Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TU-154 - Persistent Anomalies in the Official Narrative

RT Official Narrative Downplays Terrorism as
Cause of Plane Crash

The Russian government is going to great pains to create an official version of the TU-154 crash on Christmas Eve/Day after departing Sochi... just two miles off shore.  The plane broke into fragments as it descended and crashed into the Black Sea.  Just a day or so into the investigation, the government released a press report saying that "terrorism had all but been ruled out" and that they were focusing on pilot error and/or mechanical failure...including engines being hit by "foreign objects."

While I certainly agree that all possible causes should not be ruled out at this early stage...before the multiple fragments of the plane have even been recovered...I am very skeptical of the plane going down due to "natural" i.e., not terrorist, causes.  There are two reasons for my persistent and nagging feeling that the plane was brought down by the "usual suspects" for the "usual reasons"....as laid out in my previous post.

1.  No voice communications from the plane indicating problems.  If there were mechanical issues and especially if as one witness apparently has testified "the plane seemed to be trying to veer right' to avoid some object(?) ...there would certainly be cockpit/ATC tower communicating same.  There is also witness testimony that the plane was seen "trying to land on the water".  Again, this would give time to alert the ATC that there were problems.  It seems that the plane disintegrated right after the usual communications went silent.  Whatever happened, happened instantaneously.  The other possibility mentioned in the "official narrative" is the plane engines were penetrated by "foreign objects"...followed by references to past crashes caused by flying geese.  Considering the plane was equipped with three engines, each of which able to keep it airborne...such a catastrophic event...being hit by a huge flock of geese...should have been verified by radar...or the eye witnesses.

2.  Qui Bono?  In this case...who benefits by the current "official narrative" that the plane went down due to "natural" causes?  I would submit that the Russian government benefits from this narrative...as opposed to following the more likely terrorism cause/scenario (given the facts and the current geopolitical environment that Russia is operating within).  To speculate that it was terror alerts the foe and gives away the evidence...that will then be "debunked" in the criminal corporate Main$tream media.  To quietly and surreptitiously go about the investigation...giving away no intelligence...both facilitates more witnesses and "insiders" coming forward....and causes confusion in the perps' camp.  The mass murderers don't know what is going on and they are being denied one of the main objectives of the mass murder....observing the helpless "wringing of hands" of the Russians as they admit to being victimized by terrorism but are unable to point their finger at the terrorists.

In fact, this is the main modus operendi historically used by the perps themselves...which is now being used against them by the Russians.  Ignoring.  That's what the west does to all it's intended targets/victims.  First it ignores them...does not include them in meetings or decision-making...even when the subject or issue directly affects them...The Russians have been complaining about the West's strategy in this regard for years.  It doesn't surprise me that now they've torn a page out of the perps' handbook.   The strategy in full is this:

- ignore aka "delegitimize"
- isolate/sanction/villify
- attack surreptitiously with terror
- attack formally in a declared war

So...now...we have the Russians, by creating an official narrative that denies the perps their "due" is in the first stage...ignoring.  The implications are that the subsequent stages will also be followed in due course.  This should cause some consternation and sleepless nights for the perps.  Turn around is fair play.


Ed(itor) said...

Written and revised in the first half of the 20th century by the Russian-born American composer and lyricist, Irving Berlin, the song was performed by the Russian choir at an international music festival in Quebec, Canada.



[Ed.: The psychological wars continue...]

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

The Irony in every single word of that song ("God Bless America") as sung by the Russian Choir) is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

A great woman perished when that plane went down. With her wealth, this very private Muscovite had already rescued hundreds of injured and sick children from east Ukraine, and was on her way to Syria to rescue surviving children from there.

Eternal memory; she is mourned by her many friends, some even in the US.

Is there a blogger who really understands the fact that Russia, freed from the curse of Jewish rule, has championed Orthodox Christianity? The reason is that they do not know what Orthodox Christianity is at all. Many bloggers who are disgusted with the perversions of western religion, have thrown all religion out, and remain in complete ignorance. It is certainly nothing to do with the sham Christianity of the west--the Latins (Roman Catholics) and certainly not the idiot Protestants.

There have been many Orthodox Christian saints who have prophesied the events we see unfolding today, that seem to confuse and surprise the uninformed.

The USA has fallen so far, and is so debased and alien to anything wholesome, that it is beyond their comprehension to fathom that there are people not like them! They complain, do drugs, rant, and yet swallow every lie thrown at them, even to the point of taking an Indonesian rent boy,son of a Jewish CIA mother, with a stolen CT social security number, and forged birth certificate, to be a legitimate "black" president!

Even though every year this person publicly celebrates Passover, and has allowed the thirty foot menorah on the white house lawn, and has bombed 8 different Muslim countries, there are still morons who think he is a Muslim because of his fake name.

The guy has a fake ID, no one knows what his real name is! It's probably not Barry Soetoro either.

Given that Americans have no idea who their president is, how can they be expected to understand anything about Russia, when they can scarcely comprehend the propaganda from the monolithic Rothschild news service.

The irony, if any, of the Irving Berlin song, is that Berlin was a Jew, who if he worshiped any God at all, it would Satan, as the Jews admit in their own writing.


Ed(itor) said...

This blogger understands. I'm sure many of us are aware of this by Putin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wDW_3FGAQY Some of us read Russian blogs; some of them read ours. "World Jewry", as Xymphora calls it... the Khazarian Mafia as it is referred to elsewhere... Even GC's own recent pronouncement... whatever you choose to call them (and it's not about Jewishness or Judaism, as there are plenty of Jews against ZIonism), they are the only ones who still drink their own Kool-Aid.

Ed(itor) said...

This guy from New Zealand is sometimes a mystery to me, but I read him because he's from the other wise of the globe and gets news on a different "rhythm" and from Commonwealth-typical sources but I take things form him with a grain of salt:


The most recent report about a burst radio transmission from the CIA before the event is from Socha Faal.