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CawRANT Events #39

CawRANT Events #39

Good Morning everybody!  It's the second Monday of January and time for my first CawRANT Events of the  New Year 2017.  I haven't done one of these features for some time now...since November 13, 2016.  For new readers, CawRANT Events is a feature I try to offer up every second Monday...but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, for whatever reason.  I use the feature to RANT about issues I haven't enough material to devote a whole post to; issues I've covered ad nauseam and don't want to devote a whole post to; and favourite topics like birds...more about that later.  I try to organize the topics from close to home, local and Canadian to North America and then International.  Again, if I don't follow that order, so be it.

The weather here in the lower mainland of the Pacific Northwest has been colder than normal for well over a month.  We still have snow on the ground but last night it rained and it is about 3 degrees above freezing, Celsius, of course.  So many topics I have on my RANT list so time to get started.

First, a Canadian Story:

The NATO illegal war on Afghanistan is 15+ years on now.  Bush/Cheney's lies about Osama bin Laden being behind 9/11 and being harboured by Afghanistan was the phoney pretext for this brutal regime change operation.  Millions have died, been injured and/or rendered homeless by the death and destruction NATO countries (including Canada) have rained down on that benighted country...that coinkydynkally borders Russia.  In the photo below we see just one victim of the cabal's wet hegemonic and resource-stealing dream:


Over the Christmas Holidays, the war criminals claimed more victims, this time in the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia. A war veteran who had sought help in dealing with PTSD over the years since his deployment to Afghanistan, shot his mother, wife and 10 year old daughter. Here is the story from the CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Former comrade says troubled soldier involved in alleged triple murder was 'not a monster'

Shonda Borden says her brother-in-law Lionel Desmond used to call her when the voices in his head were the loudest, and she'd do her best to bring him out of the throes of his PTSD. He phoned Borden Tuesday evening, but she missed the call. Little did she realize how desperate the situation was becoming. Her sister Shanna Desmond did.

"She used to say, 'You guys are not going to be saying Shanna, Shanna anymore when you find Shanna dead,'" Borden told CBC Radio's The Current Thursday.

Shanna Desmond recently started working at a registered nurse in Antigonish, N.S. (The Canadian Press/Facebook) Shanna Desmond, a registered nurse, was shot dead Tuesday night in her rural Nova Scotia home alongside her daughter and mother-in-law. Afghanistan war veteran Lionel Desmond is assumed to have pulled the trigger on them before killing himself.

"I never knew it was this bad," Borden said in an interview from her aunt's house overlooking the crime scene. "I used to tell her, well stick with him, till death do you part, in sickness and in health."

It makes me sick to my stomach that notorious war criminals like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama are still free and unindicted by an international Nuremberg-style War Crimes Trial.  Unless and until these blood thirsty satan-worshippers are brought to justice and this war ended and the Afghan people left to run their own country...the United Nations is rendered a fraud and there can be no Truth and Reconciliation.  The deaths at home and abroad will continue.   The report from the CBC does not once mention the true cause of the PTSD-related deaths.  It's not just lack of government support for's the immorality of the entire war--from the lies of 9/11 being used as a the permanent warmongering schemes of the military industrial complex (i.e., testing their hideous weaponry, like the incendiary bombs that caused the grievous injuries to the young man in the above photo) oppressing an innocent indigenous population.

Disgustingly, I just saw in this morning's news that the Obomber is sending more US marines to the country.  Why?  Is Afghanistan the 51st State?  What is the legal pretext for this a time when the US is hypocritically lying about Russia's so-called interference in their election?  They're sending marines into another country without legal authority?  Gag me with a spoon!

Another Canadian Story...Prime Minister Trudeau dropping in the polls?

Several recent opinion polls suggest Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau and the Liberals
could be losing some support.
   (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

What a shocker...NOT!  This guy's public support is a mile wide and wafer thin.  Here is the report, again from the CBC...and I will have thoughts and analyses in comments to follow:

For most of 2016, public support for Justin Trudeau's Liberals appeared to be invulnerable to the slings and arrows of the opposition. But a series of recent polls suggests some of the attacks might be leaving a mark — though the extent of the damage isn't entirely clear just yet.

The first indication of Trudeau's troubles came a little over a week ago in a Forum Research poll conducted for the Toronto Star. It was the first survey done in the aftermath of the government's decision to approve two oil pipelines and reject a third. It was also taken as the controversy surrounding the prime minister's attendance at $1,500-per-ticket fundraising events was in full tilt.

The poll suggested support for the Liberals had fallen to 42 per cent from 51 per cent, a statistically significant drop of nine points compared to Forum's November survey. The poll also showed Trudeau's approval rating dropping by seven points to 51 per cent.
Now, three polls published over the past few days provide some indication as to whether Forum's findings were meaningful. But the signals are a bit mixed.

The Angus Reid Institute (ARI) found that Trudeau's approval rating had fallen 10 points to 55 per cent since mid-September, while CROP showed the Liberals' support in Quebec sliding by five points since November. Both Forum and ARI recorded Trudeau's ratings falling significantly in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.
Not a clear-cut case

But a new Abacus Data poll doesn't show any major decrease in support for the Liberals. The survey found the Liberals down just two points over the same period as Forum's polling, to 44 per cent. That shift in support wasn't statistically significant. In fact, Abacus has registered Liberal support at between 44 and 46 per cent in its past six polls going back to May.

Abacus also found the Liberals' support holding steady in Ontario and Quebec. It was down only marginally in B.C.


Both Abacus and Forum saw drops in Liberal support in B.C., but they were within the margins of error for the small regional sample sizes. Forum's 16-point decrease in Trudeau's approval in B.C. was statistically significant, however.

ARI also found Trudeau's approval rating down in B.C., though that still put it at 56 per cent.

These polls suggest Trudeau and the Liberals probably have suffered a hit in public opinion over the last month and point to the possibility they could see their support drop further due to the $1,500-per-ticket fundraising controversy and the pipeline issue in B.C.

But the trends are muddled. And with the party leading the Conservatives by between eight and 14 points in the Forum and Abacus polls and its leader still seen positively by a majority of Canadians, the Liberals might feel they have little reason to panic.

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Political Polling Statistics/Analysis

If Trump wants to know what will happen to him if he fails to live up to his election promises...he just has to cast his eyes north to see Trudeau dropping in the polls.  Again, the CBC "journalists" who wrote the above report blame pipelines and funding scandals for the drop in popularity.  I would venture it has more to do with a deep dissatisfaction of the citizenry in politicians generally.  We're fed up with their lying hypocrisy.  Trudeau has shown time and again, since his election, that he panders to the NATO globalist cabal.  He has no vision for the country other than a superficial happy face.  He cannot see the potential of Canada having a "Made in Canada" foreign policy, especially vis a vis Russia.  Canada and Russia could join forces to bring sustainable development to the north...where the indigenous people are literally dying of neglect.  But, no....Trudeau had to diss Putin on command and from the start...cutting off Canada's nose to spite its face.  Ironically, I was watching the World Juniors Hockey Championship last week and, in particular, the game between Russia and Sweden.  The crowd was loudly cheering for it did throughout the tournament.  No matter what the mainStream media anti-Russia can't fool the grass roots.

Count Down To Trump 

I have to agree with bloggers like Stephen Lendman who say the next 12 days could be the most momentous in modern world history.  The defeated Hillarites just will not go away.  They can't... because the spectre of being brought to justice for a litany of domestic and international crimes is too terrifying for them to contemplate.  They can't trust Trump even though he has, at times, prostrated himself before them, swearing fealty.  He just can't be trusted by anyone--due to his unrestrained ego.  This is a very dangerous war of words (so far) he's got going with the CIA.  Read the report in the link below and I will have more comments to follow:

CIA uses asset New York Times to threaten
President-elect Trump

The "intelligence" that started the Iraq War...Weapons of Mass Destruction or "WMD"

When Trump said that CIA intelligence couldn't be trusted because these were the same people who said Saddam had WMD...that was tantamount to signing his own death warrant.  A public person is not supposed to ever bring up any of the "mistakes" (i.e., lies/criminal acts) of the CIA/US Intelligence Community because that forces the perps to take "responsibility" for them.  If they are forced to take responsibility for actions that result in death and destruction...then they can't do them again.  It renders them powerless.  Doing "what they want" without repercussion is like being able to breathe for the CIA. 

As far as I am concerned, the decisive evidence that Obama and the U.S. ‘intelligence’ community are lying here, is that the two people (Julian Assange and Craig Murray) who were involved in obtaining the key data in the matter, which was the information from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s computer, and publishing it at Wikileaks, both assert that there was no ‘hack’ at all involved in that; it was someone working for Clinton’s campaign, who became disgusted with what that person saw going on there and who gave it to Murray who gave it to Assange. That was the crucial leak — and no ‘hack’ was involved in it, and neither the CIA nor the rest of the Obama Administration can deny any of this; they simply ignore it altogether, as if it hadn’t happened! They think that the American public are stupid runts who can be fooled just by assertions by ‘official authorities’ — like happened with ‘Saddam’s WMD’ back in 2002-2003.

Here is the CIA speaking through the asset BBC in attempting to kill two birds (Trump and Putin) with one stone (aka lie):

The unclassified part of the report says that the Kremlin developed a "clear preference" for Mr Trump.  RT said Vladimir Putin had "ordered a campaign" to influence the US election.  Russia's goals, the document added, were to "undermine public faith" in the US democratic process and "denigrate" his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, harming her electability and potential presidency. "We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election," it said..."

Paul Craig Roberts says these recent stories are a case study in the creation of false news.  But if anyone calls them on it, like I said above, it's a death wish.  This is the scary part. The CIA has burned a lot of bridges since its defeat in the last election. It has ceased being a defender of the current political system.  It has presented to the public a new image...closer to reality...of a powerful Deep State that plays for keeps.  It has announced its agenda of delegitimizing and co-opting Trump...or getting rid of him.  It's like what happened with Kennedy...only this time, the public is fully aware of what it's up to.  Here's the point.  If something does happen to Trump....then that will, ipso facto, be the debut of the new order.  The power that kills Trump will be the new, unelected dictatorship and those who assume power will be the Deep State "coming out".  They will stand, defiant, daring anyone to do something about it.

Clemency for Leonard Peltier

Lastly, re the US presidency.  If Obama does not pardon First Nations activist Leonard Peltier prior to leaving office, then he will not have done even one positive thing in his eight years.  I doubt it will even cross his mind.  And finally, again on Trump...I have always thought that the statement (repeated by Trump frequently throughout the election campaign) that won him the presidency is that: "A vote for Hillary would be a vote for four more years of Obama".  That line stuck in the minds of the voters. 

Bird News

In closing, Here is an upbeat story about a man who has a crow as a pet.  Hand-raised from shortly after birth, the crow shares his apartment...and pines for him when he is away.  My neighbourhood crows have become very dependent on me during the recent month long cold snap.  They wait patiently outside my front door for me to emerge for my daily walk....because that means they get their daily ration of peanuts!  I'm trying to get them to take a peanut from my far no luck with that one.

Crow-lover with Roommate

That's it ...until my next Caw RANT.  Bye for now.

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SingingSam said...

Neocons can't murder people in far away lands without people to pull the triggers, operate the drones, etc. We can't throw Neocons in jail, and we can't block their endless supply of money for wars. But we can do something about the supply of trigger pullers.

This should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. Friends don't let friends enlist. That goes double for family members. It's as simple as that.

There is no way a fighting age person can be in a position to pull a trigger without being subjected to physical, emotional and moral hazards. What sane person would want such a thing for a friend or family member? Especially when nothing good can come from it for ordinary people back home.

Any young person who desires to serve society and country will be far more likely to do so by staying home and staying out of a uniform. Everyone who knows this truth can save lives by sharing it with someone who needs to know.