Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump behind revival of Birther Issue? Ain't Payback a B!tch?

Barack Obama Birth Certificate

According to the blog We Are Change. a US Sheriff Joe Arpaio is going to hold a press conference tomorrow to update the public (actually it's a private press conference that will be "live streamed").  According to the report, there may be a revelation that the birth certificate proffered by Obama during the controversy, years ago now, was fraudulent.  Here is the jist of the report and I will have my thoughts in comments to follow:

Arpaio says he will provide an update and a final conclusion to the Barack Obama birth certificate investigation that has been ongoing for years.
The event is closed to the mainstream media and will only be streamed live on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Arpaio will be releasing three years of analysis of the alleged fake document.

On March 1, 2012, Arpaio and members of the Cold Case Posse investigation held a news conference announcing their findings that President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, released by the White House on April 27, 2011, is a computer-generated forgery. Additionally, other investigators have said the electronic PDF document released by the White House clearly shows evidence of ‘kerning’ – where parts of letters overlap each other for a pleasing visual effect – this is produced by modern computers and was not possible on 1960’s typewriters.

The question now remains why?

Why would Obama fake his birth certificate and risk his legacy or does he even know? The answer may be that as pictures and evidence have emerged from Joel Gilbert that Obama was born in Hawaii and his real father may be communist Frank Marshall Davis. Regardless if Obama was legally able to hold office the bigger issue is that fraud and forgery are criminal offenses as Sheriff Joe once said to CNN’s Jake Tapper.
I don’t care where he was born, I’m talking about a fraudulent government document, a birth certificate. That’s all I’m concerned with. That’s a violation of the law.” Sheriff Joe Arpaio, said.

What will Sheriff Joe Arpaio say tomorrow? Will it be the starting of a Watergate type scenario as author Jerome Corsi once claimed? We will keep you up to date as information develops.
First of all I want to thank We Are Change for posting this report.  This blog has a better than average record for bring subjects to the attention of the public that other sources overlook.  I do hope the press conference is as informational as the above report.  If it is, this will be sensational and will divert public attention from all the anti-Trump media attention and the post election efforts to overturn the landslide Trump victory.  Yes, as I've said right from the night of the election onwards...I will never accept that Trump didn't win the popular vote.  I believe he won it by a landslide, just like the electoral college vote...but the perps were able to rig the popular vote.  This is being validated in the recounts of certain states which show that Clinton's votes were rigged and Trump should have received more.

So, the timing of this report causes me to wonder whether the Trump camp is behind kind of a warning to the Democrats not to carry the covert war too far and certainly not to attempt to overturn the election at the Electoral College convention.  Another reason I suspect Trump might have been behind the revival of the "Birther Issue" is because it must have stuck in Trump's craw that during the debates he was forced to basically recant what he has said over the years about Obama's birth certificate.  He has always held that the certificate was a fraud but, for political expediency (he did not want the Birther Issue to become an election issue).  Trump said during the debate that he agreed that Obama was born in the US and that the certificate was therefore legit.  So, now with his newfound power and Trump going to blackmail Obama to secure the "peaceful and orderly transition" that Obama promised?

The fact of the matter is, as I have said many times on this blog, Obama is an entire fraud.  Everything about the man is bogus.  His name, his family background and who his father is, his upbringing and schooling. His university education and degrees...his sexual orientation and his marriage.  Michele is a transgender and his children are both adopted.  Everything that comes out of his mouth as president is a lie.  He has no respect for the truth, the position of president or the American people.  Remember, he spent most of his childhood abroad...getting brainwashed by his CIA mentors.  If you look into his eyes in photos....or when he is speaking on see nothing there.  He is a cypher.  He is the closest thing they could get to a borg.

So at this stage, in the dying weeks of his presidency...he has been faced with a choice of sorts. Either he can go into the sunset with his fabricated "image" intact...if he calls off the hounds of electoral upset....or he can be stripped naked....every one of his artifices hung out to underwear on a clothesline flapping in the breeze.

I have a lot to do this month and next so I don't have a lot of time to sit and watch the "Watergate-style" expose on TV.  Otherwise, it might make for some interesting viewing.  Better stock up on pop corn.

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tsisageya said...

Hasn't he already been stripped naked though, a long time ago? I agree though, payback is a bitch.