Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump needs to Go to Twitter Rehab, Dry Out and Sober Up!

US/Mexican Wall is already Started

Will Trump be Taken Down by a Tweet?!

As we all know, some people have some very strange addictions.  Humanity is very aware of the typical addiction to alcohol, drugs, including cocaine and marijuana.  Some poor souls are even addicted to glue, gasoline fumes and rubbing alcohol.  But, in the past few decades we've seen how Sex, TV and Video Games can also become dangerously harmful and toxic to some people with fundamentally addictive personalities.

With newly elected US President Donald's Twitter.  He is addicted to the "high" he gets when he instantaneously connects with his millions of Twitter "followers".  It gives him a feeling of power and control.  It gives him a sense of freedom and release from the tightly controlled and regulated lifestyle he's carved out for himself.  Days filled with endless meetings and telephone calls...signing papers...counting money.  With Twitter, he can break free from all that monotony...even for a few seconds...he can soar above and talk to the "common people".  Instead of influencing a room full of old dodgers, he can influence a nation or even a globe!

But, like all addictions...there's always the "Morning After" and then there's the inevitable destruction, personal, professional...and familial...left in the wake.  This morning, there's a huge Twitter Hangover for Donald.  The President of Mexico has cancelled a meeting with Trump, scheduled for January 31, 2017 over a high flying Tweet of last night.

Here is the report from the BBC and I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

Mr Pena Nieto announced that he had called off the 31 January trip after Mr Trump suggested he should do just that.  "If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting," the US president wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning. White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that they are looking "for a date to reschedule", adding they will "continue to keep the lines of communication open".Earlier Mr Pena Nieto said he "lamented" the plans for the barrier...

Now, wouldn't have been better, Donald, if you had waited until you could meet with your cabinet?  Remember all those folks you very carefully vetted and selected to help you make decisions?  Remember them?  Wouldn't it be better for the United States democracy if you quietly and thoroughly consulted with your advisers and looked at all the ramifications before speaking
Donald, Twitter is like a bottle of vodka for you.  You need to put down the glass/phone.  You need to get yourself into rehab.  You need to listen to your wife who, during the early stages of the campaign, wisely warned you to "Watch the Re-Tweets".

Trump has stumbled badly getting out of the starting gate on his presidency.  Not only with this silly wall business with Mexico...but more dangerously, the episode of yesterday...where he said he was going to "order" that safe zones be set up in Syria.  Refresh my memory...has Trump even said "boo" to Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad?

Assad must Go!....Who must Go?

Has he even had a telephone conversation, an e-mail...or a "twitter" with the Syrian leader and/or his people?  Syrians have been through hell in recent years...primarily due to criminal and murderous US policies of perpetual war.  The last thing they need is a neophyte US President threatening (yes threatening) to unilaterally barge into the carefully constructed peace agreement constructed by Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran...and set up de facto "no fly" zones over their country.

Most of humanity will try to have a bit of patience with Trump as he finds his feet in this new political environment he's been elected into.  But he is fast wearing out this good will...and actually alarming people with his unorthodox dictator-like leadership....handing down dictums from a Twitter account.  Stop it! Donald.  Or you will be gone....quicker than a deleted Tweet.

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