Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama: Sanction Russia....Kick out their diplomats....but don't touch the International Space Station...or Russian Rockets!

This morning's press headlines are all about how Obama has escalated his efforts to start a war with Russia by expelling 35 diplomats from the US over unsubstantiated allegations of Russia "hacking" the US November 8, 2016 election which was won by Donald Trump. In this "death throes" attempt to derail the coming Trump presidency: first, more economic sanctions were levied; then the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated; then another Russian plane was blasted out of the air (this plane transporting an entire Russian choir enroute to non sectarian Syria for a Christmas Day performance); then the diplomatic expulsion of Russians from the US; and currently.... a reported breakdown in the Russia-brokered Peace Treaty in Syria.  What does a lame duck president need to do to start a war these days anyway?!!!

Phony Baloney Sanctions again.

Putin has wisely responded to all the provocations by basically ignoring Obama.  He refused to take the downing of the plane as a terrorist spite of some serious red flags in the evidence and basically ignored the incident--in terms of foreign policy.  He has also refused to retaliate in kind for the economic sanctions and the baseless diplomatic expulsions...even inviting the children of American diplomats in Russia to attend the Christmas Tree celebration tomorrow at the Kremlin.  He even congratulated Obama on completing his two terms of office and wished him a Happy New Year.

It's not Over till the International Space Station fat lady sings

We need to keep in mind that this kind of taunting of Russia has been going on literally for years in a steady escalation of similar tactics. Putin has learned that it's best to ignore the matter how provocative.  The Deep State cabal must be absolutely enraged at this point.  January 20, 2016 is the "best before" date for overturning the election result and keeping their perverted agenda on track.  What to do.  What to DO!!!  Barring any change in current dynamic...on January 21st their coach will turn into a pumpkin and their horses will turn into rats.  Oh...I forgot...they're the rats.  When pondering the predicament the Satanists are in keep in mind that, in spite of all the economic sanctions and diplomatic punishments....the International Space Station is still orbiting around the earth...and US Satellites are still being launched into space using Russian rockets (the "lunar landing" US being mysteriously unable to create their own successful rockets...dontcha know).  Unless and until the US backs out of co-operation with the Russians in the International Space Station (which is almost entirely a product of Russian engineering) the entire sanctions thing is a joke.  A very bad and unfunny joke. Everyone is waiting for the final curtain to fall...or for one of those vaudeville hooks to come out and drag Obama and his diabolical "administration" off the stage.

Lame Duck getting the Vaudville Hook

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