Tuesday, January 10, 2017

UPDATED: Le Dauphin (aka Justin Trudeau) steps in it big time with Foreign Affairs Appointment

BEYOND REASON: Chrystia Freeland will be named
minister of Foreign Affairs in a cabinet shuffle
to take place today. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

What a dope!  Justin Trudeau just blew any chance for a belated rapprochement with Russia.  It does not bode well for Canada, folks.  In a hastily arranged cabinet shuffle...just prior to Donald Trump taking office in the US next week, Trudeau has appointed a Putin hater to the foreign affairs portfolio.  This individual, who I didn't even know existed until a few moments ago...has been lurking in the government for a year or more now...like a ticking time bomb.  This could go down as the worst ministerial appointment in Canadian history.

Chrystia Freeland is a former writer and daughter of a Ukrainian immigrant mother who speaks Ukrainian, Russian and a few other European languages.  Sounds good so far.  But wait.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about her:

On July 26, 2013 she left journalism to enter Canadian politics as a candidate for the nomination of the Liberal Party in the riding of Toronto Centre. On September 15, 2013 she won the nomination,[30] with an opportunity to replace outgoing MP Bob Rae in the November 25, 2013 by-election.[26] During the campaign she received criticism for purchasing a 1.3 million dollar home, although the price was consistent with Toronto's home prices.[31][32] Freeland won 49% of the vote and was elected.[33]

As the Liberal Party of Canada's trade critic,[34] Freeland interviewed noted economist Larry Summers in a formal event at the 2014 Liberal Party convention;[29] the interview is available on YouTube and the party website. Freeland wrote an op-ed in The New York Times, in which she contraposed the rise of the plutocrats with the popularity of the television series Downton Abbey.[35]

On January 27, 2014, Freeland wrote an op-ed for The Globe and Mail, in which she excoriated the government of Viktor Yanukovich, who later was ousted as during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution.[36] She is a proponent of personal asset seizures and travel bans as part of programmes of economic sanctions.[29] Later, at the beginning of March, Freeland visited Ukraine on behalf of the Liberal Party, and tweeted her progress in meeting community leaders and members of the government in Kyiv. She lunched with the chief rabbi of Kyiv, met with Mustafa Dzhemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatars and an MP, and with Vitaly Klitchko, who is leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform party, and with Ukrainian MP Petro Poroshenko, who was subsequently elected President of Ukraine in May 2014,[28] Ukrainian presidential elections.
Freeland was one of thirteen Canadians banned from travelling to Russia under retaliatory sanctions imposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2014.[37] She replied through her official Twitter feed, "Love Russ lang/culture, loved my yrs in Moscow; but it's an honour to be on Putin's sanction list, esp in company of friends Cotler & Grod."[37]

Now, doesn't that make you just want to throw up?  Trudeau has appointed an individual for minister of foreign affairs who is banned from travelling to Russia!  Here is what the CBC has to say about today's appointment.  Please read the report below and I will have more thoughts and analysis to follow:

Chrystia Freeland will be appointed Canada's new minister of foreign affairs in a sweeping Liberal cabinet shakeup to be announced later today, CBC News has learned.
Freeland, who leaves the international trade portfolio, will replace Stéphane Dion, who is leaving politics to become Canada's ambassador to the European Union and Germany, sources tell CBC News. 

NOTE:  Why wouldn't the CBC mention in its first run of the story quoted above... that Freeland is banned from travelling to Russia?  Prima facie evidence of how the media maintains the citizenry like a mushroom farm...kept in the dark and having Sh!t thrown on them. 

FURTHER NOTE:  In a recent update of this evolving story...the CBC acknowledges that Freeland is banned from Russia...see below:

Freeland banned from Russia

Freeland, a former journalist, was praised for stickhandling the Canada-European Union free trade agreement, where she gained experience that could be valuable in dealing with the new administration of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. Freeland was among 13 Canadians slapped with retaliatory sanctions by Russian President Vladamir Putin in 2014. The punitive measures were imposed to counter Canadian sanctions against Russian officials over aggression in Ukraine and Crimea. Today, the Russian Embassy in Ottawa confirmed to CBC that Freeland is still subject of those sanctions, which ban her from travelling to the country.

Do you think that the greencrow's report, which I posted as a link in the CBC comments to the report had anything to do with the update? : ) Note further the stupid misspelling of Vladamir [sic] Putin's first name.

Now the world knows why Trudeau's public opinion polls have been dropping steadily since his election.  It's because Canadians are slowly realizing that Trudeau, instead of having the political smarts of his late father, Pierre, has the political, cognitive and judgmental smarts of his mother, Margaret...the trollop who abandoned her three young sons to run off and smoke dope in a hotel room with the Rolling Stones... and later to Hollywood, where she slept with most of the male "stars" of the day (according to her own "tell all" book "Beyond Reason" which I read years ago).  Yes, it is truly "beyond reason" the gratuitous harm Trudeau has done to Canada with this appointment.  Even Trump has promised rapprochement with Russia.  I suppose the Deep State cabal has selected Trudeau to carry the neocon can...now that Obama is (hopefully) leaving office.  According to the above information, Freeland has firmly aligned herself with the war criminals of the Kiev Maidan coup of a duly elected government and the downing of MH17.

When Canadians wake up and smell this steaming cow paddy...Trudeau will be "One Term Justin" for sure.  The big worry is...how much more damage can he do in the next three years????


james@wpc said...

I see from her Wikipedia page that she is a Rhodes Scholar. She has been selected and groomed from a young age. I get the impression that she will be quite an education for those Canadians paying attention.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Good observation. A Rhodes Scholar....just like Bill Clinton. Now, after this shocking appointment....I wonder if she's a CIA mole...and if Justin isn't a CIA puppet. This is such an obvious giving of the finger to Trump and Putin...and what entity has recently come out as the arch enemy of both those guys?

Penny said...

Hey GC:

I caught the Freeland appointment- she was heavily involved in the Ukraine overthrow- I recall her being in Ukraine at the time of the coup- she was clearly chosen to push for the antagonize Russia agenda- Rhodes Scholar eh?
She's been groomed- wonder if anyone could tie her back to the pro nazi ukies that came to Canada?


"Russia has signaled that it will only remove newly appointed Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland from its sanctions list on a reciprocal basis.

Russian news agencies cited an unidentified Russian Foreign Ministry official as saying on January 11 that Freeland has been on a list of Canadians subject to sanctions, which includes a travel ban, since 2014"

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Perhaps Freeland helped Nuland bake the cookies for Maidan square....just before the snipers triangulated and killed both sides of the protest.

Unknown said...

saw this (((Russia Insider))) article on the new appointee :) who is a liar they say