Monday, January 16, 2017

The Spy Who Came in From the Heat up the Threats against Trump

John Brennan said on Fox News Sunday that
Donald Trump's 'talking and tweeting'
is not in the nation's interest
and the president-elect lacks
a full understanding
of the threat Russia poses

Leaker of Fake News?

Checking the headlines and news this morning made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  For a truth blogger...that's a clear indication of posting material.  The heated exchange between President-elect Donald Trump and outgoing Head of the CIA, John Brennan is absolutely extraordinary and unheard of in politics.  To have a head of the CIA lecturing the incoming President smacks of insubordination.  In bureaucratic terms...this is cause for instant dismissal.  But since Brennan's best before date expires on Friday...Trump can't very well fire him...although he should!

Trump's impulsivity could be dangerous, Brennan suggested.

'Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests,' Brennan said, saying twice that the matter is 'more than being about him.' 'I think Mr. Trump has to understand that absolving Russia of various actions it has taken in the past number of years is a road that he needs to be very, very careful about moving down.' There are costs to casting doubts on the credibility of the national intelligence community, Brennan added.
'The world is watching now what Trump says and listening very carefully. If he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community, what signal does that send to our partners and allies as well as our adversaries?' Brennan said.  'It's more than just about Mr. Trump,' he said

Tensions were heightened further by the ambience of the interview...the Brennan Interview set was dark, full of shadows and looked like Brando's office in the movie "The Godfather" where hitmen were assigned to contracts.

Trump was absolutely right to go on Twitter and put the "lecture" into the context of the catastrophic mistakes made  by the CIA in US foreign policy over the past eight years (at least).  Syria...Libya...Crimea...Yemen ....reinstating the nuclear arms race.  It is astounding that Brennan can even open his mouth, considering the historical track record of the CIA.  But, as I've said over and over on this blog...the strategic feature of the US "intelligence services" is their flea-like memory.  As soon as they've crapped all over a country...bombed it into the dark ages (as they like to say)'s like it never happened.  Completely forgotten...move on...nothing to see here.  This is because to remember is to accept responsibility...and to accept responsibility is to limit committing similar war crimes in the future....and this is a limitation on power they can never accept.  This planet is their tinker toy and Trump better never forget it.  Or, he will be Kennedyized.

It is important to note that Donald Trump could not have been elected president without the support of some powerful US Political and military insiders.  There is a faction, with at least the power of the CIA...that is supportive of Trump...and opposed to the finagling of the CIA...and their conflict is what I call the ongoing US covert Civil War.

CIA speaks out against Donald Trump

A "former CIA member" (remember...there's no such thing) by the name of Glenn Carle also went on PTV and warned Trump.  Ironically, or not, this spy was speaking to PressTV from Boston...the home of John F. Kennedy.  A veiled threat?  As I said in a previous post...what's going on is exactly what went on prior to Kennedy's assassination in November of 1963.  The difference is now, with the benefit of hindsight...we can recognize the threats and the implications of the words being spoken by the CIA.  More importantly, the target (Trump) is aware of the danger and is not like the naïve Kennedy...riding in an open limosine...sans his doom.  Instead, Trump is fighting back...with words and hopefully, behind the scenes...with actions.  The "intelligence community" is absolutely shocked and flabbergasted at Trump's Twitter responses...nobody has ever fought back before.  What to DOOOOOOOO? 

Can you imagine the crap that Kennedy found out about the CIA after he became president?  All their disgusting and immoral programs, Operations Northwoods...Paperclip, Mockingbird, and MKultra?  And these are only the ones WE know about.  There are probably dozens of others that are so beyond the pale that even now they are redacted from the public record.  I have always thought that Marilyn Monroe, a victim of the Monarch program, was probably telling Kennedy and Robert about it and that's why she was offed...not for having an affair with them.  It's probably these still highly confidential programs that are making the spooks crap in their pants over the coming Trump presidency.  Wait till he gets wind of them.  Things like this little stinker that bubbled to the surface just last week in Canada.

Chrystia Freeland dressed in Red
in Front, seated beside Justin Trudeau

Pro Russian journalist John Helmer has come out with an excellent piece on the recent appointment of neophyte ethnic Ukrainian Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland to the prominent position of Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs...displacing the long term parliamentarian and former leader of the Liberal Party, Stephan Dion.  Dion was so shocked at being replaced only one year after his appointment that he quit politics entirely.

As I speculated in an earlier post, this appointment smacks of outside (CIA) interference in Canadian political affairs.  John Helmer says that the appointment was probably long planned...with the anticipation of Hillary Clinton becoming President.  Clinton and Freeland hold similar views on Russia and, in particular, the Crimea annexation (after a referendum during which the ethnic Russian Crimeans voted over 90% to rejoin Russia).  It was likely hoped that Clinton would be able to use Freeland to embarrass and bully Putin.  Helmer wisely speculates that Trudeau, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer...probably didn't think up the idea himself.

Officially, the Russian reaction to Freeland’s appointment as foreign minister has been as non-committal as possible. “We don’t know,” said the ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova on December 12, “what the [Canadian] priorities will be. I think that it is necessary to be guided by specific acts and the specific program which, probably, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada will build. After that, we will comment and, perhaps, take some actions.” Responding to the fact that the Russian Government announced counter-sanctions against Canada, including a travel ban on Freeland in 2014, Zakharova said: “I would like to remind everyone that in spite of the fact that many headlines say ‘the Foreign Minister of Canada is included in the Russian sanctions lists’, the situation is a little not so. [Freeland’s name] was not placed on the sanctions lists as the Foreign Minister of Canada; she was included in the lists in 2014 as a response measure of the Russian side. First came the sanctions lists accepted [from the US] by Canada concerning Russian citizens, including Russian officials. Respectively, the Russian list was retaliation for this action of Canada’s. I think that for the answer to when and under what circumstances people [like Freeland] can be removed from this list, it is necessary to look at the rule of reciprocity.”

For the current lists of Canadian sanctions against Russia, click to open.

Freeland reacted swiftly, announcing on the government television network CBC, “we wouldn’t look at lifting sanctions. The sanctions were imposed by the previous government but with strong support from us in opposition in response to very clear violations of international law by Russia with the invasion and annexation of Crimea and for a war against Ukraine in the Donbass.”

So, IMO, Canada's CIA plant in the Canadian Federal Cabinet is but one of the cow paddy's facing Donald Trump after his hoped for inauguration this coming Friday.  There are no doubt hundreds of  other steaming messes all over the globe.  This is why the unprecedented and shocking heat coming from the CIA has been turned up on Trump.  Not having personally (s)elected him, the Deep State CIA perps simply can't trust him with all their crimes and corruption past, present and yet to come. 

Trump, however, is a foe like no other....not only does he have the independence of Kennedy...but he has the benefit of historical hindsight into what he's up against.  We're been set up for a titanic I have said for over a year now...a civil war (I was one of the first to blog about it) like no other.  A battle to the death...of either the CIA as it is presently structured...or Trump.

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