Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fake News: The new Fake War

Mark Dice Reports on ABC News creating "Fake News"
setting up a phony crime scene with police tape

Whenever the Deep State US oligarchs want to launch a new social engineering/geostrategic initiative...they frame it as a "War".  They have brainwashed the 67% of Americans (and Canadians) that I call "sheeple" to pay attention only if something is called a "war".  So, so far we've had the...

War on Drugs

Which, as real journalist Gary Webb taught us was in fact the US government letter agencies doing their own drug trafficking from Central and South America and from Afghanistan to destroy the black youth and culture in the inner cities of America.  Because there is always a profit margin attached to their "wars" they used the money from this drug trafficking to wage wars in recalcitrant countries like Iran in the Middle East.  So the "War on Drugs" was actually a war FOR drugs.  Next, we had a

War on Terror

As stupid as it sounds....the US  Deep State launched a war on a noun.  According to the Oxford dictionary...Terror is n. 1.  Extreme fear - stricken , struck, affected with terror. 2. Person or thing that causes terror (holy) -- (colloq.) formidable person, troublesome child, etc.; king of --Death (Job 18:14); Reign of Terror the T--, period of French Revolution 1793 - 4 similar period marked by remorseless sanguinary excesses of revolutionaries (also Red T--) or reactionaries (also Red T.)...AS we learned over time thanks to many courageous whistleblowers who bailed out of the Deep State secret government and/or sent WikiLeaks information...the US Government and its vassal states like Saudi Arabia and Quatar....actually were the creators, funders, and all round supporter...suppliers to proxy terrorists that they set up to attack vulnerable nations on behalf of the Israeli Bankster Globalist Cabal.  As I've always said...the US is an occupied state and is being used as a military battering ram by the above terrorist group that took over on 9/11.

War on Fake News

Now, just post the last US Federal Election...we have a new "war".  The Deep State is feeling threatened because their candidate lost the election, in spite of 100% support by the lying, controlled Main$tream Media.  Rather than do some self-reflection on why this happened.  They've started up another Fake war.  A "fake war" on Fake News.

Do readers see the common thread/pattern throughout this behavior?  The Perps take the very thing they want to have/control/weaponize and twist into an unrecognizable perversion.  The War on Drugs was a War For Drugs.  The War on Terror was/is a war(s) to Create Terror. The War on Fake News is actually a war on Truth and Truthtellers...using the weapon of Fake News. They want to shut down the alternative news sites and blogophere because these sites are becoming so popular they're even attract the attention of the 67% of Sheeple!   So, what we will see is a deluge, a tsunami of fake news, false flags and hoaxes...even more than what we've thus far been subjected to.  But this latest war/perversion is doomed to failure, and I will tell you why.

Take this latest episode surrounding the Pedophilia Scandal called "Pizzagate".  What is the truth?  Is there a network of pedophiles in high places who are also Satan worshipers and use Pedophilia to "pray" to and/or "worship" Satan?  Of course there is.  But are the circumstances called "Pizzagate" an exposure of this group?  Or, could it be just as easily and likely, an elaborate distraction and ruse to lead people off the trail of the perverts--while at the same time act as a warning to those on the periphery of the evil that they could be caught up and ruined...if they don't watch out.  I think "Pizzagate" is a little of both of the above.  There's a grain of truth to the story but there are also a lot of red herrings and dead ends.

We always see this kind of response when the Perps are feeling threatened or vulnerable...they lash out at their own...to terrorize them and whip them into shape.  Using the example of the United Kingdom...ground zero of pedophilia on the planet.  Every few years they have a minor eruption of truth/disclosure regarding the centuries old nest of pedophiles in the government, elite and royalty.  But it's always about peripheral players...never the core group.  So, to finally make my point....the Perps use the threat of disclosure of pedophilia to blackmail and keep the pedophiles in line.

But, why will the War on Fake News...including news about pedophilia in high places...ultimately fail?  Because Truth isn't like Drugs and Terror.  Truth and the search for the truth is engrained in humanity's DNA.  It is the essence of our humanity.  We think...therefore we ARE.  If we do not pursue the reality of our existence and seek to control it...we are no longer human.

So, while 67% of us have given up the right to seek the truth (or perhaps are incapable of activating the gene...it being a recessive gene in their bodies) 33% of us are incapable of turning off the gene...we have to seek the truth...or reality...and we have to attempt to control the reality of our existence.  We cannot be bought off...we cannot be terrorized off the search.  So, in the end, the Satanists, the purveyors of lies...will fail.  So long as we are humans (and believe me, they're working on this obstruction to their agenda) we will reject THEIR fake news and seek the truth.  And as truthseekers such as Galileo found out...the truth does not need to be accepted by the ruling class, or the religious class, or the courts, or the criminally-controlled mass media corporations....it just is.  "Eppur si muove"...as Galileo muttered to himself when convicted of heresy for saying the planets including earth, revolved around the Sun rather than the earth...

Galileo Galilei (1564 -1642)
And yet it moves" or "Albeit it does move" (Italian: E pur si muove or Eppur si muove [epˈpur si ˈmwɔːve]) is a phrase attributed to the Italian mathematician, physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) in 1633 after being forced to recant his claims that the Earth moves around the Sun rather than the other way around."


RickB said...

The "fake news" meme that the jewish mainstream media (jmsm) is pushing is a nothing more than an obfuscating psy-op to counter truth emanating from outside the jmsm which is exposing the lying jmsm for what it is.

Doncha know ya cain't trust what ya see on the internet. If ya see it on TV, then ya can believe it.

Particularly galling is the fact that the delusional ugly truth dope -Mark Glenn- is using it as a smoke screen, excuse, to justify his idiotic and indefensible stance on Sandy Hook. See here: https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/cia-hundreds-of-agents-routinely-create-fake-news/

Regarding the comment dialog in the above link: I do not put it past the delusional dope to have created the dialog with fake aliases.

wallflower said...

The Washington ComPost....

heh heh heh

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

Yes, the Sandy Hook incident was the perps definitely "jumping the shark". Perhaps historians will trace the decline of the neocon/globalist/Satanists from that false flag hoax.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower.

I like Mark Dice because he keeps a sense of humour about what's going on in the US of A.