insists the US was cheated out of during the Iran Deal negotiations.  If even I...up here in the wilds of BC know this...why doesn't Trump know it?  And why does he want to re-open the deal...the only peace deal...that the US has made in 50 years or so?

Yes, it still "early days" and hopefully Trump can get a grip...and soon.  Otherwise it will be like I said during the election...a choice between Satan and Lucifer...and Lucifer isn't working out for us either.

Ukraine being used to stir the pot.

Another challenge that Trump has had to face, is the reigniting of the conflict in Ukraine by the same old, same old, gang that uses proxies to fight their wars for them.  The Saker has a report about the neo Nazis breaking the Putin-negotiated Minsk Accord.  All of this is to surround Russia with conflict and instability.  Why?  Because the Ziofascists hate Russia.  Russia has returned to its Christian roots....after a century of Bolshevik-incited atheism.  Such a widespread and powerful Christian force is an existential threat to Zionism....that's the way they see it anyway.  The longer I live the more Dante's Inferno and Milton's "Paradise Lost" make sense to me.

Pizzagate for Dummies

Finally, we have this bubbling issue of "Pizzagate" that is festering and causing such a distraction ("distraction" being the operative word here) on the Internet.  I have been asked for my opinion....for what it's worth.  For what it's worth?  Take the opinion below, add $4:50 (Canadian) and you can buy yourself a tall Tim Horton's coffee ; )

he "goes dark" on social media

First, watch the above video.  Let's call it "Pizzagate for Dummies".  At least it puts what is a hopelessly complicated and drenched-in-red-herrings issue into a simple and logical format.

Then read the following from the same source as the video:

".....Even more troubling is the fact that, after his Pizzagate report was aired, Ben Swann disappeared and was not seen anchoring CBS46’s evening news since.
Writing for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s on January 27, 2017, Rodney Ho archly observes:
Ben Swann, the evening anchor on CBS46 who created a social media firestorm last week after reviving the “Pizzagate” story, has been off the air since late last week.
UPDATE on Friday, January 27: He will be back Monday, January 30 after being off air since January 19. But his social media accounts will be deleted, he said. 
There has been no explanation for his absence on air. His co-anchor Sharon Reed has been solo anchoring at times. Sometimes, Tracye Hutchins joins in, as she did Wednesday night. Internally, staffers don’t even know what’s going on.
He does remain on the CBS46 website so he has not been fired.
Neither news director Frank Volpicella nor his boss and GM Mark Pimental have responded to requests for comment. A spokesman from Meredith Corp., which owns CBS46, has not returned email queries or phone call requests either.
It’s very possible the two sides are quietly negotiating an exit settlement agreement with Swann, who joined the station in mid-2015 and is clearly still under contract. And given that the story was cleared by his bosses, their futures are questionable as well.
Swann did one of his “Reality Checks” last Tuesday bringing back the frequently debunked story of a pizza place in D.C. linked to a Hillary Clinton senior aide that was supposedly running a child prostitution ring there. He noted that there is no clear evidence such a ring exists but threw out a lot of online speculation and innuendo, then wondered why the authorities had not done a thorough investigation….
He has not posted anything on Instagram since the brouhaha hit. Ditto on Facebook.
As the Daily Beast noted, he’s a bit of a conspiracy buff and his website Truth in Media is tied to a Republican PAC. Plus, he did some work for the Russian-government supported Russia Today before coming to Atlanta.
Ho calls Pizzagate a “frequently debunked story”.
As Ben Swann, with eminent common sense, pointed out in his “Reality Check” report, how can Pizzagate be dismissed as “fake news” or “debunked” when there hasn’t been an official investigation — not one — into the many troubling claims?
On January 27, 2017, Ben Swann posted an announcement on Facebook and Twitter that “things are OK,” but that he will “go dark” on social media beginning “Tzuday, Feb. 1”.


I find the above "disappearance" of a well known talking head interesting because it supports my long held theory that a main goal of these false flags and hoaxes is to "drill" the Main$tream Media" and purge from it any potential truth tellers...prior to some long planned cataclysmic "false flag".

But, aside from that, what do I think about Pizzagate?  First, we have to look at the timing of the release or highlighting in the media (and faux alternate media) of the WikiLeaks revelations about the connections between pedophilia the  pizza parlour and Clinton's campaign manager Podesta.

The exposure occurred at the height of the US Presidential election campaign...just when the mud began to really fly back and forth between the Clinton and Trump camps.  This is the most important thing to note.  The timing.  Also, at this time, Wayne Madsen reported that there was a disgusting rumour circulating about Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka.  My take is these two happenstances are closely connected in a "Tit for tat" (no pun intended).  I believe that the Clinton campaign had some really disgusting evidence about Trump they were threatening to reveal...but Trump and his supporters headed that off by threatening to reveal all the pedophilia going on at the upper echelons of the Democratic elite.  So, it was a saw-off and both sides strategically retreated.

That is why, IMO, the Pizzagate controversy...which threatened at one time to be the scandal of all scandals...was stillborn.  Today, anyone who even mentions it is rendered non compos mentis...either that...or they are forced "to go dark".  Ultimately, what happened was that there was a brief schism between the ruling elite...but then they realized that the "collateral damage" to themselves as a controlling force would be too decided to close ranks again.

Speaking of "going dark" lol....that's it for this cawRANT.  I have to get out in this beautiful winter wonderland....before the blizzard conditions descend again.  Bye for now.


Timeline Matters said...

Amanpour: "Does it not bother you that a big country broke international law and invaded and annexed a small country?"

HAHAHAHA! That's rich coming from a British journalist on an American media channel.

Le Pen: "There was a coup d'etat in Ukraine..."

Amanpour (said in a tone like Le Pen is crazy or misinformed): "THAT'S what you think?"

HAHAHAHA! That's what the world WAS a coup! The absurdity to pretend it was anything else. The crazies ran President Yanukovych out of Kiev late one night [Feb 21-22, 2014] and tried hunting him down to kill him as he fled across the country. Then the usurpers placed Turchynov in power.

Le Pen: "Yes. It's not just what I think, it is the reality. There was a coup d'etat. There was an agreement among different nations [Feb 21, 2014] and the next day, this agreement was broken and some people took power."

Amanpour: "After the invasion and the annexation...Yes".

Wrong, Wrong, WRONG! This is the point where I wanted to reach out and slap her smug face as she was blatantly lying or severely ignorant.

Timeline matters. After months of rioting in the streets from Nov 2013 to Feb 2014, the coup plotters escalated the violence [Feb 18] where snipers were killing people on both sides. Yanukovych capitulated, signed an agreement [Feb 21] which included constitutional changes and early presidential elections. The mob of rioters didn't accept any agreement to stand down. They gave the president the choice of immediate resignation or death. He fled that night [Feb 21-22]. The coup plotters (or opposition politicians, as they liked to call themselves) replaced him the next day.

Then later....on March 16, 2014 Crimea held their referendum to reunite with Russia. There's lots of other details on incidents of threats, attacks and violence from Kiev to Crimea that happened in between the coup in Kiev and the referendum in Crimea. The main point I am making here is not to lay out all the details of events but to correct the order of events that I hear many, many times in the mainstream lying media. They always cite the "annexation of Crimea" or the "invasion and annexation of Crimea by Russia" as if that was the originating event. They try and eliminate the February coup (and all events resulting from that coup) from the narrative just like Amanpour did here again.

Also check out Christiane Amanpour having a run-in with RT's Anissa Naouai. Anissa calls out Christiane for 15 years of journalism of towing the state department line, going back to Yugoslavia.

greencrow said...

Hi Timeline Matters

Yes, timeline DOES matter as you eloquently point out. This is how they revise lying over and over again in the main$tream media. The sheeple lap it up like warm milk. Christiane Amanpour is becoming a bit panicky and frantic in her desperation to shore up the lies.