Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fake News in History #3 - Humanity has to stop drinking the "Fake News" Kool Aid

Jim Jones...the Jonestown Massacre
and the CIA Connection covered up
with a fanciful tale of cult religious fanaticism

This is the third and final post of a trilogy dedicated to President-elect Donald Trump on the occasion of his inauguration to the US presidency, which will hopefully take place tomorrow.  The subject, "Fake News in History" is appropriate given Trump's declaration of war on "Fake News" subsequent to the "Fake Dossier of Sexual Innuendo" the Deep State/CIA tried to take him down with just last week.

I submit a list of 10 Fake News Stories that have dominated the News headlines from my early 20's.  It's hard to believe now, but in my early 20's, I used to subscribe to TIME magazine, buy Newsweek at the corner at least two newspapers a day, and had a subscription to National Geographic.  I still have about 10 years of the Nat Geo in storage  I also enjoyed going to the movies and watching TV.  That all ended about two years after 9/11, when the reality of how Fake News permeates and falsifies our daily experience finally struck home.  Since then, I don't watch TV except for hockey and home reno shows...I don't read news magazines or newspapers...I don't go to movies or watch or read "fiction".  The lies of 9/11 killed all enjoyment of those activities for me.

Looking back over the past 6 decades with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight...I can see Fake News markers along my discovery that almost everything we are told by the engines of communication in Western culture is staged lies.  With the exception of the major fake news stories already covered in the previous parts of this trilogy some of the Fake News events I have been able to reflect on and re-examine with the Fake News blinkers no particular order are:

10.  The Warren Commission - this pathetic, unprofessional dime store novel is an insult to all Americans and the rule of law.  But, because nobody with the exception of Jim Garrison has ever read is still the "official story" of the JFK assassination.  Fake News was also used to cover up the assassinations of RFK and MLK, Paul Wellstone, Leo Ryan (see #4 below) and many other potential whistleblowers that the Deep State offed.  The main$tream media is a criminal accessory to murder and obstruction of justice.

9.  Historical revisionism concerning the causes and events of WWII, including some elements of the holocaust...or as I call it...the hollow co$t.  This now seminal WWII event did not actually become News until several years AFTER world war II.  The Germans are meticulous about records and there is no records of gas ovens or mass graves until several years after the war into the 1950's.  It reached a climax with the publishing of The Diary of Anne Frank which I read and accepted as fact.  This book has been the subject of some controversy in the recent past, including the Anne Frank museum saying that her father, Otto Frank, co-authored the book.  Not wanting to get into trouble, I am not going to detail the concerns with the Official Story but post this link to how the true story of WWII is being covered up, even to this day.

8.  Pandemics, such as AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu, Nile Virus and the Zika Virus are regularly trotted out by the Center for Disease Control, CDC (which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently accused of being a massive fraud) and hyped in order to terrorize the public into avoiding targeted countries as tourists... or public events (such as world sports events) as well as to create a market for otherwise useless/dangerous (see #7 below) medicines and vaccines.

7.  Connected to the the whole issue of autism and vaccination.  The Fake News media sources work overtime concealing the catastrophic epidemic of autism which studies have traced back to tainted vaccines.  Even though elements within the scientific/medical community have ADMITTED the connection...the public is still not aware.  Why not?  Well the legal costs to "too big to fail" Big Pharma would bankrupt the economy.  And, of course...even worse....responsibility would be assigned and the perps wouldn't be able to commit the same crimes again.

6.  False Flags and False Flag hoaxes.  While historically always a geopolitical strategy to bring about a war or some sort of oppression...within the last few decades the perpetration of False Flags by the Deep State has reached a fever pitch.  It has reached the point where EVERY SINGLE EVENT is called  False Flag...before the authorities can even do a proper investigation.  Of course, terror, distraction and confusion are essential tools of the perps.  False Flags' overt purposes are to control and oppress vulnerable governments (STUXNET/Fukushima) but they are also used as drills to test the ability of the perps to control the masses with psychological terror....prior to some big event.  As I've said many of the primary purposes of false flags is to test the loyalty of the members of the main$tream stick to the Fake News. Truth tellers will be weeded out.  Another purpose of False Flags is to justify big budgets and draconian laws that enable the Deep State agencies.

5.  Blatant lies, and False Flags to bring about deposing foreign leaders to enable "Regime Change".  Lies, publicly told in prominent places such as the United Nations...about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "He gassed his own people"...on flimsy or no evidence provided by the Fake Newsmakers.  It is amazing how the Obama regime, as an example, told bald faced lies about President Bashar al Assad at the United Nations.  IMO, one of the secondary purposes is to defame the institutions of international law and democracy...such as the United Nations and even the Nobel Peace Prize.  The perps don't want humanity to have an ethical fig leaf or a legal straw to grasp when under oppression.  One of the roles of Fake News has been to wage a cultural "scorched earth" against fundamental human concepts of empathy, compassion, and civilization.

4.  "Drinking the Kool-Aid" - Secret Government Programs.  I wonder if younger readers even know the source of this common expression... which denotes gullibly swallowing pathological lies.  The expression goes back to the infamous Jonestown Massacre.  I have posted a video above which documents some of the known details of this mystery of how around 1,000 Americans came to die on one day in a Guyana jungle.  The story is very interesting and I invite readers to delve into the sordid episode for themselves.  Suffice it to say that the Official Story was that the 1,000 or so members of an American religious cult committed mass suicide by drinking purple Kool Aid.  This is what the West was told via the main$tream media and even today it is accepted as true.  Closer examination reveals the filthy and bloody paw prints of the CIA all over the mass deaths...with evidence that the cult members were actually human Guinea pigs brought to the jungle for secret biological experiments.  When a whistle blower congressman (Leo Ryan) was informed of the clandestine program...he visited the jungle camp.  The CIA (apparently with the help of a Brit military Swat Team) murdered the entire cult with fatal injections as they were lying on the ground.  The Congressman was shot as he attempted to leave Guyana by plane.  So the Kool-Aid, if it was drunk by the victims at all, was likely laced with a relaxant for the fatal injections.  Every time I hear or read the expression..."Don't drink the Kool Aid", I remember this massive cover-up of horrific criminality.  And it is only one of dozens of Satanic programs that the CIA has perpetrated over the years.

3Electoral Fraud and Propaganda.  Following the tumult of the past year's US election...this kind of Fake News is all still fresh in our minds.  Suffice it to say that Fake News drives each and every "democratic" election in the West.  Now, no holds are barred. In a recent escalation.. even after the winner has been declared...the Fake News assault continues.

2.  Global Financial Fraud, Bankster control of Western Economies, International Trade Deals ...When the perps can't completely cover up their crimes with "Fake News"...they hide it under "secret trade negotiations" and "Baffle 'em with Bullsh!t" financial pyramid schemes and shell games.  It is all so complex!  We need to depend on the "smarter than us" professional bankers and auditors and their financial journalists to sort it out.  As someone said recently...if there was such a thing as "Free Trade" we wouldn't need "Free Trade Agreements."  Amazing how they could pursue someone like Martha Stewart into a jail cell... but the short sellers on 9/11...we can't even identify who they were?!!!  Our Financial System...with its precariously unbacked dollar and always threatened economic collapse...couldn't exist without Fake News.

1.  The 9/11 Commission Report and subsequent media cover-up.  The Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission Report are the two pulp fiction bookends to this diatribe on Fake News.  Why?  Because never before in human history have so many people been led by the nose by so few criminal perpetrators...who published their lies in a style so flimsy, so shot full of worm hole lies, gaps in evidence and insults to human intelligence.  15 years of war in the Middle East is based on a dime store novel that reads like a comic book with some pages torn out.  The ultimate in Fake News.

Summary and Conclusions:

Like the West's insatiable appetite for "fast food"....even though most of us know how harmful processed food is for our health, there is a ready market for "Fake News".  You could call it the "fast food" of human geopolitical communications.  Just as Hamburgers and French fries...or other tasty but harmful substances... like the sugary "Kool Aid" refreshment, Fake News is a quick hit/energizer of pleasurable stimulating sensation and feeling of satiety.  Fake News satisfies our need for the comfort of order....simplistically separating white hats (or helmets) from black hats...cause and effect..peace and mayhem. 

It's probably no coincidence that the rise of Fake News has coincided with the rise of Fast Food in our diets.  Here is an example of Fake News from this mornings Internet:

Russians told Trump to call
Clinton "Crooked Hillary"

Whew!  Thank Gawd we finally know where Trumps election campaign insult "Crooked Hillary" came from.  We knew the multi-billionaire, who's made his fortune manipulating and controlling human resources all his life, could NOT have possibly thought such a complex insult up on his own!  He MUST have had Putin's help.

In conclusion, just like Western society is slowly waking up, recognizing and weaning itself off of "fast food"....society must also wean itself off of Fake News.  We must demand the slower cooked formal investigations, open hearings and reports that follow tedious evidentiary and legal precedents. We must demand accountability and responsibility from those who have power and control over us such as politicians, bankers, doctors and "journalists".  Not only must we look at their conclusions...but we must spend an equal amount of time examining the process they went through to arrive at those conclusions...which in some cases can shape human destiny for generations and centuries to come.  Most of all, we must as a society accept the responsibility of actually reading their reports and legal decisions.  Ultimately, getting rid of Fake News...just like Fast up to all of us.


Anonymous said...

what a tour de force!!!

You're the greatest, Greencrow. Keep crowing!


greencrow said...

Thanks, EV

Just having watched Trump's Inaugural Address...I am glad I wrote the trilogy. His address was, as you say, a tour de force. I don't believe my hopes in Trump are misplaced...I do fear the Deep State however. It's at times like this that I realize how those of us who were alive back then were all victims of the Kennedy, MLK, Leo Ryan and Paul Wellstone(and other)Deep State assassinations. We all have PTSD from those events.

I focused my latent PTSD energy into the trilogy.