Thursday, December 15, 2016

Assad Victory in Aleppo - Truth and Reconciliation - Canada should be involved

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad
Congratulates the Syrian People on
Victory over Foreign Backed Terrorists
From Iran's PressTV
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has offered felicitations to the Arab nation on the liberation of Aleppo city from foreign-backed militants amid an ongoing mission to take out the remaining armed men and civilians from the embattled northwestern city.

In a video posted on the Syrian presidency’s official social media accounts, Assad said the “liberation” was “history in the making and worthy of more than the word ‘congratulations’.”

According to the Russian media network RT...busses are evacuating around 5,000 militants out of eastern Aleppo as I type.  Surely it is a day for rejoicing at the liberation of the long suffering Syrians of Aleppo.  Now the Russian and Syrian military can focus on the despicable terrorists' desperate last ploy of destruction in Palmyra.  The Ziofacists must have forgotten a few priceless Syrian cultural artifacts in their earlier retreat last summer...and have come back to retrieve them.

But I want to focus for a moment on how the carnage of the War on Syria by the globalist, neocon, Ziofascist cabal has tainted and corrupted my own country of Canada.  Ever since Canada was dragged into the War on Afghanistan in 2002, based on the lies of 9/11, Canada has gone downhill in International Relations, Diplomacy...and Relevance.  Canada sold out our longstanding (since WWII)  reputation as neutral "honest broker" international negotiators and peacekeepers for thirty loonies...or less. 

When Canada failed to stand up to the subsequent attack on Iraq--based on the lies of "WMD" we continued our downward spiral...Then there was Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt and Ukraine...all targeted for "regime change" by the "West".  While our government stayed silent...our taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was shouting and dancing, cheerleading from the sidelines.  Around this time it became apparent (most of us knew it years earlier) that Canada (like its neighbor to the south) had quietly been taken over and occupied by the Ziofascists.

The defeat of the Ziofascists in Syria is the first time this Deep State parasitical force has suffered a setback.  They are cornered and dangerous all over the world.  As I've said many times on this blog...there never is a bomb that goes off around the world that they don't set...particularly car bombs...their speciality.   The election of Donald Trump was another recent set back.

Truth and Reconciliation

If Russia (Putin) and Syria (Assad) want to consolidate their victory...I would suggest that the next step would be a public Truth and Reconciliation Project, not only in Syria but throughout the world.  As Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett says in the video below, the lies told about Syria in the West have been egregious and have resulted in millions of deaths.  That, compounded with the other lies told to facilitate "regime change" in the other Middle Eastern countries, has resulted in the longest and most deadly/destructive period of uninterrupted warfare in modern human history.

Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett Speaks
the Truth about Syria at the United Nations
- Thanks to Penny for your thoughts
for the link

Kudos to Eva Bartlett for her courage to stand up to the perps at the UN and speak truth to power.  She has inspired me to make another suggestion to promote Truth and Reconciliation in the wake of the Syrian victory.

For the past several years, we have seen many videos of President Dr. Bashar al Assad giving interviews to foreign journalists.  He has been very impressive in his ability to communicate on behalf of his people and present the truth about the war on his country.  Whenever I have watched one of his videos, I have thought that Canada should also send an interviewer to speak publicly with Assad.  Only, our interviewer should be none other than Canadian/Syrian Mahar Arar.  This was the poor gentleman who, on a visit home to visit relatives in September, 2002, more than a decade ago now, was apprehended during a stopover in the US and "deported" at the request of the Canadian/American Ziofascists and renditioned to the Syrian government for imprisonment and torture.   I have often tried to imagine what a conversation between these two men might be like.  Arar himself is the only one who could get Assad to come clean about what he knew and what Syrian government involvement was in the series of extreme injustices done to Arar and his family.  Unfortunately, I've read that Mahar Arar remains so traumatized by his imprisonment and torture he may never be up to such a confrontation.  Arar's wife, however, ran for the Canadian Parliament and is a well known fighter for her husband and other victims like him.  Perhaps she should interview Assad.

In any case, this is just another out of the box suggestion coming from the greencrow.  It would certainly be an improvement over the one-sided, bald faced lies being continuously defecated out of the CBC orifice on Syrian and Russian issues.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... I actually just watched 5 minutes of CBC (Canadian Bullshit Corporation) on Jew spew media Talmudvision... And I wanted to ralph....

Apparently the Trudeau regime is now backing the calls for an "international tribunal" to "go after" the Syrian government for "war crimes" committed in Aleppo!

Is it so amazing how they twist it around and not tell the truth that the fraud "rebels" and "terrorists" holed up in eastern Aleppo were the real ones doing the atrocities? But what else would we expect from the fake news...

greencrow said...


Yes, the CBC (Canada's Best Calumny) never fails to get it @$$ backwards when it comes to globalist warmongering. Talk about "draining the swamp"...the CBC is not only a's an overflowing septic tank!

I wish I knew who REALLY runs Canada...names and's sure not Justin.

james@wpc said...

What a "tour de force" Eva Bartlett is. So impressive!

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Canadians don't get much pride from our "Fake News" journalists these days...Bartlett is a rare exception!