Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ziofascist Rogue CIA Cabal Murders Entire Russian Choir on Christmas Day

Red Army Choir Sings Silent Night

Can you just imagine the planning session for the terror bombing of the Russian Choir on Christmas Day?  Picture a slimy, dark cavern or bunker deep under the Virginia hills.  A group of fat, greasy men are sitting around a table, drinking scotch from the bottle...oblivious of the heavy stench of Sulphur hanging in the air.  One of them chortles: "I know!  We'll bomb the plane carrying the choir to sing in Syria on Christmas Day!  That will show them!"  He brushes the hair back from his flat, slanted forehead, showing two small horns protruding on either side of his head.  "Murdering an entire Christmas Choir on Christmas Day?!  They'll never think we'd do such a thing.  Let's get on with it!!  Our boss will be so stoked at our infernal genius!"

Yes, Satan gnashes his teeth every year as humanity celebrates the birth of the Spiritual forces of Peace and Love.  This year Satan struck, using his embodiment on earth, the Ziofascist CIA/Mossad/Mafia by terror bombing a jet plane travelling over the BlackSea, from Sochi to Syria.  It was carrying the entire Russian Red Army Choir.  This treacherous act fulfils recent threats made to Putin and the Russian Federation by spokesmen for the Rogue Deep State US/Israeli/UK/NATO cabal.  The only good news on the horizon is that Marie Le Pen, leader in the polls in the upcoming French election, has recently promised to take France out of the EU and NATO...two abject tools of Satan.

I am going to print this report in its entirety because it happens to be exactly what I think went down in these early hours regarding the downing of this latest Russian plane.  I will have a few more thoughts in comments to follow:

......the catastrophic crash into the Black Sea of an Aerospace Forces (AF) Tupolev Tu-154 airliner at 02:40 (GMT+3) while 1.5 kilometers (.9 miles) from its takeoff from Sochi International Airport was preceded by an as yet unexplained American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) encrypted “burst transmission” occurring prior to this disaster by 23 minutes—and that “strangely/coincidentally” immediately redirected a US Air Force C-130 cargo plane from its original path over the Black Sea to the Romanian Air Forces 90th Airlift Base from NATO’s Incirlik Air Base in the Republic of Turkey. 

According to this report, at 02:17 (GMT+3), a Coastal Troops (CT’s) electronic-intelligence station of the Black Sea Fleet, located in the Republic of Crimea, detected an encrypted “burst transmission” originating from Odessa, Ukraine, whose electronic technology was based on United States MIL-STD-188 military standards—that MoD experts in this report state combines a very high data signaling rate with very short transmission times, to compress messages, and that is widely used by various US military and CIA spies, who both wish to minimize the chance of their radio transmissions being detected.

Most concerning, however, to MoD analysts tasked with the “investigation/examination” of this “burst transmission”, this report continues, was that its originating location in Odessa had previously been “targeted/marked” by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being a CIA electronic listening post—but had “gone silent” after the election of President-elect Donald Trump when President Obama ordered the “urgent withdrawal” (РУС) of all CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) personal from Ukraine for reasons still not explained.  

With the United States having become under the Obama regime a rogue superpower that considers itself above the law, and since 1953 has sought the Nazification of Ukraine, this report notes, the American threat earlier this month to flood the Black Sea with NATO warships earned a grave rebuke from President Putin who promised war with the West should they dare to engage in such militaristic folly.

Equally as worse as Obama creating a Ukrainian Nazi regime on the very belly of the Federation to now protect with NATO might and power, this report continues, the present American administration has, also, called Russia their number one threat in their bid to pave the way towards perpetual war—and who became incensed this past week when a memo was leaked showing that President-elect Trump didn’t even list Russia as one his nations top priorities at all.

With the CIA, also, having (so far) failed in their bid to destroy President-elect Trump and keep him from power, MoD experts in this report explain, this American spy agency has now been exposed as having all of its top intelligence analysts working as political operatives for the Obama-Clinton regime—and who gave to President Obama an entirely made up fairy tale report blaming Russia for hacking the US presidential election, thus causing Obama to threaten grave harm to the Federation, which this catastrophic plane crash is no doubt part of.

To the damage done by President Obama and his CIA spies against Russia by their downing of this defenseless plane killing all 92 aboard, this report sadly concludes, was to strike at “the very soul of the Motherland” by their not only killing all 64 members of the Russian Army’s world renowned Alexandrov Choir, but their also killing the, likewise, world renowned Russian humanitarian and charity activist Elizaveta Glinka, widely known as Dr. Liza.

As to how President Putin will respond to this crime against humanity perpetrated by President Obama and the CIA against the Federation this report doesn’t say in its unclassified section—but if the past is a harbinger of the future, one need not be surprised by what will happen next."

The above scenario sounds very plausible to me as an explanation for the plane crash, which occurred shortly after take off from Sochi.  The Saker also believes it was an act of terror, via Ukraine putting a bomb on board the plane ...(or, if the above report is accurate, an air-to-air shoot down) the likely cause. One of the most terrifying things about this highly provocative string of "Act of War" crimes committed by the Rogue Deep State Satanists against Russia, is that it doesn't matter who is or who will be in the Oval Office...the Deep State is a multi-decades old parallel government and will carry on as usual.  There may be a few "hiccups" till they get Trump "neutralized"...but that's about it.

I don't think Ukraine was involved...they're just a vassal state...and a completely powerless one at that.  The CIA/Mossad/Mafia cabal may have directed the operation from there, however.  Looking for a one silver lining to this heinous will surely take the blinders off any residual supporters of the cabal.  Killing a choir on Christmas Day?  It's kind of like Herod's soldiers going around Bethlehem, killing all the baby boys.. in an effort to try and assassinate Jesus. 


Penny said...

Hey GC
First up- Merry Christmas- Happy New Year and I do indeed look forward to what will undoubtedly be an interesting 2017 in the blogosphere

As for the plane that went down... I gotta admit the timing of that crash is frightening-- It's suspicious without a doubt!

Ed(itor) said...

"Wayne Madsen (Washington)
WMR "Pithy Comment" from earlier this week: "Russian military plane crashes in Siberia. After Obama's threat to strike Russia in a cyber-attack, any airplane crash, train derailment, factory explosion, or other SCADA failure from now until January 20, 2017 can be suspected first as U.S. sabotage.” … "

But be careful citing Socha Faal, a known CIA disinfo agent whose "alter" is SuchaFool...

I think the thing speaks for itself. One thing I'm wondering if I am not seeing is that there has been a "polar shift" in fake news: now the disinformationalists are telling the truth. It's all a psychological game, and this was clearly a psychological op aimed at Putin who speaks highly of his military, for whom there may be a soft spot for this particular group of vocalists, but also because they represent the military. Is it possible that there was supposed to be someone else on that plane that they are not telling us about? But the recent give-and-take between the US Zio-CIA cabalists and Russia, sometimes carried through their media, as well as the embarrassment of the outcome in Syria to the US, as well as the embarrassment about the fact that the entire world has seen through the appallingly-bad story about Russian hacking, and Putin's response about the Dems losing the House and the Senate too, show this to be an act of desperate madness. It is entirely possible that the Russians will drag up the evidence that informs them of the truth and not share it with anyone else, but will eat the loss and restrain themselves from some form of reaction or revenge until much much later. This will force further acts of desperation in the coming month.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

I know that quoting Sorcha Faal is "the kiss of death"....but considering all the other dysinfo agents that are roaming around unchallenged and undisturbed on the alternative is hardly any worse...I only post items that pass the "hair standing up on the back of my neck test". Very unscientific...but goes with my motto..."Write from the heart."

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, we approach the issue from different perspectives but always seem to arrive at the same conclusions. If something stinks and we call it.

Ed(itor) said...

GC, I didn't mean to suggest you were wrong in citing Faal, which is why I mentioned the "polar shit" concept. Hour comeback is on point. I am reading a book (again) about which I can't begin to do justice; I came upon it in reading more about Col. John Boyd and his works, and Rao is almost as dense as Boyd. The sub-title of the book is "timing, tactics and strategy in narrative-driven decision-making" and it goes by the simple five-letter title TEMPO. Psychological warfare is about narrative. The OODA Loop, Boyd's signature concept, takes a very long time to "grok". I like the book because it is written with periodic stops in domains with which the reader is familiar: personal life, work, skill sets, and the kitchen(!). He explains how to improve situation awareness and decision-making. Rao's web site is ribbon Here's a review of the book by one of the keepers of the Boyd flame, for years the keeper of his archives: . His explanations about timing, momentum, etc., along with some understanding of the ODDA Loop, help people like us see things in retrospect through a kind of reconstruction about thinking and thought process. The cabal about which you have written can no longer think clearly because they have been out-thought by the world. To borrow from Boyd, there are more and more people "in their six":

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

Book sounds interesting...but I've told you I no longer read "books". I only read geostrategic news and analysis online. I did buy a book for my partner this Christmas..."The Whistler" by John Grisham. I'm looking forward to getting a precis on it from him in due course. With regard to the plane "take down". That was a very obvious sucker punch from the usual suspects. As you say in your comment: "...written can no longer think clearly because they have been out-thought by the world. To borrow from Boyd, there are more and more people "in their six" now their tactics are frequent, obvious and brutal. Each one loses them whatever vestiges of public support they previously enjoyed. Ironically, I just spoke to a close relative by telephone who lives on the other side of the continent. He is totally oblivious to the international drama unfolding. He was hoping for Hillary in the last election and finds the election of Trump "appalling". So this is still a long way to go before the sheeple completely wake up. Re the brutal tactics of the cabal.... Putin cannot respond in kind or he will lose some of HIS massive support. He must stay within the purview of International Law.

Ed(itor) said...

The Russians are down-playing the thought that any terror was involved. I think they are going to play their cards with great reserve, extremely closely to their chests, "behind their teeth" as the Italians would say. Their response based on their findings (which will be held, unlike previous incidents, within the tight confines of Russian systems) will not be obvious and will be delayed.

Penny said...

GC Ed(itor)

You guys need to read this

Yves Chandelon, the chief auditor of NATO relating to terrorism financing and money laundering, has been found dead in his car in an incident that raises suspicions.

62-year-old Chandelon's death, resembling a suicide with a shot fired to his head, occurred on Dec. 16 and the body was found in his car the same day although the incident was largely kept away from the media. Belgian press started covering the incident on Dec. 21 as his family raised suspicions about his death.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, I saw that... and wondered about it. But the date of death is December 16th. What tat is that a tit for? I asked myself. Can you speculate?

Penny said...

If I was too speculate.... considering his position as auditor "relating to terrorism financing and money laundering"

It would appear he was silenced
So, did he stumble across something he really shouldn't have and let it be known?
If he did raise awareness? Who to?
Did he pass information outside of NATO?

Lots to speculate on, of course, but largely I suspect 'dead men tell no tales' he had info- someone didn't want out there

greencrow said...

If I were to speculate...I would say BINGO to this one:

"...Did he pass information outside of NATO?...?

Ed(itor) said...

If I were to speculate, I'd say that he found evidence of child trafficking, gun/arms trafficking, Operation Gladio-style games -- it all kinda blends together... I just you folks have encountered the video series "Day #x: Where is Eric Braverman?"...

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

Followed your suggestion and watched/listened to this video on Eric Braverman:

Very interesting. Google tried to throw me off the scent by burying the obvious links that should have come up right away when searching...that's an important clue in and of itself. Hope this fellow (Braverman) is okay. No, I didn't follow this at all but do remember seeing some headlines on conspiracy sites. The most ironic part is the videographer's reliance on Sorcha Faal's Whatdoesitmean? for the original grain of "truth" in the story. Hmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Russians follow the Julian calendar for religious holidays. They celebrate Christmas on January 7th, not December 25th.

Secondly, Russia does not want a world war, which is what certain people are trying to provoke. No sane person wants over a billion people to die, no matter what the prophecies (the true ones) say.


P.S. St. Paisios said (over 35 years ago) that Israel will not exist as a state after 2018. He also said that millions of Chinese will March to Jerusalem and the Americans, who will send their army will have them turn back because of a greater disaster "at home". The Russians are well aware of all of this, as they are of the fact that all other prophecies of St. Paisios of the Holy Mountain from the 80s to the present day have all come true so far. All of them.

Ed(itor) said...

Anyone who reads any history knows that Russia does not want war. Their sacrifice in WW Two dwarfs that of any other nation.