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Fake Everything....North American Union Via the Back Door?

Queen Elizabeth II of England, UK and the Commonwealth

This morning the newz is full of commentary on last night's Oscar's sham. "Bonnie and Clyde" were asked to perform one more time...they were told to "flub" their announcement of who won the "Best Picture" draw publicity to the performances and the Oscar's new found inclusion...after last year's "all white" production.  Penny for your thoughts is delving into this makultra show in greater depth and I refer readers to her website.

As for myself, I'm going to try something new this morning...I'm going to try to look at the latest geopolitical shell game that I see coming down the pike with a comic's eye.  In other words, try to lighten up the topic.  Hopefully, I will do a better job at being funny than Jimmy Kimmel did last night at the Oscars.  Remember when they used to have real comics as master of ceremonies?  Bob Hope, Johnny Carson...even Billy they have this guy who is as funny as a two story outhouse.

Last week, some headlines caught my eye as I was roving through the Internet and blogosphere.  They had to do with the Queen of England considering allowing the United States into the Commonwealth of Nations.  I know, I know, I COULD make Kimmelesque jokes about that being proof positive that Elizabeth II was in the early to mid stages of dementia.  Perhaps she is...but even if she wouldn't have any effect at all on the the Queen has no power at all...well maybe in her "Spirit Ceremonies" (see David Icke for details).  For those who don't know what the "Commonwealth" or "British Commonwealth of Nations" is...let me briefly refresh.

When the British Empire fell apart in the early half of the 1900's, Britian was left with some remnant countries that were attached to England through constitutions which had the British monarch as their sovereign...printed on their money, that kind of thing.  Canada is one of those countries, India, Australia and New Zealand are others...along with a lot of small African states, I do believe.

The Commonwealth has fallen into disrepair in the past 50 years or so with the ascendency of the United States Empire.  The Commonwealth being a kind of unspoken and somewhat embarrassing opposition to the United States Empire.  Now, with the United States being a pariah state across much of the planet, not the least because of its joined-at-the-hip status with Usrael...there appears to be some machinations going on to get it into...and then absorb the British Commonwealth.  Now, I'm not sure about ALL the ramifications of such a connivance but I can name ONE.  There would be scant constitutional difference any more between the United States and Canada...all the better for the big bad wolf to snatch the little red riding hood.  If the US recognized the Queen as some sort of ceremonial head of state...wouldn't that be enough of a nod to Canada's heritage and unique culture?

Why, even the Pope is getting into the act....speaking about future water wars.  Now who has the most amount of fresh water in the entire world?  Three points if you guessed Little Red Riding Hood.  So in the space of one week...we have headlines with the Pope predicting "water wars" and the Brits saying they would let the US into the Commonwealth.  Maybe I'm the only one in the world who connected these two dots.  In the run up to the last Republican Nomination...I spilled a lot of ink on this blog worrying about the likelihood of Ted Cruz getting the nomination.  I saw him as the preferred change agent to bring about a North American Union.  Trump scuppered that plan...but I didn't think for a moment that it would stop the perps or even slow them down in their agenda to suck Canada into the Ziofascist MIC vortex to the south.

So, the perps might just be thinking of getting the United States admitted to the Commonwealth.  We all know that whatever organization the US belongs to it takes over...look at the United Nations as a prime example.  So, if the US joined the Commonwealth it would soon be called the United States Commonwealth of Nations...and you would hear nary a peep from Le Dauphin:

Last night I was running this theory past my better half...kind of running it up the flag pole to see if he would salute.  "Hmmmmm", he said "First of all, Russia has a better claim to joining the British Commonwealth than the US does.  Remember, the Tsar was a close relative of Queen Victoria...who was the Empress of the British Empire...and, wait, wasn't Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany also a cousin of Victoria?  So Germany should be able to join the Commonwealth too."  Just as my brain started to fry and sizzle...he added this visual mind blower:

"You know, Queen Victoria was very tiny as a young queen but it seems she may have gained weight as she aged.  After her death, they found some of her bloomers and they were size 63".  I thought about that for a moment and then reasoned:  Well the Brits are very flexible and expansive...perhaps the UK will allow Russia, Germany AND the US into the Commonwealth.  Now THAT would not be so bad.  I could live with that.

Queen Victoria's Bloomers

Saturday, February 25, 2017

UPDATED: 4 dead Russian Ambassadors in three months - Foul Play? A Suggestion for Putin

March 6, 2017 - The Duran says that 7 Russian Officials have died since Trump was elected last November 8, 2016.

February 27, 2017 - Pravda says that autopsy results on Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin indicate a poison was found in his kidneys.  He last ate around midnight before his death the following day.  They suspect a poison was put in his food.  Enough!

4 dead Russian Ambassadors in three months - Foul Play?

Enough!  Last night I had a hard time sleeping.  The stench of the crime wave was vibrating across the globe.  They can cover their tracks (barely) but they can't cover up the stench.  Read my previous post (with updates) on the topic of the recent death of Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN.  I immediately sensed that this was the fulfillment of the bald-faced threat to Russia made by the Acting Director of the CIA, Mike Morrell a few months ago.  Morell made threats to Russia and Syria and Iran in a nationally broadcast interview with Charlie Rose.  Here is the transcript:
” What follows is an attempt to round out the picture on the ambitious 57-year-old Morell.I suppose we need to start with Morell telling PBS/CBS interviewer Charlie Rose on Aug. 8 that he (Morell) wanted to “make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. … make the Russians pay a price in Syria.” 
Rose: “We make them pay the price by killing Russians?”

Morell: “Yeah

Rose: “And killing Iranians?”

Morell: “Yes … You don’t tell the world about it. … But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”
This interview, though, is a must for those interested in gauging the caliber of bureaucrats who have bubbled to the top of the CIA since the disastrous tenure of George Tenet (sorry, the interview goes on and on for 46 minutes).

Refresh my "uttering threats" not a crime in the United States anymore?  It used to be a crime in most civilized nations.  Russia, Iran and Syria should have charged Morrell with "uttering threats" right after that interview.  They might have saved a few lives.  It is not too late to start an investigation of Mike Morell on the charge of "uttering threats".  If the US had a justice system at all...someone at the top would surely do it...just to keep the stench down.

Washington's blog is reporting that the autopsy done on the body of Vitaly Churkin did not disclose any evidence that he died of a heart attack:

No Clear Cause for Russian UN Ambassador's Sudden Death
New York City's medical examiners have failed to determine what caused the sudden death this week of Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin. The medical examiners concluded that further study, which usually includes toxicology tests and other screenings, would be needed before they could say why Churkin died unexpectedly Monday at age 64. The additional tests could take weeks to complete.

As I said in my earlier post...the UN needs to be moved out of New prevent the stench from drifting down upon any other "suspicious deaths" of UN representatives.  Until that happens...I have this suggestion for Russian Federation President Putin.  Don't replace Churkin at the UN.  Leave his seat empty.  Take on the role of UN Ambassador yourself... and do it via Skype on a laptop placed on the desk in front of Churkin's empty seat.  Skype technology negates the necessity to have representatives show up live for meetings anymore.  Particularly meetings held in halls infested with rats, snakes and "pariah" vipers.

The first step in solving any problem is "naming it".  Russia has to speak publicly about the stench.  They have to act...within legal parameters against the monsters, like Mike Morell, who are stinking up the planet.

Friday, February 24, 2017

NASA still in charge of the "Distract Humanity with BS" file (and tax-funded budget)

I wonder how much the above glossy NASA poster of fake people looking at a fake extra-terrestrial horizon cost to produce. A kazillion dollar$?  The universe is the limit with the preposterous NASA fakery that these covert NASA fraudsters are producing and passing off as "science" to the public, all with taxpayer dollars.

Ever since I started this blog I've been telling folks my opinion of "Never A Straight Answer" NASA.  It is possibly the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity....all at taxpayer expense.  From their Apollo Program fake trips to the moon in the 60's and 70's to all their talk about discoveries via a "land rover" on Mars to their revelations of "earth like" planets 39 light years away in outer space.  None of it is credible.  Why?  Because one lie (i.e., the Massive Lunar Hoax) makes them out as liars and casts doubt on every announcement or "discovery".  Why, in a court of law, does a witness lose all credibility if caught in one lie...but a government agency can carry on and on?  IMO, this is exactly what's wrong with our society.  It is based on "fake history" lies.  Trump said as much yesterday in his CPAC speech when he decried the media's reliance on "fake news".  The trouble is when an entire nation is predicated on lies...any effort to disclose the truth could bring down the entire "house of cards".  That's the fear/threat and that's why the lies persist.  But, believe me, if I ever hear Trump saying anything about "We're such a great nation because we went to the Mooooooooooon."  I'm gonna gag.

One of the main pieces of evidence against the Apollo missions is the amount of radiation that is in the outer atmosphere.  This is known as the Van Allen Radiation Belts.  But you won't ever hear the topic discussed by NASA.  But, wait!  NASA is belatedly, worried about "radiation" in Space...DUH!

Fly the irradiated skies: Radiation hits air travelers harder than previously known, NASA finds

NASA scientists found a steady increase in radiation the higher their balloons climbed into the atmosphere, with more harmful particles at higher altitudes.  This means that pilots and crew who work in the aviation industry, and spend long periods of time in the skies, will be exposed to nearly double the radiation than their peers who stay on the ground. 
NASA researchers are also learning how to protect humans from radiation exposure in space for astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and those planning to travel to Mars, which has a similar radiation environment to Earth's upper atmosphere.

This is the part I hate the NASA can separate one "discovery" from another.  Prior to their lunar hoax was always building one discovery on another "the scientific method".  But NASA changed all that.  Apparently, it solved the Van Allen Radiation belts in 1969...but then "forgot" how to traverse them safely...and is now having to learn it all over again.  Hmmmmmm...but the sheeple lap it all up like warm milk...glossy graphics and all.

Something about the Van Allen radiation belts occurred to me the other day.  Maybe they didn't exist back in 1969.  Maybe they formed as a result of all the above-ground nuclear testing that went on in the 50's and 60's.  Now wouldn't that be is trapped on earth due to his own stupidity in testing nuclear bombs...wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.  And that could be the reason they don't talk about the Van Allen belts...they don't want to negatively implicate their wonderful nuclear power.

Another anomaly that is never mentioned by NASA is how they went to the moooooooooon in 1969 but now they can't even re-stock the International Space Station.  Here is a report from today's news about Russia having to re-stock the ISS:

International Space Station update from PressTV

A Russian cargo ship has docked at the International Space Station (ISS), delivering supplies at the station.

Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, said the unmanned Progress freighter, carrying 2.5 tons of supplies, including air, food and fuel “successfully docked” at the orbiting station at 0830 GMT on Friday.The ship had blasted off from Russia’s Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz rocket on Wednesday.It was the first mission from Roscomos to the ISS since the Progress 65 cargo ship was lost in a failed launch attempt on December 1, 2016.

On Thursday, a SpaceX Dragon capsule launched from US Cape Canaveral in Florida had arrived at the ISS.The unmanned vessel also carried food for astronauts as well as space station repair gear and scientific equipment designed to monitor the Earth’s ozone layer, study lightning, and test out new automated navigation tools for a future satellite servicing mission.There are three Russian, one French, and two American astronauts at the station.

The next manned launch to the ISS is scheduled for April 20.

Russia is currently
the only country sending manned space flights to the ISS.The US stopped its manned space flights in 2011 after NASA’s Space Shuttle was retired after 30 years in service and Washington failed to fill in its place. Russia’s manned space flights are carried out using Soyuz rockets.

No.  NASA doesn't have the capability of reaching the Space Station...but they're light years ahead in the "glossy poster" race, lol.  Here's another country that is outstripping the US in rocketry.  Iran.  Hmmmmmm...makes me wonder:

Iranian Rockets - Is this Why the US is so Pissed at Iran?

Many other countries, including Russia, China, India and...wait for it....Iran...have surpassed the US in real scientific progress and knowledge.  But Americans are unaware of it.... due to their fraudulent media propping up their fraudulent space agency...NASA. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UPDATED: Everyone was dead: When Europeans first came to B.C., they stepped into the aftermath of a holocaust

UPDATE:  February 23, 2017 - Riot police & military Humvees enter Standing Rock camp. This brutish approach to the legitimate cause of the opposition to the Dakota Pipeline project is going to cost Trump a lot of his residual 38% support.  Just sayin'.

West Coast Totem Poles

As I was discussing with a fellow blogger last night, we are on the cusp of a "crash" or some kind of epic "sea change" in history.  As Yeats famously said "...The Centre Cannot Hold".  The lies told by the governing cabal, particularly the lies of 9/11 and afterwards, are the only thing that is holding our society together...and the "official version" lies are coming apart at the seams.  While I was pondering the enormity of what we are facing in the near future...I was presented with a equally shocking glimpse into the the form of an essay published in the National Post.  This is a source I am very skeptical of (it being neocon owned and run) and usually avoid.  I am going to present, in its entirety, this very compelling "revisionist" history of first contact between white men and indigenous peoples of the Pacific North West with the warning and proviso that there is probably a neocon agenda behind its publication.  I will leave it to my discerning readers to try and figure out what that agenda is.  Please read the following article and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

"Everyone was dead: When Europeans first came to B.C., they stepped into the aftermath of a holocaust

by |

When the explorer David Thompson travelled overland to the West Coast in the early 19th century, he traversed whole regions ravaged by the 1782 epidemic. He met locals who had seen their villages die around them, and now lived in whatever post-apocalyptic societal structure survivors had been able to cobble together.
Is it true that the white men … have brought with them the Small Pox to destroy us?” Thompson was asked near the modern site of Spokane, Wash.
In the 1890s, Vancouver woman Ellen Webber found a massive mitten in what is now Maple Ridge.
She asked an elder from what is now the Kwantlen First Nation what it was. Identified only as “an old Indian,” the woman told Webber of a thriving, well-fortified village of fishermen, tanners, potters, canoe-makers, tailors and toy-makers.
That is, until a dragon “awoke and breathed upon the children.”
“Where his breath touched them sores broke out and they burned with heat and they died to feed this monster,” she said. “And so the village was deserted and never again would the Indians live on that spot.”
When George Vancouver saw beaches strewn with bones, he was looking at a pattern of mass-death similar to what had struck thousands of European villages during the Black Death of the Middle Ages.
As the epidemic begins, communities hastily rush through back-to-back funerals. As the bodies pile up, communities start improvising mass graves. Finally, as society completely breaks down, the dead are left where they lie.
For generations afterwards, sites of mass death became taboo places for Indigenous people. As Old Pierre said in 1936, digging into the ground of any abandoned village would turn up the “countless” bones of past smallpox victims.
His great-grandfather, after saving the sole infant survivor of the epidemic, burned the whole village down and never looked back.
How is it that the smallpox epidemic of 1782 is not part of the lore of modern British Columbia?” wrote the geographer Cole Harris in Voices of Disaster, a 1994 history of the disaster from which most of the information in this article is sourced.
The epidemic that burned itself out in the forests of British Columbia was the most significant event in North American history. Just as a settlement-minded people set up shop on the East Coast, a biological terror was depopulating far-away lands they could not even imagine.
From the Grand Canyon to the forests of northern Canada, thousands upon thousands died in the delirious throes of a European disease without ever having seen a European. 
It’s arguably why the continent is dominated by two giant, English-speaking countries whose western halves are divided by a horizontal line.
Europeans had colonized Asia and Africa, but only here and in the islands of Oceania did they have such ease in demographically supplanting the indigenous inhabitants.
It’s possible that smallpox killed as many as 95 per cent of the population of the Georgia Strait. Given that estimate, as many as 100,000 people may have lived in the area at a time when the entire state of New York counted barely 200,000.
In British Columbia, as with depopulated regions across the continent, Europeans were literally stepping over the bones of the dead to find vast landscapes populated by small bands of traumatized survivors.
Here was an almost empty land, so it seemed, for the taking,” wrote Cole Harris.
As George Vancouver steered HMS Discovery north from the the Strait of Georgia in the spring of 1792, his eyes glimmered with what could be done with the seemingly empty forests surrounding him.
“The innumerable pleasing landscapes … require only to be enriched by the industry of man with villages, mansions, cottages and other buildings, to render it the most lovely country that can be imagined,” he wrote.

An artist's rendition of the Vancouver Expedition. Here, the HMS Discovery meets with Spanish vessels to settle claims in what is now British Columbia and Washington State.

And indeed, that’s exactly what happened.
The peoples of the West Coast were well-versed in war: Accustomed to raiding and invasion, they maintained Viking-like fleets of war canoes, lived in fortified cities and went to battle in terrifying suits of armour complemented with trade metals from Russian Alaska.
Against a well-prepared and well-coordinated native population, any invaders could have expected epic battles followed by years of guerrilla warfare. Before smallpox, West Coast oral history contained accounts of rivers being made “black” by the canoes of invaders.
Instead, as wave after wave of epidemic hit the area, the emptied landscape became one of the easiest conquests in British history.
In 1862, just as the colony of British Columbia was getting its footing, the indigenous descendants of the 1782 survivors were hit again. Another smallpox epidemic once again killed more than half of B.C.’s native population and peppered the landscape with mass graves and abandoned settlements.
George Vancouver’s name got appended to a metropolis, an island larger than Wales, and his life-sized, gold-plated likeness was bolted to the top of a Westminster-style parliament in Victoria. “Mansions, cottages and other buildings” were not only built, but they are now counted among the most valuable in the world. 
Rather than “Most Lovely Country That Can Be Imagined,” however, the carriers of Vancouver’s vision ultimately went with the slogan “Best Place on Earth.”


What to make of this sudden injection of revisionist history into the "official" cultural framework of the Pacific Northwest?   The White "discoverers" and their descendants have always tried to portray themselves as having come upon a virtually empty land...with just a few scattered tribes they could cordon off onto "reserves" or massacre like what occurred at Wounded Knee.  Why is it now appropriate to make the catastrophe generally known? They didn't mention it earlier perhaps because they didn't want to overburden the white pioneer settlers with guilt?...I suppose.

Of particular note is the use of the hallowed and consecrated word "Holocaust".  That word is only sanctioned to be used when there is an approved agenda involved.  What is the agenda here?  Now...I have to say...that the wiping out of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest by smallpox is not a surprise to me.  My partner and I (and our children while they were growing up) have sailed the waters of the Pacific Northwest for forty years.... and have stopped in at many small First Nations villages along the coast.  I can remember going into little "museums" of local history and reading about the mass deaths and wiping out of villages by smallpox epidemics.  So it is known on a local scale that this is what happened.

Raising the specter of mass deaths does serve a geopolitical purpose of creating fear of same in the population.  We know the MIC is working overtime trying to come up with some effective bio control millions of "excess humanity"...some of whom are waking up to what the perps are up to.

IMO, this piece has received "front page" treatment in the primary mouthpiece of the neocons in Canada to signal the "fin de siècle"...the end of an era.  Before we can move on to the next white man planned "holocaust" we first need to clean up some unfinished historical detritus from the past.  We need to come clean about what happened.  But, then, why does the article not contain the most important information of all?  The "smoking gun"?  Why is there no reporting about the "smallpox blankets" that were given to the indigenous people by the white traders?
You will do well to try to inoculate the Indians, by means of blankets, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race." — Jeffery Amherst[11]

Do the perps want us to believe that the indigenous peoples were killed by small pox viruses that materialized out of thin air "carried by the winds"?  Do they want us to believe that the massacres were "Acts of God"?  The local "museum" stories mentioned contamination from items given to them by the whites so, again, this is known on the local level.  Or, are the perps surreptitiously acknowledging the most successful use of bioweaponry in human history?  Ahhhhhhhh...NOW we're getting closer to the reason why this essay is being given such prominence.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UPDATED: What are the Odds?

UPDATED:  February 24, 2017  This is almost worth another post on this topic Washington's Blog has a link about a Mr. Morell threatening to assassinate Russians "to make them pay a price".  If you go to the comments for this post will see I was asking about this...because I could not remember the name of the acting CIA Director Mike Morell. 

February 23, 2017 - Geopolitical Blogger Wayne Madsen is back online after having had his website "taken down by a bot" the day of the death of Ambassador Churkin.  In one of his first posts since having his website restored...Madsen openly questions the death of Ambassador Churkin and provides as evidence...the long history of CIA assassinations.

Vitaly Churkin
Was he killed by CIA/Mossad/NeoNazis?

Browsing through the alternate news blogs on the Internet this morning...I see a lot is being said and, just as suspiciously, NOT being said about the untimely, sudden death yesterday of Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin.  Stephen Lendmen says the following:

by Stephen Lendman

On Monday, on the eve of his 65th birthday, Russia’s UN envoy died - cause of death so far not announced, perhaps a heart attack, though given US hostility toward Russia, foul play remains a possibility unless forensic analysis rules it out. posted a relevant link from Sputnik and

then the webmaster, Mike Rivero, commented that "Ukraine was the top suspect in Churkin's death".  I went to the WayneMadsenReport to see what Madsen had to say about the death but, mysteriously...Wayne's website has been taken down and replaced by this link.

WEARECHANGE joined in the speculation here.
This would mark the fifth mysterious death, in a few month’s time of Russian officials, Churkin’s death follows the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, the death of another Russian diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Peter Polshikov, found dead in his apartment shot in the head, the death of Yves Chandelon, Chief Auditor of NATO in charge of counterterrorism funding, shot dead in the head in his car, and finally the death of Russian Greece diplomat Andrey Malanin.

It’s also worth noting that governments, specifically the CIA, have for long periods of time had chemical concoctions that can induce a full systematic shutdown of a person’s nervous system and in some cases cause someone’s’ heart to explode.

The pro Russian website "The Duran" had to most to say about the latest sudden death of a member of the Russian diplomatic core.  Please read this quote from The Duran analysis below:

The Ethics of Speculation?

Many will say that it is too early to suspect foul play. Indeed, I must make it clear that this is simply speculation based on a pattern of tragic and at times unexplained events, combined with the objective reality that because of Russia’s recently elevated profile as a born-again geopolitical superpower, Russia is a bigger target for international criminals than it was in the broken 1990s or the more quiet early 2000s.

When such events happen, one’s duty is to speculate so that better health and safety precautions are taken to ensure the wellbeing of Russia’s important diplomats. Furthermore, if foul play is a factor, it means that such seemingly unrelated events must be investigated more thoroughly.

Russia has historically suffered from invasion, revolution and more recently from immense international pressure. The Russian people, like Russia’s ambassadors are entitled to the peace and long lives deserved by any member of a country that has suffered for too long.

The immediate speculation of foul play following the death of Churkin was not dampened by the Ukraine decision at the UN this morning to callously block a Russian statement honouring the late Churkin.  According to a report originally posted in Sputnik:

Ukraine’s decision to block the adoption by the UN Security Council of a statement dedicated to late Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin is “beyond good and evil”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a joint press conference with his Swedish counterpart Margot Wallstroem following their meeting in Moscow on Tuesday, February 21.

“I know how the UN works. I believe that [Ukraine’s] permanent representative would not do this on his own. This means that he was ordered to do it” Lavrov elaborated.  “This is an example of their attitude to Russians and anyone who refuses to dance to pipe of neo-Nazis,” Lavrov said.

In my opinion, any listing of suspicious deaths should include the recent assassinations of Novorossiyan War heros "Motorola" and "Givi" ....and the constant death threats being issued against Novorossiyan President Alexander Zakharchenko.

Novorossiyan President Alexander Zakharchenko

Considering all of the above speculation, the facts on the ground and the seriousness of this depletion of the only credible alternative to the rise of neo Nazism...I am going to say here and now that Russia should consider the death of Churkin an assassination unless proved otherwise by an autopsy.  Hopefully, this normal forensic procedure will take place soon and the results made public, to put inquiring minds at peace on the topic.  Again, the death in a US hotel room of Mikhail Lesin (founder of Russia Today) two years blunt force injuries to the head does come to mind as ONE of the unsolved Russian murders that haunts the public.   The public was never given the final adjudication of the cause of death in the case of Lesin...which only adds to the frustration and fear that Churkin's death is the latest in a set of serial murders. 

The string of untimely deaths, combined with the ongoing and relentless anti-Russian bashing by the entrenched, Deep State Ziofascist cabal in USrael cannot be separated from the associated effort to remove (accused "pro Russian") President Donald Trump from office.  Just this morning, according to The Saker, the Trump presidency is on "life support".  To support this assessment, he points to a recent interview (at the previous link) where a Mossad spokesman says Trump will be impeached on grounds of "treason".

In Summary, as I have said countless times throughout the last year or two, the world is embroiled in a Deep State War against humanity.  Russia (and its allies) are the only force capable of standing up to and fighting back against this Satanic monster.  "War by deception" being the modus operendi of the Satanists...we can expect to see things like suspicious deaths of strategic warriors.  This is the main point.  THIS IS WHAT WE CAN EXPECT from them.  So, when it happens, as it did would be absolutely asinine to NOT look at the patterns and the odds of it being yet another "act of war".  No doubt, this is what Russia is doing.  One other point to be made here is that this latest suspicious death happening, as it did, in connection with the United is yet one more piece of supporting evidence that the United Nations needs to be moved out of the United States.  I have said this numerous times and I will say it again.  It is not safe for the enemies of the cabal to try and do business in one of the three capital cities of the cabal.  The other two are London and Tel Aviv.  Russia should do the autopsy and, if the evidence is there, they should pull out of the United Nations until the offices are moved to a neutral location.

Monday, February 20, 2017

CawRANT Events #42

CawRANT Events #42

Good Morning everybody!  The sun is peeking through the clouds this morning on the West Coast and, it having rained all weekend, I'm looking forward to getting out with my dogs for a walk along the urban salmon stream.  We're usually accompanied by about 20 crows who fly above us as we the hope of getting some peanut treats at the end of the pathway.  Quite a little parade I would say.  But first, I'm going to do this RANT. 

Breaking News:

First of all there's some breaking news.  RT is reporting that Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN has died suddenly in New York.  Churkin had been the ambassador to the UN since 2008 and had captained the diplomatic team through many crises, such as Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc.,  The most interesting thing about this newstory which broke not 45 minutes that it has not yet been picked up by the Western Main$tream media.  I'm going to check again before publishing this post but as of now there is total silence other than RT.  I find this odd...yet it fits with the modus operendi of the M$M.  What they DON'T say is just as important as the lies they tell.  They lie and obfuscate and do fake newz by omission as well as commission.  Just sayin'.  The main take away from this story is that yet another very important voice in the Russian government has gone silent.  Not good.

Somebody's  Making a Killing off the Fentanyl crisis

Back to local news for a moment.  There was an interesting recent report on the ongoing Fentanyl overdose deaths epidemic on the west coast.  Apparently some drug companies are making a "killing" off of a newly developed nasal spray that functions as an antidote to fentanyl poisoning.  It's an Ill Wind that doesn't blow somebody some my mother used to say.  And, in that vein, the doctor that heads up the transplant unit at the local hospital where my partner and I underwent kidney transplant surgery last October (I was the donor and he the recipient...We're both still doing very well...thank you very much) says there's been a record number of transplants done at the hospital this year due to the number of overdose "donors".

Transplants up in BC due to Fentanyl Overdoses - Leading BC Transplant Doctor

I got to know the doctor pictured in the photograph in the story linked above.  He interviewed me several times to assess my suitability to be a donor.  I always ask the question when these statistical anomalies crop up in society...Qui bono?  I'm also asking the question about this suddenly easy access to this deadly drug "fentanyal" and its close and deadlier cousin "carfentanyl".  Is there a hidden hand spreading these drugs so that the aging boomers will have an "option" should they want to relieve society of the financial burden of caring for them in their extreme old age?

CIA/Drug Epidemic

After all, we now know that the US government agency, the Central Intelligence Agency was behind the drug running of the 90's (at least).  On a regular basis, more information comes out about this disgusting history.  Just last week it was revealed that, according to his son, top drug trafficker Pablo Escobar was an employee of the CIA.   Gary Webb was suicided for his break-through journalism disclosing to the world why vulnerable youth in inner American Cities were being wiped out by their own government.  And, as a result of that cautionary tale...we know that the skies the limit as to what evil these taxpayer funded ghouls will get up to while hidden behind their "whited sepulchre" agencies.

The US

Back to the subject of "Fake News", I see that the Main$tream Fake News Media is up to its usual tricks this morning...making up a story out of whole cloth about Trump not being accepted by Brit Upper Crust.  This is a standard M$M ploy...a variation on their "demand to appear" which I have discussed in previous posts.  "Demand to appear" is when the entire media gets into a frenzy about some targeted individual not having been "seen in public" for a period of time...Sheer speculation then ensues as to "why" this person has not been at the media's beck and call.  It is a form of control, intimidation and denigration...trying to bring the individual down in the eyes of society.  Well in this case...the media is doing a "Demand NOT to appear".  They are trying to set up a scenario where the individual (in this case Donald Trump) is "not wanted" to appear somewhere in the unlikely hope that he won't go...or more likely...that his first international outing will be viewed negatively.  It's what they doooooooooooo.


Finally, (I could go on all day about the fake news in today's press) I would like to say a few words about President Donald Trump's first month in the presidency.  In my opinion, it has not been going well for him.  Some factors are his own fault, but mostly because certain Deep State entities just simply will not accept him in the role.  When I was a social main job was to make assessments about peoples' capacity to parent.  In essence, this is what I did.  A person might be a very new parent and there was no record to judge.  So I looked at upbringing, family history, mental health, empathy, responsibility, judgement, etc.  It was absolutely essential that my assessment be accurate...because a young vulnerable life depended on it.  How much more important is it, then, that the capacity of someone like Donald Trump be correctly assessed as regards his ability to "parent" i.e., take care of this planet--and protect it from wars and specifically, a nuclear holocaust.  So, in my new role of geopolitical blogger, I have applied the same tests and standards to Trump as I used to apply to would be parents.

Trump's capacity to lead (parent) the most powerful country in the world needs to be assessed objectively and realistically.  The concerns need to be "named" and brought to his and the world's attention because, only by facing up to the challenges, can changes be made.  That's why in one of my recent posts I expressed extreme frustration with Trump over his most recent "disastrous" press conference.  I identified a couple of major concerns...His seeming gratuitous calling of Iran as "the world's leading terrorist" and his use of colloquial "loose" expressions to comment on a Russian spy ship that was sailing close to US waters off north eastern USA.  These two incidents, IMO, are indicative of what could be lack of judgement.

Now, If a young parent left a child unattended in a bathtub full of water...and as a social worker...I found out about it (this actually happened) there would be immediate ramifications.  The individual would not be allowed to bath the child least until completing a parenting course.  New rules would be put in place so change can be made.  That's how its done.  That's why all this stupid "fake news" is a dangerous distraction to the critical vetting and analysis that is going on and that needs to go on re Donald Trump's capacity to be President.  SOMEBODY needs to grow up here.  Just like a parent should not be written off for one error...a president should not be written off for one or two misjudgments.  There is no one better to raise a child than his or her own parent...and there is no one better to lead a country than an elected leader.  It is the capacity to learn and to change that is important.  We need to see these necessary changes, growth and adjustments in President Donald Trump.  And, believe me...I AM looking for them.

That's it for now...Till Next time. goodbye.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Texas" interviewed by Morris - Says Army Morale in Novorossiya is High...They're prepared for Kiev Junta attack "At any Time"

Morris interviews "Texas" (American fighting
for the Donbass Army in Novorossiya)

Nice to see this interview of "Texas" done today by videojournalist "Morris" who operates out of Cambodia.  He is skype interviewing American ex pat "Texas", (real name is Russell Bentley) a well known spokesperson from the Donetsk People's Republic Army.

Texas was the soldier who brought westerners up close and personal to the suffering of Novorossiyan civilians during the 2014/2015 war in Ukraine.  Through his journalistic efforts, we were introduced to citizens like Anna Tuv, the young mother of three who lost her husband and one of her daughters...and her night in the shelling of her home by the "Ukrop" (neo Nazi) army of the Kiev Junta.  He also introduced us to the nurses and doctors who were treating the wounded, the teachers and the classroom students of the city of Donestsk.  I have communicated with Russell from time to time and he's told me he reads this blog regularly.  I have also communicated over the years with Morris the videographer and respect his very high journalistic and interview skills.

I encourage blog readers to watch the entire interview because it's chock-a-block full of information and updates on what's going on in this world hot spot.  Texas discusses the assassinations of Novorossiyan war heros "Motorola" and "Givi" and says they were "geniuses" who will be missed...but that morale is still high...because the army is defending its homeland and is therefore highly motivated.  When asked who was responsible for these assassinations...Texas noted the high degree of professionalism involved in the murders...and said it resembled the handiwork of  CIA/Mossad black ops.  Readers of this blog will remember I said the same thing within hours of "Givi's" murder.

The most interesting point made by Texas is when he explains to Morris why Putin did not agree to the request of Donetsk and Lugansk provinces to hold a referendum to join Crimea did.  Texas says that the citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk understand that Russia is holding out hope that ultimately the Kiev Junta will fail, the neo Nazis will be defeated, and that the country of Ukraine (with the exception of Crimea) will reunify under one government again.  That's why Putin did not agree to the referendum.  But, Texas advises that Russia recently passed a law accepting  identifications of all citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk.  It would appear from this decision...Russia is prepared to take these citizens "under its wing" if necessary (i.e., as refugees during conflict). 

Map of Ukraine - Showing Donbass Region in far east on Russian Border including provinces
of Donetsk and Lugansk which, together, make up the breakaway Republic of Novorossiya

Texas indicated he does not doubt that Russia will come to the aid of Novorossiya should Kiev ever attack.  He stated with some assurance that, should Russia ever be dragged reluctantly (provoked) into armed conflict with the Kiev Junta...they would respond with deadly force and wipe out the enemy.  Texas surprisingly disclosed that some of the Kiev Junta have already fled the failing government and that former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk ("Yats") is hiding out in Canada.  This did not surprise me at all...considering that "Le Dauphin" PM Trudeau appointed a neo-Nazi supporter as Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs (the worst cabinet appointment in Canadian history).

So, in is good to know that Texas is still hale and hearty and working for the laudable Novorossiyan cause.  He gives the world know that some Americans, at least, have risen above the zombified general population...and put their money where their mouth is.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Earth to Sheeple: Why IS the Russian spy ship 'loitering' off Virginia near world's largest naval base?

DAHBOO77 reports on Russian Spy Ship
"Victor Leonov" sailing off US Coast

USrael Main$tream Media is going bonkers today over the newz that a Russian Spy Ship is "loitering" off the coast of North Eastern United States.  Here is the report from Fox News and I will have my thoughts in comments to follow:

Russian spy ship 'loitering' off Virginia near world's largest naval base, officials say

From Faux Newz

The Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov is currently “loitering” off the coast of Norfolk, Va., home to the largest naval base in the world, two U.S. officials tell Fox News.


As of Friday morning, the Russian spy ship is slowly patrolling only 17 nautical miles -- roughly 19 miles -- from land, according to officials. United States territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles from shore.

Fox News was first to report the sighting of the Russian spy ship off the coast of Delaware on Tuesday.


The Victor Leonov, armed with an array of intelligence gathering equipment used to intercept communications and analyze U.S. Navy sonar capability, later traveled within 30 miles off the Connecticut coast near a submarine base earlier this week.

“It’s lawful [and] similar to operations we do around the world,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters Friday.

The Russian spy ship left her homeport in the Barents Sea near Norway, part of Russia’s northern fleet, around New Year’s Day, according to American defense officials. Following a port call in Jamaica, the Russian ship then began its voyage north along the east coast of the United States.

The deployment of the Russian intelligence-gathering ship was likely planned for months before it set sail in early January, according to U.S. defense officials. They said it apparently was not tied to the Obama administration’s Dec. 29 order that Moscow shut down two of its “vacation” properties, which the U.S. government said were used to intercept American communications. One was on New York's Long Island and the other was at Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

It’s the first time the Viktor Leonov has appeared off the east coast of the United States since April 2015. The ship was spotted in Havana Harbor in January 2015 as the Obama administration eased relations with Cuba. U.S. officials have said they believe the Russian spy ship will eventually make its way back to the Caribbean.

At a White House Press conference Thursday, President Donald Trump was asked about the Russian spy ship.

The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles offshore right out of the water. Everyone is going to say that’s so great. That’s not great. I would love to get along with Russia,” Trump said.

When the president was later asked about other recent Russian provocations including the buzzing of a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea roughly 180 miles southwest of Russian held Crimea, Trump responded, "Not good."

The four Russian jets came within 200 yards of the USS Porter and had their identifying transponders turned off according to a spokesman for the U.S. military’s European Command.

In Brussels Thursday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was asked by Fox News' Jennifer Griffin if he trusted the Russians enough to potentially work with them in the future.

“Russia is going to have to prove itself first,” Mattis answered, adding it was premature to talk about cooperating militarily with Moscow.

Yet roughly 2,600 miles away from Brussels, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, was meeting his Russian military counterpart, Valeriy Gerasimov, in Azerbaijan pledging to "enhance communications" between respective militaries, according to a Pentagon statement following their meeting.

The Pentagon cut off military-to-military talks with Moscow after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Elsewhere in Europe Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Tillerson was on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State to attend the G-20 ministerial meeting in Bonn, Germany.

“The United States will consider working with Russia when we can find areas of practical cooperation that will benefit the American people. Where we do not see eye to eye the United States will stand up for the interests and values of America and her allies,” Tillerson said after his meeting with Lavrov.

The Russian foreign minister said U.S. sanctions against Russia were not discussed in his meeting with Tillerson.


Yes, the "Terrorize the Stupid Sheeple" M$M press is at it again...telling half the story in order to whip the sheeple up into a frenzy.  This frenzy can then be used in conjunction with a "false flag" to start a conflict or escalate the newly re-ignited "Cold War" that the MIC so desperately needs to command huge budgets for USrael.  And, at his recent disastrous press conference, the newly installed "Bull in the China Shop" resident of the White House inflamed the situation by ad libbing:

“The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles offshore right out of the water. Everyone is going to say that’s so great. That’s not great. I would love to get along with Russia,” Trump said.

When the president was later asked about other recent Russian provocations including the buzzing of a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea roughly 180 miles southwest of Russian held Crimea, Trump responded, "Not good."
Instead of behaving "presidential" and calming the citizenry by telling them the whole truth...Trump spoke "tough" like a kid in a schoolyard...colloquially referring to "shoot"[ing] the ship "right out of the water".  Earth to Trump.  That is NOT how a president speaks.  For the hard of thinking...I will re-phrase what Trump said with what he SHOULD have said:

"Yes, my military advisors have informed me about the Russian ship off our coast. But let me assure Americans that this ship has been travelling only in international waters throughout it's routine voyage. Let me also remind Americans that American naval vessels also routinely sail in international waters off the coast of other countries, including Russia. In fact, at the present time, there are American Naval vessels participating in NATO drills in the Black Sea off the coast of Russia. Now there is a treaty (the Montreaux Convention) limiting our stay in those waters and we will be strictly adhering to that treaty.  Perhaps the Russian vessel is sailing nearby our coasts because we are sailing nearby their coasts."

See?  It's not so hard to speak presidentially and/or tell the whole truth about a geopolitical event.  But, and this is the unfortunate point of this post.  I don't think either the US media and/or President Trump have the will and/or capacity to make the effort.  And this can and will be catastrophic for this planet.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Russian Pranksters Show World What Can Happen When Ordinary Citizens Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together

Lexus and Vovan did have multiple officially confirmed pranks before, i.e. negotiating with Poroshenko as "President of Kyrgizstan" , negotiating with President of Belarus as "son of Yanukovich", with Elton John as "representative of Vladimir Putin", etc. etc. 

When ordinary citizens aren't brainwashed and zombified by Western TV, "Fake News", fast foods and vaccines...they can be absolutely dangerous to the neocon, globalist cabal.  This has been revealed recently by two Russian "hooligan" pranksters, who, operating out of Russia...have been able to make phone calls around the world--and cause folks in high places, like NATO, The US Senate, and the office of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, not to mention aging celebrity Elton John, to crap their pants.  Below are two videos of recorded conversations, the first between the pranksters and the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.  Watch it for hilarious begging on the part of "Poroshenko" to join NATO...and patience of Stoltenberg as he gently tells the Ukraine PM that it will happen "when Hell freezes over".  In the above video, the prankster duo insist that since Poroshenko, despite boasting to the contrary, has NO communications with world leaders...they have to do it for him...and would like his [Poroshenko's] appreciation for their efforts in the form of a bottle of alcohol, perchance?

Phone Prankster Poses as Poroshenko,
Negotiates with Head of NATO - Actual Recording 

Most amazingly, Wayne Madsen has a post today where he discusses the prank call made to US Senator (and former candidate for US President) John McCain.  Shockingly, McCain is caught on record offering lethal weapons to the "Ukraine leadership".  Hey, isn't talking without permission to foreign leaders an offense in the US?  Isn't that why General Michael Flynn had to resign???

Pranksters get Senator McCain
to commit to sending "lethal weapons"
to the Kiev Junta in Ukraine

McCain told the fake Groysman that he favored sending lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin in eastern Ukraine. McCain also said he sent a letter to President Trump urging increased sanctions against Russia.  Here is a further quote from the Madsen post:

The most interesting aspect of the call is McCain's interest in the pranksters warning that Putin ordered the Russian secret service to reveal details of McCain's being "recruited" as a "collaborator" by Russian intelligence during his time as a prisoner-of-war of the North Vietnamese. McCain appears to be genuinely concerned about such a revelation and asks to prankster to keep him informed of further details. McCain asks the prankster to provide further information on the POW story to him through the Ukrainian ambassador in Washington.

Most informed truthers know about the story long circulating that McCain...instead of mouldering away in a North Vietnam prison cell...was actually feted in the Russian outpost city of  Voronezh. ..where he...wait for it..."sang like a canary" to Russian intelligence officials. This is just a rumour, mind you...but McCain seemed very interested in it during the prank phone call...and didn't regard the bringing up of this "false rumour" as a red flag and "time to hang up the phone".

Watch how the Main$tream Media Deep Sixes this Blockbuster Story

The main take away from this otherwise humourous and innocent diversion from the normal, depressing "downward spiral down the planetary swirly geopolitical news stories" is that we can be assured that the average zombified North American will never hear about it.  This is the kind of story that the Main$tream Media invariably "Deep Sixes".  There will be a total blackout on it.  Why?  Because: first of all they don't want to prosecute someone like aged John McCain for being a total idiot (and risk him again "singing like a canary").  Secondly, they don't want to wake up the sleeping zombified sheeple to the realization of what absolute dolts are running the show at the top. Lastly they don't want to give any remnants of normal, intelligent citizens in western society any ideas for peaceful resistance and activism.  And towards this end, they don't want to reward the Russian pranksters with any more notoriety.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

He Lost Me at "Iran is the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism..."

Trump's Press Conference of February 16, 2017

I'm sadly giving up on this guy.  Sadly because he's the only game in town.  Listen to the above video broadcast of his most recent press conference.  I picked it up from The Saker, who touted it as a "come back" after the mealy mouthed acceptance of Flynn's resignation.  I was also hoping for a come back.  Not so.  Not five minutes into the press conference, Trump calls Iran "....the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism".  Not Saudi Arabia?  Not Israel...not the US itself???!!!  I'm tired of patiently waiting for this guy to stop getting everything ass backwards.  It's going to be very easy to tune this guy out...not listen to him anymore...and this is what a lot of folks do when the guy doesn't make any sense.  This is what happened to the Obomber.  It took, maybe, a few months or perhaps even the better part of a year before most people just tuned him out and never listened to anything he had to say for his entire presidency.  And this is what I and others will do if Trump doesn't start matching his blather with what's going on in the real world!

Have I Reached the Party to Whom I am Speaking?

Lily Tomlin as "Ernestine"

Blogger Jim Stone is a lot further down the rabbit hole than most of us...even most of us truthers.  He rides the extreme outside range of the conspiracy theory outback.  I only visit his blog in times of desperation...for plausible (or any) explanation for what's going on. A couple of days ago, when this General Michael Flynn resignation hit the fan...I went to Jim's blog and something he said brought back a whole closet full of memories and references.  He stated the truth...that the entire phone system in North America is owned by Israeli Zionists.   We know that the letter agencies of the US have been infiltrated by Ziofascists and it is this Deep State that has declared what some are calling a "nuclear war" on neophyte president Donald Trump. 

Stone is saying in the excerpt posted below that this systemic surveillance of the US democracy is what will ultimately bring Trump down. While Stone blames the "Jews" I have replaced this noun with "Zionists" for more specificity.  Some may argue this point with me...but that's a whole other post.  Please read the following quote and I will have further thoughts in comments to follow:

"Shadow government steps forward and shows who is boss

A nuclear strike on the FBI, CIA, and NSA is probably America's only way forward

Obviously these agencies are not under the control of the American people, as they turn their observation powers inward at their own government, and do all they can to destroy it under the instruction of infiltrators such as Soros, Rockefeller and Rothchild, who want America destroyed. The only answer is to destroy the intelligence agencies, and jail everyone in them, and eliminate all people who appear to be external to them that actually own them by any means necessary to accomplish it. If the white hats within these agencies will not unite and destroy the darkness, they deserve to go down with the entire ship.

I really do not know what can be done to stop what is going on. Obviously if any action is launched against them, they will know and render it neutral. The infiltration of America by dark forces which are obviously old world communist is now showing itself to be so complete that there is no way the American people can ever take the country back in a peaceful way.

Trump sent out several tweets that amount to an emergency distress call, stating that the intelligence agencies have gone fully rogue and are working directly against the American people. He is right. And I do not think his firing of Flynn was anything other than a desperate attempt to distance himself from an attack by the intelligence agencies that was fully intended to go all the way up to him, and take him out as well. The bottom line is that by becoming President, Trump basically bought the Titanic 1 minute before it broke in two pieces as it was sinking after it hit the iceberg. We all knew it, and are hoping he's some sort of God that can lift the Titanic back out of the ocean. He might be, but the war is going to be a tough one.

Trump's biggest disadvantage is that he still trusts [Zionists]. They will rip his guts out if he does not grow a brain, and he won't even know where the attack came from.

[Zionists] own all the telecoms, and have their own spies for everything. If you can't make a phone call without them knowing what you said, you can't organize an effort to take the country back even if the NSA was not there. This is CLEARLY outlined in the Carl Cameron Fox News audio file that was done shortly after 911 that I have linked in the top portion of this page. That report shows clearly that the police could not do ANYTHING to stop [Zionist] crimes, all the way back in 2002 because the [Zionists] owned America's communications and knew everything about what the police would do ahead of time because they could listen in on everything the police said. If Trump does not address this issue, he can do all he wants to save America and eventually the [Zionists] will erase his efforts.

The swamp is such a cesspool, primarily [Zionist], that Trump is like a lone firefighter trying to snuff a 3 state wildfire in a forest full of cannibal pygmies with blow gun darts that are trying to paralyze him and serve him up for lunch. If he does get this fire snuffed, it seems it will be by the will of God alone.

DO YOU WANT TO SET UP YOUR OWN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY? I'LL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT, and it is EASY, absolutely anyone can. Set up your own pre paid phone card company. You will need at least a 50 line phone switch, where every line is answered when the same number is dialed. These are easy, many businesses have them. You put that number on the phone cards and hand them out cheap to people who will re-sell them. These people are all over the big cities, you see these phone cards everywhere. Then you set up VOIP and have someone else handle the output from your phone switch and actually make the connections everyone who dials into your switch asks for.

AT THAT 50 LINE SWITCH, YOU HAVE 50 PEOPLE LISTENING IN AND RECORDING EVERYTHING. BAM. There's your own little NSA. You will be able to listen in on ALL contacts and ALL calls made by approximately 3,000 people with that ONE 50 line switch, because they won't all dial out at the same time. And if max capacity is reached, you can just start dropping calls because everyone knows those cards are crap. They will just try later. And you will know everyone anyone calls, what their business contacts are, what they will be doing, EVERYTHING, all from one little 50 line switch that is easy to get, and one VOIP deal with a secondary handler so you don't have to handle the hard part of it.

The [Zionists] do this ALL THE TIME, it is modus operandi. I'd bet every single phone card out there is exactly this. And they will absolutely destroy anyone they want that makes a call over their system.  This is true of any cell phone service (but that is hard to set up), any land line service (but that is even harder to set up) so just sell pre-paid cards. THAT is EASY."

I have known that AT&T and all telecommunications companies in the West are Israeli/Zionist owned for at least a decade least since 9/11.  This is another reason for the "Seven countries (in the Middle East) in five years" agenda.  The Ziofascists want to destroy the countries' electrical/communications grids and infrastructure... and then rebuild along Western they can listen in on all telephone conversations in the Middle East.  Ultimately, they would like to have the ability to listen in on any conversation in the world.  I see this as a potential uptick in the "park bench business" because people.... if they remain at all human...will always want to have private conversations.  Incidentally, this is one of the aspects of the Russian Federation that bugs the Zionists...they can't listen in to Putin's conversations.  IMO, that is one reason why they are trying to implicate Russia and Trump in some kind of co-conspiracy.

But back to the problem at hand...which is the declaration of war on Donald Trump by his letter agencies...and their ability to blackmail him by listening in to his telephone conversations.  He should already have taken steps (even during the election campaign) to secure his communications.  Illegal surveillance and blackmail of an elected leader is treason.  If Trump cannot locate and bring to justice these individuals or this group...then he might as well resign right now...because he will never "drain the swamp" and will ultimately be eaten alive by the alligators.

So.  The US (and North America Wide) telecommunications systems are like "Ernestine" in the comedy video above...sitting at a giant switchboard...connecting people and listening in to conversations.  In order to run the country (not to mention "drain the swamp"), Donald Trump needs to first get rid of Ernestine.  He needs to not only fire (and or charge with treason) all the agents listening in to his conversations...but set up his own switchboard complete with a Ziofascist firewall.  Hopefully, with the growth of alternative communications technology...the captivity of humanity within the Ziofascist communications prison/grid will soon end anyway.  Won't it?