Monday, January 2, 2017

Penny for your thoughts has been hacked

Penny for your thoughts

The year is getting off to a very weird start.  Canadian blogging colleague, Penny for your thoughts, was hacked last night and her blog was missing some important features and basically "frozen".  Penny is a specialist on the middle east and has written thousands of posts on her blog detailing the myriad of Western military efforts to destroy the nations and their societies and cultures in that part of the world.  Not many bloggers have the patience and ability to sort through the multiple veils of obfuscation and "fake news" put up by the usual suspects.

Here's hoping Penny can get her blog restored and up again ASAP so that her readers are able to benefit from her unique contribution to the truth community.


Penny said...

I've got it fixed GC- come by and look at the videos if you missed them yesterday
no santa perp.

Hopefully it will stay ok?

greencrow said...

Good news, Penny. I will have a look. Hopefully that's the end of the problem.