Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quebec Shooter...some obvious questions still not answered

Quebec Shooter Alexandre Bissonette

Reading through this profile of the Quebec shooter, 27 year old Alexandre Bissonette as published in this morning's Globe and Mail, it is a typical biography of a mass shooter.  The dorky introvert...smallish appearance.  He had an online presence as a "troll" on some sites and had a Facebook page which has since been taken down.

Everybody who knew him is totally surprised at what he has done.  He has a twin who was not involved and supposedly knew nothing about his brother's deadly agenda.  They lived together in a top floor apartment in a building that housed students and retirees.  Neighbours report that there was a lot of noise coming from the suite...sometimes late into the night.  Shouting, jumping, piano music.  It would be interesting to know if it was "live" piano music or recorded. If  it was live music, who was playing it? 

Interestingly, he had a photo on his Facebook of himself in his army cadet uniform as a youngster.  This time in his life was obviously of some importance to him.  My questions are the following:

1.  Where did he get his weapons and where/when did he learn to shoot firearms?

2. They say there was no interaction with the police other than traffic tickets.  How about any other governmental organizations?  CSIS perchance?  Foreign agencies?

3.  He was a student.  Who paid his rent?  His parents?  Did he have a student loan?  Where did he get the money to buy the gun(s) and ammunition?

4.  Did he ever travel outside of Canada?  Where to and when?

5.  What did his mother/father do for a living?  Were either or both parents involved in the government, the military or the police?  Did Alexandre grow up near a military base?

6.  Was Alexandre ever seen by a psychiatrist?  Was he on any medication?  What kind?

These are questions that should be answered soon in order that the public can rule out some sort of a False Flag attack or government black ops.  After the Nuttall/Korody case out here in British Columbia...this is a real, logical concern for Canadians.  According to a BC Supreme Court Judge, the RCMP and CSIS were setting up vulnerable ex-addict patsies to perform a terrorist act.  With this dangerous precedent now on the books (although never properly investigated by the Federal Government) EVERY "terrorist-style" incident should be examined in this light.

At the moment, the Federal government does not seem to think the population is smart enough to connect the dots between these events.  What are they trying to hide?  I also read in the local paper this morning that the Greyhound Bus Head Chopper, Victor Li is applying for a complete discharge of all his convictions/legal responsibilities in connection with a heinous act on a Greyhound Bus travelling at night across the Canadian wilderness almost a decade ago.  The government has relentlessly proceeded to eliminate all legal responsibility for his act and has released him from custody.  I always suspected it was a black op to force Greyhound to equip its busses with expensive "security/monitoring of passenger" devices. Qui Bono? Now, the man has changed his name to Will Baker and the government is considering expunging his record.  At the time of the crime, I kept posting on the CBC forums....asking the same questions then as I now ask above about this Bissonnette fellow.  We never found out the answers.

Move along...nothing to see here.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Answers??? We don't need no stinking answers according to the Trudeau regime... All we need is to believe what the media says, and never question authority!

Now it is time again to listen to what the CBC/CTV/Global News has to say, because they never lie... And time to go back to sleep....

greencrow said...

Yes, but if you're riding the Greyhound buses around Canada (as I used to frequently do as a young person) before you fall asleep....be careful who you're sitting beside! Oh, I forgot...Greyhound Bus was forced to buy all those expensive security cameras and equipment for their buses...qui bono?

Anonymous said...

Hi greencrow, I read your blog, and find it very informative, you do a great service to al who are looking for the truth, having said that, I think you should remove veterans today, they are nothing more than cnn, cbc, cnbc, etc, again thank you for informing all who are looking for the truth,

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous

Thanks very much for your comment. I know Veterans Today is dysinfo. So are a lot of other blogs on my "Favourites" blogroll. Sometimes I feel like paring down my blogroll...but then I think that like me, some of my readers want to know the dysinfo that is out there. As an example, I HATE the BBC...but check the headlines every day. Often I base a whole post on the dysinfo, just to alert readers.