Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Opioid Crisis...What's Behind it?

Coquitlam, BC resident, 16 year old Gwyn Staddon
died in 2016 of a Fentanyl overdose in local
Starbucks washroom

Family of two fatal overdose victims says opioid crisis only getting worse

As we move into another year, I would like to focus on a local...or I should say...nationwide problem that became a crisis last year.  That is, the fentanyl crisis.  Apparently, this manufactured, pharmaceutical drug is coming into Canada, BC and the lower mainland via "Chinese" drug smugglers...or as some say, the ingredients are mailed in envelopes to locals... who then mix them together to create drug so powerful that only one tiny grain can kill a person in minutes.  It is highly addictive, causing individuals to play "Russian roulette" with their own lives...and each night the streets of Vancouver and outlying municipalities are strewn with dead and dying bodies of overdose victims.  All first responders are now required to carry Narcon, the antidote for the drugs, so that they can attempt to revive overdosed individuals.  Please read the report from a local radio station news outlet.  I will have my further thoughts and analysis in comments to follow:
Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver's News. Vancouver's Talk
Matt Lee, January 2, 2017

With at least 755 illicit drug overdose deaths in 2016
, a family that experienced two of them is out with a sobering prediction.

The Jansen family says the crisis will continue to worsen.

Nicholas Jansen saw his brother and girlfriend die from fatal drug overdoses in a five month span last year.

Jansen, who started the Brandon Jansen Foundation with his mother in memory of his brother, says the provincial government is spending money on the crisis in the wrong places.

“When Christy Clark comes out and says that they’re spending money to help the crisis, I believe it’s just lip service. I believe she’s saying it because of my mother who’s putting heat on the government. This ‘Know Your Source’ campaign, all these other campaigns that have posters and awareness out there… That is so minuscule.”

Jansen says what’s needed is funding for treatment beds,
a call that was echoed by Vancouver officials last month.

For it’s part last September, the province announced $10-million dollars towards an addiction treatment research and training center and joint task force.

This March will mark the dreaded one-year anniversary of Brandon Jansen’s death from a fentanyl overdose. Five months later, his brother Nicholas lost his girlfriend Gwyn Staddon too.

Despite going to schools to spread awareness about fentanyl’s lethal nature, Nicholas Jansen says the problem won’t go away in 2017 because the provincial government isn’t doing more.
“I have not once heard one of their people say ‘we’re going to open up some treatment centres’ or ‘we’re going to open some emergency beds for detox patients’. What have they done so far? Posters.” Jansen says until more treatment beds are opened, people like his brother and girlfriend will continue to die."

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, Gary Webb, taught me all I need to know about drug running.  His basic lesson, which he paid for with his life...is that the organization and control needed to spread these drugs effectively and reap the financial rewards cannot be done without the acquiescence and connivance of some very powerful entities in government, security agencies/policing and corporate pharmaceutical companies.  It just can't happen.  So, knowing that...I put my thinking cap on and raised my intellectual antenna to see if I could connect the dots on this one. Well...it was many months (Gwyn died last summer in the washroom of a Starbucks that I used to frequent before I began to boycott the Zionist Starbucks) before the lightbulb went on over my head.

I was at a recent holiday gathering and we were discussing the accident of a friend of ours.  This friend was in the habit of smoking marijuana out in his woodshed/garage.  Just before the holidays...he was enjoying his usual toke...when he blacked out...twice.  Then, attempting to climb the deck stairway to his home...he blacked out again and suffered a nasty fall on the stairway...leading to a concussion, him needing stitches for a gash to his head and face and generally catapulting him from excellent health into a shadow of his former self.  He did not attend the gathering.

One of the individuals I was talking with about the accident told me that she only bought her "medical marijuana" from the local pharmacy...as that was the only way she could ensure that it would not be laced with additives...including fentanyl.  "Fentanyl?!"  I asked..."They're putting fentanyl in marijuana?!!!"

"Sure." she replied.  "They're putting it in everything."

It was then that, like a flash of lightning...it all became clear.  The usual perps are spreading fentanyl around "liberally" in order to kill enough people to make the population terrified of it...it's a campaign of pharmaceutical terror.  Then...after the population has become terrified of it...they lace marijuana sold on the street with fentanyl...to ward the population off "street marijuana".  This creates an association in the mind of the public between street marijuana and fentanyl.  The word goes out that you MUST buy your "medical" marijuana from a licensed pharmacy....or you risk death. "Know Your Source".

This is all a prelude to the introduction of legal marijuana.  They are setting up the population to be terrified of "illegal" marijuana...marijuana being one of the easiest drugs to grow on your own.  People will still "grow their own" marijuana.  But there will no longer be individual drug dealers who grow marijuana to sell on the streets.  They are being pre-emptively put out of business.

The corporate drug companies can then reap all the profits anticipated once marijuana becomes legalized.  The massive epidemic of fentanyl overdose deaths will be long forgotten in the nirvana era of legalized marijuana.  It's how they work.


NOTE:  I want to state here that I do not agree with the legalization of marijuana...or the pushing of it as a "harmless" drug.  During my years as a frontline social worker in child protection...I saw way too many young lives being rendered useless by marijuana addiction...not to mention "drug induced schizophrenia".  It is a mystery to me how...the public is warned against the damage done to the lungs by cigarette smoking...but smoking marijuana apparently does NO harm to the lungs?  Helllllloooooo?


james@wpc said...

Thanks for connecting those dots, Greencrow. It fits with everything we know about 'these people'.

I have long maintained that organised crime gangs are impossible to maintain without police protection and the police protection can only be kept in place by political protection.

Organised crime, by its nature, involves lots of people. Therefore there are lots mouths flapping and lots of ears twitching - too many to keep any secrets. Organised crime usually involves some smart people at the tops of these organisation but a whole lot of not so smart people underneath them; all of whom know lots of stuff but not enough to keep their mouths shut.

So organised crime has to be continually covered for to enable it to continue. And this is not taking into account the total electronic surveillance everyone is subjected to.

The only logical conclusion from all the things that should happen but don't is that 'government' is just another name for organised crime. Which brings us back to your conclusion from Gary Webb's writing and the goings on in Vancouver.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks for your comment. Yes, Gary Webb should be honoured with the US Medal of Honour for the courage and tenacity he showed in finding out the truth about drug smuggling and the drug trade....not to mention the price he paid. He is one of my greatest heros.

opit said...

I haven't smoked cigarettes for over 12 years now, but did notice some odd things about the demonization of 'Big Tobacco.' Marijuana and tobacco are from the same family of plants. Like marijuana, tobacco was used in native healing rituals. But I could smoke 'green death' ( Export ) with less discomfort than filter tipped cigarettes. Particles are bad for your lungs, fiverglass types in particular In the 1850's, the Canadian Dep[artment of Agriculture intervened to change tobacco so as to contain more nicotine. Between those two items and the use of ammonium nitrate for drug delivery enhancement, I am suspicious of changes that are bad for health....and wonder what distribution of legally approved marijuana might do to the marijuana cigarette.

greencrow said...

Hi opit

You raise some important questions. Why should we trust the government to make sure the marijuana sold from pharmacies is harmless?