Monday, January 2, 2017

The Assassins - Were killers of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey and the Istanbul nightclub patrons linked?

Usual Suspect - Ankara Assassin

As the main$tream media Faksters, notably the BBC "Voice of Satan" gloat over the latest mass shooting by a "lone nut" this morning...more thoughtful bloggers, like Stephen Lendman ask "Who's Behind Istambul's nightclub attack?"  By now, anyone who doesn't include the CIA/Mossad Deep State cabal occupying Washington/Tel Aviv in any list of suspects is absolutely stupid.  Their criminal controlled media is practically salivating over all the gory details...making it a defacto confession.

I don't see any commentary, however, linking the massacre with the recent audacious public execution of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara.  I am unable to ignore the similarities between the two terrorist attacks (both lone nuts) and have both inextricably linked in my mind.  I am going to speculate here and now that they were probably long-planned events strategized by the cabal....with more planned for the near future.

Portrait of an Assassin - by James Petras

Geopolitical analyst James Petras has speculated that the Ankara Assassin was working for Obama...who as everyone knows is a puppet for the cabal.  The Saker says that the goal of the assassination of the Turkish Ambassador to Russia was to punish both countries for their recent rapprochement...and, in particular, their combining as joint "guarantors" for the Syrian Peace Treaty.  This makes perfect sense to me.  After the Atlanticists spent 6 years and trillions of dollars trying to reduce Syria to a leaderless rubble...and failed...of course the perps would be vengeful and attempt to sabotage the growing threat to their hegemonic power in the region.

But, there is something about the way the main$tream media has been focusing on the "foreign" victims of the massacre.  The killers specifically selected a venue that attracted tourists and foreigners.  The BBC in the link above focuses on individuals killed and how they came to be in Istanbul.  Knowing the way their evil minds work...I'm going to suggest that the killers were hoping they could kill some Russians in the nightclub. 

Usual Suspect - Istanbul Assassin

It is a hallmark of their terrorism to have two hits---the original to create a situation requiring intervention...with a follow-up hit to target the most cases...medical first responders arriving at the scene.  It is well known that many Russians are, no doubt, in Turkey given all the joint projects, military and otherwise, the two countries now share.  Why, just last week a planeload of Russian investigators went to Turkey to help in the investigation into who killed the Russian Ambassador.  It would have been a real feather in the caps of the perps if they could have killed some of those Russian investigators...hence the media pouring over the lists of foreign victims.  So far, it appears that the killers are SOL in terms of Russian victims.  No doubt the grand chess master Putin issued orders to the Russian Investigators not to congregate in such public, and therefore vulnerable, venues.

Could it be that the grand chess master Roadrunner outwitted the "Wile E. Coyote" yet again?

The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote


Anonymous said...

It appears that the nightclub attacks are 100% real, while the Ambassador killing looks to be 100% fake. Laughable fake.
The two incidents seem different to me. Have you looked closely at the Ambassador 'assassination'?

greencrow said...

I have already addressed the question of whether the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was faked. I will say it only one more time. I have not seen any evidence or even rationale for why Russia would do such a thing. But, OTOH...I can think of plenty of reasons why some would like to spread anti-Russian/anti alternative media disinformation like this.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen any evidence of blood from the nine bullets that allegedly entered the body of the Russian Ambassador, nor any effort on your part to address the fake assassination. Fakes are everywhere, look in the mirror crow, there is another one!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I like your comment about me being a fake...otherwise I would have deleted your trollish comment. Maybe I am a fake. My partner and family just don't know it. Maybe the Russian Ambassador's wife who witnessed the assassination and attended the military funeral was faking her grief, too. Did you see the photos of her? Maybe Sergey Lavrov, head of the Russian Foreign Affairs, was in on it and doesn't care if the "plot" threatens to damage the entire Russian diplomatic service...terrifying Russian Ambassadors all over the world...and tripling the cost of keeping them safe. It's all worth it to achieve the "goal", just what was that GOAL anyway????!!! You never did tell us.

greencrow said...

Does anyone have any information about the bullets that hit the Ambassador? Were they those "exploding bullets" that explode in the target, do a lot of damage internally, but don't exit?