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Are the Spooks still snitching to their controlled spite of Trump's Press Conference warning?

President-elect of the United States
Donald Trump

In spite of the supposedly embarrassing and humiliating "outing" and warning delivered to the CIA and so-called "Intelligence Community" by President-elect Donald Trump during his Wednesday morning press conference, it appears that the spooks are still unprofessionally snitching to their controlled collusionary main$tream media.  During his press conference, Donald Trump related how he did a test to see if it was one of his own team who leaked details to the press after each meeting he had with the "intelligence community".  He said after one recent meeting, he told no one, not even his trusted personal secretary.  Still, the media got wind of the meeting and the substance thereof.  Anyone with any degree of "intelligence" would take this as a warning to the CIA/FBI etc., NOT to snitch to the press. appears they're still doing it.

Witness this report in this morning's news from the Associated Press.  Please read the report below and I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

by Julie Pace, The Associated Press
Posted Jan 13, 2017 7:41 am PST

Last Updated Jan 13, 2017 at 8:21 am PST

WASHINGTON – A senior U.S. official says the Obama administration is aware of frequent contacts between President-elect Donald Trump’s top national security adviser and Russia’s ambassador to the United States.
The official says the contacts happened on the day President Barack Obama expelled dozens of Russian officials from the U.S. and imposed sanctions as punishment for election-related hacking. The official says the administration is also aware of contacts between Trump adviser Michael Flynn and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at other times as well.
The day after Obama announced sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not retaliate. Trump praised him for his restraint.

Flynn’s conversations were first reported by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. The official was not authorized to confirm the contacts publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Now, who would this "senior US official" be who has the ability to surveil communications between the Trump organization and the Russian Ambassador to the US?  Must be able to listen in to phone conversations, right?  Or, did Mr Flynn and Mr. Kislyak meet on a park bench somewhere....and the snitch was hiding behind a tree?

There are a couple of concerns here.  First, is the Associated Press printing this story because it is a bad thing for the Trump organization and the Russians to communicate at all?  Particularly when both are being besieged by false stories and "fake news", which could affect the future of the world... should there be a mis-communication between them?  I think not.  In fact, it is a relief that "cooler heads" are prevailing during these very dangerous "dying days"  of the bloody Perp Régime.  The implication of the above report is there is some "collusion" between Trump and Russia.  Well, Trump has never hid his agenda to reduce points of conflict between the US and Russia...AND THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES STILL VOTED HIM PRESIDENT!!!  The spooks and the media can't seem to get that simple fact into their heads.

The second concern is that the "intelligence community" surveilling and snooping on Trump is signaling to the public that they do not consider him their president.  This is the most serious concern.  They consider him illegitimate and an enemy.  What does that bode for the future?  Even if he lives to be inaugurated, can Trump cleanse the Augean Stables of the "intelligence community" fast enough to save his life and to prevent WWIII?

US President-elect Donald Trump's incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn took a call from the Russian ambassador last month, and discussed setting up a call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin after Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, a Trump spokesman said on Friday. The Dec. 28 call followed text message exchanges initiated by Flynn on Christmas Day, in which he wished the ambassador a merry Christmas and said he looked forward to "touching base with you and working with you," Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters. (Reuters) 

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