Saturday, February 25, 2017

UPDATED: 4 dead Russian Ambassadors in three months - Foul Play? A Suggestion for Putin

March 6, 2017 - The Duran says that 7 Russian Officials have died since Trump was elected last November 8, 2016.

February 27, 2017 - Pravda says that autopsy results on Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin indicate a poison was found in his kidneys.  He last ate around midnight before his death the following day.  They suspect a poison was put in his food.  Enough!

4 dead Russian Ambassadors in three months - Foul Play?

Enough!  Last night I had a hard time sleeping.  The stench of the crime wave was vibrating across the globe.  They can cover their tracks (barely) but they can't cover up the stench.  Read my previous post (with updates) on the topic of the recent death of Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN.  I immediately sensed that this was the fulfillment of the bald-faced threat to Russia made by the Acting Director of the CIA, Mike Morrell a few months ago.  Morell made threats to Russia and Syria and Iran in a nationally broadcast interview with Charlie Rose.  Here is the transcript:
” What follows is an attempt to round out the picture on the ambitious 57-year-old Morell.I suppose we need to start with Morell telling PBS/CBS interviewer Charlie Rose on Aug. 8 that he (Morell) wanted to “make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. … make the Russians pay a price in Syria.” 
Rose: “We make them pay the price by killing Russians?”

Morell: “Yeah

Rose: “And killing Iranians?”

Morell: “Yes … You don’t tell the world about it. … But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”
This interview, though, is a must for those interested in gauging the caliber of bureaucrats who have bubbled to the top of the CIA since the disastrous tenure of George Tenet (sorry, the interview goes on and on for 46 minutes).

Refresh my "uttering threats" not a crime in the United States anymore?  It used to be a crime in most civilized nations.  Russia, Iran and Syria should have charged Morrell with "uttering threats" right after that interview.  They might have saved a few lives.  It is not too late to start an investigation of Mike Morell on the charge of "uttering threats".  If the US had a justice system at all...someone at the top would surely do it...just to keep the stench down.

Washington's blog is reporting that the autopsy done on the body of Vitaly Churkin did not disclose any evidence that he died of a heart attack:

No Clear Cause for Russian UN Ambassador's Sudden Death
New York City's medical examiners have failed to determine what caused the sudden death this week of Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin. The medical examiners concluded that further study, which usually includes toxicology tests and other screenings, would be needed before they could say why Churkin died unexpectedly Monday at age 64. The additional tests could take weeks to complete.

As I said in my earlier post...the UN needs to be moved out of New prevent the stench from drifting down upon any other "suspicious deaths" of UN representatives.  Until that happens...I have this suggestion for Russian Federation President Putin.  Don't replace Churkin at the UN.  Leave his seat empty.  Take on the role of UN Ambassador yourself... and do it via Skype on a laptop placed on the desk in front of Churkin's empty seat.  Skype technology negates the necessity to have representatives show up live for meetings anymore.  Particularly meetings held in halls infested with rats, snakes and "pariah" vipers.

The first step in solving any problem is "naming it".  Russia has to speak publicly about the stench.  They have to act...within legal parameters against the monsters, like Mike Morell, who are stinking up the planet.


Ed(itor) said...

Making threats is good sport when you think you have impunity, but believing one is invulnerable is the fatal error that opens the door to one's own demise. Arrogance is often fatal. After my my son's college baseball team won its fourth league championship, they printed up a T-short that said "Got four. Goin' for more." To this day, they never won another one.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor) As I said in the post...I hope Putin does SOMETHING but stays within legal parameters. It is critical he not let them drag him down to their level...that's what they want to do. Then they can repeat the disgusting lie that Mike O'Reilly told the day of the Superbowl when, during an interview with Trump, he called Putin a "killer". We all know who the real killers are.

Ed(itor) said...

Yes, we do. I suspect Putin has a sharper mind for these kinds of things and can exact what he needs to exact while maintaining the high road. But it is fairly obvious that a lot of people are playing a game with lives about which they have extreme pathological disregard. The whole thing is fodder for some future Shakespearean playwright. I do not see how death can be the object of the game without it biting back, but then I've read "Perfectibilists" and "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" and now see people who think that through trans-humanism they themselves can cheat death. It all depends upon one's worldview, neh?

greencrow said...

IMO the biggest toll is being taken on the US "justice system" which is being held in high disregard throughout the land. It is only for the homeless and derelict...not for anyone else. If you talk about their murders "biting back"...that's where it's the extreme, terminal corruption of the state institutions...making the US into a pariah state...certainly not worthy (or even safe) to host international gatherings in.