Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fake News in History #1 -- We went to the mooooooooon in 1969

Fake News:  Historical Examples reconsidered

Say what you want about US President-elect Donald Trump...but he has already made history. In calling out the main$tream media on their compulsive, pathological and criminal habit of publishing "Fake News" and calling it fact.  Trump has broken the mold and created what is hopefully the first of many changes long needed in Western society.  Bravo to Trump!  In honour of his ascension to the presidency this coming Friday and in honour of his first steps towards killing "Fake News", I am going to post a three day trilogy of historical "fake news" examples in history.  These are examples that are still being pandered to the public as "fact", but which most of the truthers in the blogosphere regard as noxious lies, contaminating public discourse and corrupting young minds.

TheNews is the 1969 and bey first example of Fake ond US "lunar missions".  This was brought to my mind yesterday with the news of the death of the "last person to walk on the lunar surface" Eugene Cernan.  You know...if Eugene and his fello "astronauts" had really travelled to the moon...they would have followed up that feat with high profile careers, in public service, science, education or the media.  Instead, they all went virtually underground.  Why?  Because they got tired of being chased through public airports by lunar skeptics shouting uncomfortable questions.  So they all decided that the best thing was for them to lie low.  The only exception to this rule would apparently be Alan Bean, who, as you can see in the artwork above, carved out a career for himself painting renditions of what the hoax lunar movie set looked like back in the 60's and 70's.

There is still some dissention, even amongst truth bloggers, whether the lunar landings were a hoax.  But every year there is less and less argument about the matter...as science proceeds in its inimitable and uncontrollable way to debunk the notion that man had solved the insoluable problems of missions to the moon back in the analogue 60's and 70's...where the NASA (Never A Straight Answer) agency watched the missions on their black and white TV's with their big hulking "computer" in the background...which did not have the power of today's GPS or even a personal wrist "fitbit".  lolololol.  Nixon spoke in real time to the astronauts orbiting around the moon...on a big honking black telephone. Hellooooooo.

Then there was all the lunar rocks they collected...and passed out to friendly vassal states...until some countries decided to examine the rocks more closely, only to discover they were actually earthly rocks.  Suddenly, all the rocks at the Smithsonian disappeared, ditto the original lunar landing movie reels, etc., etc.  But, sadly, folks like Mike Rivero of WHATREALLYHAPPENED.com still believe the lunar landings occurred and he bans any bloggers who disagree from having their posts put up on his blog.  I forgive these folks, because it's very hard to have any dream die...much less a dream that was and is so much a part of your collective self-image as a nation.  But, seriously, folks...it is time to move on...and "out" this increasingly embarrassing and humiliating hoax as anything other than "Fake News"

Time is catching up with the lunar landing believers...and, like the flat earthers...they are going to look even more foolish the longer they cling to the dream. It's like a forty-something still believing in Santa Claus.  Here's some evidence now coming down the pike about the realities of space travel.

Progress spaceship to ISS destroyed, most pieces burned up in atmosphere – Roscosmos

The Russian Space Agency reported that it has lost its Progress cargo spaceship following the disruption of the data signal. The cargo vehicle was to deliver 2.6 tons of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). The Progress M-04 cargo spacecraft was lost at a height of 190km (more than 623,000ft) over a remote mountainous area of the Russian Republic of Tyva, Roscosmos said in a statement on its website.

Most of the debris burnt up in the Earth’s dense atmosphere layers, the statement adds. A state commission is carrying out an investigation into what caused the incident. “After the launch of the Soyuz-U launch vehicle along with the Progress MS-04 cargo spacecraft, telemetry connection was lost on the 383th second of flight,” Roscosmos said in a statement.  The data received from the spacecraft is not enough to say clearly what went wrong with the Progress MS-04 during the separation of the rocket’s third stage, NASA also said.

The navigation equipment of Progress did open, but there is no information whether its solar batteries are functioning properly, the US space agency added.

The above news story highlights the difficulties of space travel.  I have bolded the phrases which call to mind issues the lunar missions would have encountered--one hundred fold. And keep in mind this was only a flight to re-supply the ISS the International Space Station...of which most of the technology is Russian...not American.  I keep reminding my readers that the United States is no longer capable of manufacturing their own rockets to even keep their satellites in space...and won't have this capability (again?) for several years.  IN THE MEANTIME, THE US IS PURCHASING RUSSIAN ROCKETS TO BLAST CARGOES INTO SPACE.  And even the Russians are having problems maintaining and improving on the technology of space travel.  It is time for NASA to either put up (reveal what wondrous technology allowed the lunar craft the raw energy to reach the moon) or shut the F*ck Up.  Instead, the US government is gradually winding NASA down...and will no doubt destroy all their fake documents from the lunar missions.

Will there be some conclusive proof that man did/didn't go to the moon any time soon?  Well, amazingly, there might well be.  According to some news sources (not main$tream, of course) Russia is planning to hone some of its high resolution Satellite cameras on the lunar surface...right where the Apollo Space ships were supposed to have landed.  According to legend/myth...the Americans left a lot of equipment around which should be visible to these cameras.  Let's be frank.  The Rooskies have given the Americans a pass on the entire hoax. Why is a mystery almost as big as the lunar landings themselves. Russia shut down its own lunar program years before the Americans supposedly went to the moon...concluding it was just not feasible, given the thousands of tons of rocket fuel needed for such a long voyage....and the dangers of traversing the Van Allen Radiation belts...two challenges that have not been overcome...even to this day.

So, in honour of Trump's upcoming inauguration and his declaration of war on "Fake News"...I have made the fake news lunar landings the first episode of a trilogy on the death of historical "Fake News" in the hopes that the perps will not be so reckless as to plan any more in the near future. Stay tuned for the next instalment tomorrow.  We've all had enough of Fake News.  It's holding us back as a species.   Let's read fake news reports like the one linked here...have a good laff and then all agree to RIP Fake News in the new Trump Era.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Welcome to my world, Crow... I have known that the so called manned missions to the moon were fake since 1979... Now some 37+ years later, I have poured over tens of thousands of news articles, scientific information, alternative media, etc, etc, to further back up and hone that knowledge..

The first step that I tell everyone in understanding the fraud of Project Apollo is to use some critical thinking and ask themselves this... If it was so easy to get to the "moon" between 1968-1972, then why are they having one heck of a time getting just above low earth orbit today? The answer of course lies in the plasma radiation fields that cocoon this planet locked in the Earth's own magnetosphere from 500-15000 miles above our atmosphere.. Transiting those "belts" has always been the biggest problem for living organisms with low tolerance to radiation such as humans...

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comment. Yes, anyone with a modicum of intelligence would ask themselves this: Since the Wright Bros. first went up in their biplane there has been unstoppable progress in manned flight. Like every other avenue of human scientific accomplishment...once something has been learned...it is used as a foundational stepping stool to the next stage. The one exception to this is the lunar landings. They want us to believe that man had the technology back in the analogue 60's...but somehow lost it or REFUSE TO USE IT to build and expand space exploration. This is an incredible proposition...that man would have some amazing ability...but would just allow it to lie dormant for...what is it now, 50 years????

Northerntruthseeker said...

since 1972... That means 45 years... But close enough!

greencrow said...

Let's say 48 Years...between 1969 the year of the first "lunar landing" and 2017.