Monday, December 19, 2016

Usual Suspects Assassinate Russian Ambassador in Turkey

Latest Usual Suspect Patsy
conveniently dies immediately
after shooting

Faster than a speeding bullet....the world analyses and solves the latest False Flag Hoax.  This time, according to the reliably unreliable BBC "Voice of Satan" the Manchurian patsy shouted "Alahu Akbar" and slogans about "Remember Aleppo" as he shot the Russian Ambassador at an art gallery exhibition (about Russia) in Turkey.  According to the respectfully gleeful report in "Voice of the Perps", New York Times...the Russian Ambassador was shot from behind (It's what they doooooooooo).

Conveniently killed immediately afterwards in a "gunfight", the gunman allegedly got into the exhibition bearing Turkish Police ID (did they have to kill an entire busload of Turkish soldiers the other day to get one ID?)

The dubious source blog Veterans Today is saying that Netanyahu was behind it and is in cahoots with Turkey's Erdogan.  No.  The Mossad is behind it...they're running a bit behind on their assassinations these days.  And the goal is the Ziofascist imperative to break up the Turkish/Russian recent geopolitical détente. As a side serves as a distraction to the Electoral College defeat today of the Ziofascist wet dream of getting Hillary elected in the USA...A Trump Presidency finally brings to an end the use of the United States as Israel's personal battering ram against the world.


Ally said...

Thanks for your thoughts greencrow. Very interesting how he got inside the gallery

tsisageya said...

Knowing what we know today about fake news, how do we know this is true?

greencrow said...

I don't know about you, tsisageya, but I can "smell" the truth. It's in my I was gifted unlike the 67% of humanity who have the dominant "Sheeple" gene...with the recessive human "truth" gene which endows me with the ability to "handle" the truth. The truth makes you calm, resolved and confident....while lies "stink to high heaven" and make the small hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

tsisageya said...

This is what I'm saying greencrow. But rather than go with smell and DNA and genes, etc., I just go with the fact of who has lied to me 100 percent in the past and present and then assume they will continue to lie to me and are doing so now.

Haven't you learned yet?

tsisageya said...

HPrice said...

I have to say tsisageya, I smell a rat too. And look at the position of the body. Who falls down like that? Also ... not "disco inferno" as the person on the cluesforum says but ... "As above, so below" (???)

There is a definite whiff coming from this. Maybe they killed the ambassador beforehand, and then staged this unbeknownst to Putin et al.

We live in very strange times ...

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

Are you thinking that RT is lying about the death of the Russian Ambassador? Are you saying that Putin is in on the hoax? What would be the motive? There is a motive for Israel/US/NATO to shoot the Ambassador....but I can't see any reason for Russia and/or Turkey to commit the crime. We have to be rational. As for my reference to DNA and genes...I'm referring to the inability of the Sheeple to even WANT to apply the laws of physics (as an example) to the collapse of the WTC.

Oh, and I CAN ALSO see a motive for the real murderers to try and pretend that Russia and/or Turkey have set up a hoax....particularly to try and discredit alternative news sources.

greencrow said...

Hi HPrice:

There is a whiff alright. Who falls down like that? Someone who was ambushed from the back? The murderer was pretending to be security/police...with his ID. The only question I have is about the lack of blood at the shown in the photos.

H Price said...

Hi Greencrow,

Yeah, I noticed that too. The whole thing is really most peculiar. But then again, it does seem that weird news is becoming par for the course. It's a bit like cognitive dissonance. You know that there is something wrong but there isn't anything to really back up your feeling, or put your finger on why it is so wrong. So you can't say it is wrong, but you can't say it is right either. More information is needed, and the information is being controlled.

At this rate, 2017 is going to be madder than 2016. I can't wait (sarcasm intended).

And the way that body is lying is like a cartoon. No one falls back like that even if they were ambushed from behind like you say ... unless they had their arms stretched out to begin with, and they had very heavy arms or something ... most peculiar.

tsisageya said...

I'm saying that, yes, it's all a lie and I refuse to go down the rabbit hole of lies. For God's sake look at it. Look at all your 'evidence'. It's ridiculous and totally USRAEL. Fake, fake, fake, fake.

Except for the fact that 'policy' and 'laws' are created around these psyops to take away all human rights (except for the elite's), I wouldn't care. I would just laugh and call them fools. But what these psychological operations do is tell us, since they're so obvious and we see it, is "We can fake what we want. Whatcha gonna do about it, sucka!" (Hello Karl Rove, you evil asshole.)

However, I do understand that the psychopaths do not care about dead people. They love it. I'm simply saying that most of the time they're not doing that. It's much cheaper if they can just fake it. If the ambassador is indeed dead, then it happened somewhere else and this is just an alibi. No one died here and it's just a theatrical production---propaganda, as is all 'news'. I don't know the motive and I don't care. Isn't it all for Israel anyway? Wars for Israel. Our military is here only for Israel. Shame.

However, I understand that this will not get much traction here. I just wanted to speak up. No one has to respond or argue. No worries.

tsisageya said...

And if he isn't really dead then, yes, that probably means that Putin is in on it.

Another one bites the dust.

greencrow said...

tsisageya says:

"And if he isn't really dead then, yes, that probably means that Putin is in on it."

....and thus neatly sums up the strategy behind the pseudo alternative media saying that the assassination of the Russian ambassador was a hoax.