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Covert US Civil War Continues Apace Post Election

"CIA" Blames Russians for Hillary's Loss
Video Analysis by Mark Dice

It's hard to get around to posting at this time of year.  Firstly, the Pacific North West had the snow storm of the century last week...about 20 centimeters on Friday alone.  Now with the huge snowfall melting on the ground and incessant rain in 3 degree centigrade temperatures there's flooding in the streets all over the lower BC mainland.  People are struggling to get around town to do Christmas shopping and the pressure is on...because another freeze is predicted in the next day or so and the streets will all be ice rinks.  The cold snap is forcast to last weeks!  We might even have a "White Christmas" for the first time in at least 20 years.

But I've had this post rolling around in my mind and in draft form on my blog so I just think I'll pound away at the keyboard and publish it today.  It may end up a bit more raw than some of my other posts...but I hold to the blogging maxim.. Don't go for perfection...just get it done, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

There has been a lot of news...particularly of the "Fake News" variety about the past US Election.  There are some "sources" (never identified of course) who say that there was massive voter fraud and that Hillary should have won the election.  Other sources are claiming that the Rooskies had their hands in the cookie jar and fixed the election for Trump.  These sources are supposedly linked to the CIA.

Wanting to know what Satan thinks of the controversy...I went to the BBC...the fork-tongued "Voice of Satan" on earth.  This is what Satan says:

US intelligence agencies believe Russia acted covertly to boost Donald Trump in the election race, US officials have told leading newspapers.
A report in the New York Times says the agencies had "high confidence" about Russian involvement in hacking. A CIA assessment reported by the Washington Post made similar findings.

But Mr Trump's team dismissed the CIA line, saying: "These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction." Russian officials have repeatedly denied the hacking accusations.

So all the Main$tream Media is on the same page.  The Rooskies are in Cahoots with Donald Trump.  But it's worse than that...and the implications are tremendous...and terrifying.  Here is the same story according to the ziofascist cabalist vassal...the Canadian taxpayer funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

The CIA has now concluded with "high confidence" that Moscow was not only interfering with the election, but that its actions were intended to help Trump, according to a senior U.S. official. The assessment is based in part on evidence that Russian actors had hacked Republicans as well as Democrats but were only releasing information harmful to Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton.

The official was not authorized to discuss the private intelligence assessment publicly and insisted on anonymity.

Trump's public dismissal of the CIA assessment raises questions about how he will treat information from intelligence agencies as president. His view also puts Republicans in the uncomfortable position of choosing between the incoming president and the intelligence community.

If you read the part of the CBC report bolded and in red you will see that this is a very serious "anonymous" attack on President Elect Trump.  They are calling him a defacto Russian agent.  They are also saying that Republicans (aka Americans who support Trump) have to choose between Trump and the current "intelligence community".  But let's just break this down a bit and view it through the greencrowian lense.

Certain powerful entities in the United States are wanting to delegitimize the President-elect.  We know they're powerful because they control the Mainstream media and claim to be close to sources in the Central Intelligence Agency and other agencies in the "intelligence community".  They also have the ear of the current sitting president, Barack Obama.  This is shown by Obama recently ordering a full review of election hacking by the intelligence community.  They are supposed to present him with a private (not public) report before he leaves office.

IMO, all of this carry on supports what I've been saying for almost a year now.  There is a covert civil war going on in the United States governmental institutions and letter agencies.  There are fighters for both sides infiltrated into all the above, including the White House.  For the most part, they've kept this war for power below the public serving neither side to openly declare far at least.  We can say that the "White hats" consist of some agents in the letter agencies, along with some generals at the Pentagon.  We can say that the "Black hats" consist of some agents in the letter agencies, some generals in the Pentagon...and...of course...the entire main$tream media.

There have been spokesmen coming forward...particularly in the last days of the past presidential election.  Notably, Steve Pieczenik who is featured in the YouTube video below.  This gentleman made some shocking "announcements" in the final days of the campaign and said that he represented some members of the intelligence community and that there had been a non violent coup and counter coup.  In the video below, he assumes that the "good guys"...white hats, whathaveyou...won and he's making some suggestions for political appointments by Trump to his cabinet that would meet with their approval.  It is interesting to note that while a great number of his "suggestions" have been taken up by Trump...there are some glaring anomalies...such as Rudy Giuliani for "Attorney General"...hello?  the 9/11 criminal???  Also General Patraeus for Secretary of State is also a non starter...but more about the Secretary of State Appontment later.  Watch the video to see how the spokesman for the white hats demands the spoils of victory...the right to appoint leaders:

White Hat Spokesperson, Steve Pieczenik makes
Suggestions for Political Appointments in a
Trump Presidency

But the problem with the White Hats is that they have no power yet.  Their power will theoretically come into play on January 20, 2017.  At the moment, the old order still has the power and it appears they're going to maximize it and ramp up the level of their warmongering...hoping to cross some kind of military Rubicon that Trump will be presented with as a "fait accompli" when he takes office.  To wit, note that the "Pentagon" is sending 200 more US troops to stir up trouble and hopefully prolong the conflict in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Black Hats are also trying to coalesce the remnants of their ISIS proxy army in Raqqah, Syria and at least accomplish something out of their multi billion dollar military fiasco to destroy Syria and carve it up for the ziofascist allies, the Kurds.  Both sides of the covert war for power are going down to the wire and time is the most crucial factor for both sides.   The Black Hats have a two-pronged attack.  "Delegitimize Trump as much as possible so he will be powerless in influence and a "lame duck" president from the get go.  Secondly, ramp up the conflict on all fronts prior to January 20, 2016 and re-ignite hot wars all over the middle east, Ukraine and South East Asia, if possible.

For their part, the White Hats are working on solidifying public support by making popular appointments to the Trump Cabinet.  It seems they've laid a few cards out on the table just in the past day or so...with the proffering of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.  Tillerson has created a huge network of contacts during his years of wheeling and dealing all over the world on behalf of Exxon.  He even received a "Russian medal of Friendship" from Putin in 2013...just before the US levied sanctions on Russia.  I would take the appointment of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State as the clearest indication yet that Trump intends to "drain the swamp".

The Secret Plan for President Trump
Watch this excellent analysis,
particularly from the 5.00 minute mark onwards

BUT.....IMO, if President-elect Trump Confirms his nomination of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State...all hell will break loose.  The Black Hats will go Berserk!  They will crawl out of their slimy, dark caves and openly attack Trump as a Russian agent...or some such.  The reason being is that the central pillar of their "Wars for the MIC" policy is that the US must have a War with Russia...and hopefully, drag in China.  THEY SIMPLY CANNOT TOLERATE PEACE WITH RUSSIA...THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING...even assassination is not out of the question.  Remember JFK???

The above video is one of the best analyses I've seen in terms of describing the two opposing sides in the covert war.  Particularly after the 5:00 minute mark, the videographer, "Chad" lays it all out like a neat waiter.  Chad says everything, I've been wanting to say about the dangers facing the world in the last days of the "Reign of the Black Hats" they're cornered and very dangerous.  He just doesn't step back far enough to look at the big picture...the ongoing covert CIVAL WAR of the two sides for control of the US.   But you have to fly high like a crow to be able to see from that perspective.


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