Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Fake News"

Fake News

Once a year I touch bases with my two years older brother who lives on the other side of the continent.  We were close as youngsters due to our birth order...but upon reaching adulthood...we drifted apart both emotionally, geographically and, particularly, politically.  He is far right (but thinks Trump is even further right) while I am "left of Lenin" as I always like to say.

Over the holidays, we had our traditional phone call with Seasons Greetings and brief up-date on family and other news.  We touched on the US election.  His daughter is married to a writer for a prominent US TV personality.  They (the niece and her husband) live in an upscale New York apartment and have rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous.  They even went to the Emmy Awards a few years ago...where my brother's son-in-law won an award for writing.  Anyhooooooo.  I saw on TV that the TV personality very publicly supported Hillary for President.  At the time, I chuckled to myself that I should warn my he could warn his son-in-law...that Hillary was going to lose...and it might be detrimental to his (the son-in-law's) career....but I thought better of it.  My brother already thinks I'm crazy enough after all these years.

He said that "everyone" back East was stunned and heartbroken at Hillary's loss....and nobody could explain it.  I said that I had reluctantly supported Trump.  My brother retorted:  "I didn't think you were that right wing!".  I said that I wasn't right wing at fact, I was closer to being a socialist (having been a social worker during my career).  "You can mainly call me a "Truther".  I told him that truthers were mainly on the side of Trump because of some (perhaps subliminal?) messages he had sent out under the media radar.  I didn't dare tell him we backed Trump because Bill Clinton was in the White House when the WTC were wired for explosives and sold for peanuts to a buyer who insured them for terrorist attacks. brother then got huffy and spat out "Fake News!!!"  I then realized that he was voicing the official narrative (as he has always been careful to do) for what the Clinton Camp (and the controlled media) has selected as one of the causes of the defeat.

My response was: "Yes, Fake News! --like the main$tream media saying throughout the campaign that Hillary had over 90% support!  THAT kind of "Fake News".  My brother then muttered something about "Hillary didn't say was the polls that said that"...and I muttered something about..."Yes, Fake Polls--for Fake News!".  Then--as we do every time we talk about geopolitics--we both warily backed off.. (changed the subject) like big-antlered moose in the woods well aware they are evenly matched and any real confrontation could be fatal for both.

We returned to safe, neutral territory and topics.  But I always appreciate the annual bucket of polar ice water awakening I get from a conversation with my brother.  It reminds me of how the majority 67% of sheeple population think...and how marginal we Truthers are.  I wanted to tell my brother that even though we are only 33% of the population...we "Truthers" actually, and incredibly, won the US Presidential Election...and that he, his son-in-law and the famous TV personality...would do well to finally have a serious look at Alternative Internet  links like, say, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,... if they want to more closely parallel/reflect/appeal to... the coming Trump era.

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