Thursday, December 8, 2016

Aleppo Liberated!! ....Victorious President Assad plans Aleppo Visit Soon

Victorious President
Dr. Bashar al Assad of Syria

Every once in a while, humanity has to stop fighting the perps and pat itself on the back.  We have WON the war in Syria.

According to the REAL news in the alternative media (and that is a victory in and of itself...that we have a REAL media to tell us such glad tidings) Aleppo has been liberated.  The Israeli Ziofascist Wet Dream is dead!

The following report is printed from the blog There Are No Sunglasses.  I will have my thoughts and comments to follow:

Aleppo Has Been Liberated!—Mask of Zion

Mark It In The History Books! Aleppo Has Been Liberated!

The Zionist Conspiracy Against Syria Is Dead!

by Jonathan Azaziah

And there it is! Aleppo has been liberated! Let me say it again: Aleppo, Syria’s second city, soon-to-be-restored economic hub and one of the oldest most continuously inhabited cities on Earth, is free! The Syrian Arab Republic, its Resistance Axis allies and Vladimir Putin’s Russia pulled it off! Whose tears are sweeter and more copious right now? The happy tears of Aleppo’s people, whose city is reunified and free of terrorism for the first time in of Syria’s enemies in the usurping Zionist entity, the American ZOG, the British ZOG, the French ZOG, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Neo-Ottoman Turkey, who armed, financed and backed the Takfiri ‘Goy’ Golem to the teeth only to watch it get epically crushed?

It’s truly hard to tell and I must say, such a mystery is glorious! Told y’all that something mirfive years? Or the wailing, overwhelmed, defeated, suicidally depressed tears aculous was going down in Halab and the Syrian Arab Army alongside its steadfast comrades have made that miracle a tangible reality and a soaring, HISTORIC triumph!

Syria’s defenders began the day with a bang, blasting through Takfiri terrorist defense lines and freeing a whopping 8 districts. These recaptured regions included Jouret Awwad, Karm al-Qaterji, Turbat Lala, Al-Marjeh, Sheikh Lutfi, Karz Dada, Karm al-Maysar and the big one, Al-Shaar, which was the “moderate” head-choppers’ most fortified piece of territory and their most strategic position in all of eastern Aleppo other than the Old City.

With Al-Shaar under Syrian government control, the SAA, Hizbullah, Iraq’s Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat al-Nujaba as well as Syrian-Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa Al-Quds carved out another pocket in eastern Aleppo, dividing the “rebels” even more and sending their dwindling ranks into a panic. In sheer desperation, Jabhat al-Nusra and its Wahhabi mercenary cohorts launched massive but ill-planned counteroffensives in Karm al-Maysar, Karm al-Qaterji and Turbat Lala. Resistance forces repelled everything. Focus then shifted onto Aleppo’s Old City and specifically the Citadel of Halab, which the SAA was only a half kilometer away from as a result of its new progress.

Then the extraordinary happened. The Syrian Arab Army, side-by-side with Hizbullah and Iraqi Resistance fighters, heroically stormed into the previously-mentioned Old City–the “grand prize” of this struggle–and smashed the droves of Takfiri zombies they encountered with ease. Within a matter of just two hours, Al-Farafira, Karm al-Jabal, Bab al-Hadid and Aghyour were all retaken and Mouqawamah Axis soldiers were advancing still.

As the Wahhabi terrorist goons’ morale plummeted, they watched their pitiful lives flash before their hateful eyes and in spite of their chest-pounding boasts a little over a day earlier that they would never surrender Halab, they realized the lack of options in front of them and they did just that. Hundreds of Jabhat al-Nusra thugs began to withdraw from their posts, lay down their arms and kneel before Syria’s guardians.

The Syrian Arab Army then called in its famous green buses to take Zio-NATO’s humiliated proxies to Idleb. Resistance forces, led by Hizbullah, pushed deeper into the Old City and reached the center, prompting Russia to phone Turkey and hammer out an agreement for the small number of terrorists remaining to leave. Syria and its TRUE friends now control nearly 90% of eastern Aleppo, with the Old City completely liberated and the few terrorist-held areas in the southeast like Bustan al-Qasr set to be emptied of Wahhabi criminals in a little less than 48 hours. It’s over. It’s finally, FINALLY over. The most important battle of the entire war on Syria has come to a close in favor of the Resistance Axis and although we still await the official announcement, let it be known and let it be joyously screamed: The Zionist conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic is dead!

In this once-in-a-lifetime moment, it’s hard not to think about Mursi, Sarkozy, Hollande, Davutoglu, Zio-Killary Clinton, Saudi “King” Abdullah, “Prince” Bandar Ibn ‘Israel’, Qatari “Emir” Hamad al-Thani, Cameron, Obama, Biden, Kerry, Power, Harper and Jewish-Zionist New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, all of whom said “Assad Must Go!” And yet, they are all gone (or about to be gone) while Dr. Bashar al-Assad is still here, stronger and more popular than ever.

The Syrian Arab Army is still here too. And Aleppo has been fully cleansed of the Wahahbi-Takfiri plague. That’s not poetic justice… That’s MOUQAWAMIST justice! In the face of a 4th Generation Warfare campaign consisting of barbaric terrorists from 100 countries, a colonialist alliance never before seen in history and a universal media onslaught, Syria, Hizbullah, the Iraqi Mouqawamah, the Islamic Republic of Iran (most especially its IRGC and the Afghan Fatemiyoun and Pakistani Zaynabyoun under its command) and the Russian Federation didn’t merely change the map of the whole region, they changed the fate of the whole world. Forever.

ALF MABROUK to these heroes whose sacrifices already register in history’s notebooks as legendary and Heaven-sent. And most importantly, ALF MABROUK to Aleppo’s people, who can now begin the process of healing after half a decade of chaos, ruin and horror. There will be Christmas in Aleppo this year and it’s gonna be a pretty damn Merry one! Next up are Idleb and Raqqa! Soon, every inch of Syria will know the beautiful jubilation Aleppo is feeling."

What a glorious victory for humanity...real humanity not the ZOG Goons....the artificial satanic pseudo humanity.  My mind goes back to the run up to the Ziofascist Attack on Iraq.  I was a regular commenter on the NYT Afghanistan Forum at the time.  It was a real interaction in those days...not the trollathon that the comments forums are today.  We argued day and night.  They said it would be a "cake walk"...and I and the other "peaceniks" said it would never would never happen...humanity would prevail.  Then there was more than a decade of dark years and death.  All thoughout the middle east.  Death in the millions....and destruction of  some of the oldest human civilizations on earth.  Death and destruction of priceless artifacts...stolen or destroyed by the ZOG.

I was working at the time, and I remember a late Friday afternoon at the office.  We rarely talked politics or geostrategic events but this time the pro war types were parading around the office in a public testosterone driven, macho fashion..."We're going to bomb Baghdad this weekend", they crowed..."The War Will be Over by Monday!".  Finally, goaded to the max and totally fed up...I stood up at my desk and announced:  "No!  The War will NOT be over by Monday! will NEVER be over!  The Muslims will NEVER give up their territories in the Middle East.  They will fight back and they will WIN!"  The pro war types looked at me, smiled and rolled their eyes.."Oh [greencrow] are so deluded!  [I was already regularly ridiculed as a "9/11 Truther"] How can a stone/iron age society prevail against the most powerful army that the world has ever seen!  It WILL be over by Monday!

As the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and the months into years...the pro war types were somewhat silenced but unbowed.  It would just take a little longer, they insisted.  What I would give to see those folks now and compare notes.  Have they learned anything?  Probably not.  Now they're the hurtbutt types grieving the loss of Killary Clinton.  They think Hillary's loss is a separate matter entirely.  But it's not.  All the military and political conflicts of the past 16 years have been different theatres [and "theatre" is an excellent word for it] of the same war.

As Jonathan Azaziah says in his excellent editorial above, all the theatres of ZOG have been defeated with the defeat in Syria.  The Wet Dream of world conquest by Ziofascism is finally dead.  Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad, political survivor and military victor, will soon visit the liberated city of Aleppo. The vibrations of the victory celebration will reverberate around the planet.  This will be a glorious bookend to the diabolical attack on Iraq in 2002.  Iraq, utterly destroyed, will also eventually rise from the ashes.

A new dawn is breaking over our wonderful, glorious, multipolar world.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Hold on a minute, Crow... Aleppo has NOT been liberated just yet... The US mercenaries and operatives are still in about 12% of the southeastern part of the city, but are at this point still fighting...

I too am waiting for the word that the city is fully liberated... It is coming, but just not yet...

SingingSam said...

It isn't over until the last head chopper in eastern Aleppo is either dead or removed.

The official word is that the Syrian army has suspended military operations at Aleppo, which is always bad news.

greencrow said...

Hi NTS and SingingSam:

Technically, you are both right. All of the Syrian territory containing the foreign backed proxie fighters have NOT been mopped up yet. Unlike US warfare (i.e. the bombing of Baghdad) the Syrian and Russian air forces do not just bomb the proxy controlled territories into oblivion. Following the Geneva Conventions, they cease fire and allow civilians and/or surrendering proxies to vacate the area voluntarily. But this is, IMO, just a technicality. The tide of war has irrevocably turned. Here is a very recent report from Iran's PressTV

Iran is one of the nations that has been supporting Syria in its efforts against the Ziofascists (realizing that the loss of Syria would mean they are next to "walk the plank").

"....Syrian government forces liberated the entire neighborhoods in Old City of Aleppo as part of a large-scale military operation to flush foreign-backed Takfiri militants out of the strategic city.
The London-based monitoring group added that Syrian soldiers had established complete control over the historic area after militants withdrew in the face of army advances overnight..."

The date of liberation of the historic "old Aleppo" from the foreign-backed Takfiri militants will, IMO, be regarded by historians as the decisive liberating battle of the war. Mop up could go on for months or years.

Penny said...

It's being reported the military operations have been suspended to allow civilians to leave- approximately 8000 of them...

However.... it is quite likely that something has been worked out behind the scenes to allow certain persons important to the US to leave- I don't like it, but, that's seems very plausible.

Syrian Armed Forces have suspended combat operations in eastern Aleppo to enable withdrawal of a column of civilians from the city, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday on the sidelines of a conference of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

"Combat actions of the Syrian Army in eastern Aleppo are suspended today, as a yet another and the biggest one so far operation to evacuate the civilians willing to leave the place is underway there," he said. "There are some 8,000 people in the column. That's a huge operation and the withdrawal route is five kilometers long.".

Sergei Lavrov added that Russia’s and US’ military experts and diplomats will meet in Geneva on December 10 to discuss the situation in Aleppo.

The minister said he had had a telephone conversation and two meetings with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Hamburg. "An agreement was reached to organize a meeting between military experts and diplomats in Geneva on Saturday," he said.

The United States seems to be sparing the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra (outlawed in Russia), trying to take blows from it at all talks, Russian minister added.

8,000 people can easily include US thugs
It can't be discounted

Penny said...

Richard Haass CFR President- direct quotes below and you can listen to them for yourself This man is stating openly Turkey does not toe the "allies" line aka NATO

"the illiberal trend"
"Increasingly Turkey is gathering behind the Assad Government"
"Is far more concerned about Kurds then getting rid of Assad Government"

Penny said...

Just wanted you to see that latest post GC
I'm not off my rocker when I state that Turkey is in the crosshairs

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments Penny. I agree overall that Turkey is in the crosshairs...just looking at a map confirms that. I will check into the link.


SingingSam said...

The agreement to suspend combat operations is between Russia and the U.S. The U.S. of course will honor the agreement in the same manner in which they've honored all agreements dating back to treaties made with native Americans. Will 8,000 actually be allowed to exit in peace? Maybe, but I'm not making any bets.

The enemy never rests. We see in todays headlines that Obama has authorized more weapons for "moderates", and that ISIS remains on the offensive near Palmyra and has recaptured Huwaysis in Homs province.

SAA and Russia have the upper hand at eastern Aleppo, no doubt about that. But the conflict at Aleppo and throughout Syria doesn't end until one side or the other exhausts either its ability or its will to continue the war. Neither side is exhausted.

Penny is right that Turkey remains in play. Turkey is thoroughly unreliable for anything other than putting limits on Kurds. The sooner the Turks are out of Syria the better.

Northerntruthseeker said...

One other note... Be very careful with "Jonathan Azaziah", for he is born of a jewish mother and is therefore very much Jewish....

Always remember the way of the tribe and how they have "infiltrated" this "truth movement" with their agents.... I have long been weary of "Azaziah" for he is also in league with that other traitor Mark Glenn, who of course has called many in the real truth movement idiots, clowns, and an assortment of other garbage, due to our stance that the Sandy Hook operation was indeed a fraud.... Glenn has also allied himself at the "Ugly Truth" with a wide array of jewish authors there as well....

I therefore would be on guard with this Azaziah guy... He claims that he "converted" to Islam, but we have always seen the tribe use their agents as such and claim "conversion" but are actually still working as agents of subversion...

greencrow said...

Hi Singing Sam and NTS

Thanks for your further comments. You both make valuable points contributing to understanding a highly complicated "state of play" in Syria. One point I would like to make is that a major reason for the decade+ long attack on the Middle East is to steal and desecrate the priceless artifacts and treasures.

Aleppo is home to one of the oldest citadels in the world

It is not an accident that the foreign sponsored militants overtook this UNESCO heritage site and have been infesting it ever since. No doubted it is now entirely looted. Just a day or so ago it was recaptured by the Syrians. I date the "victory" from that date. I disagree that you can only say that one side wins when the other side stops fighting. Just like in the game of side wins when the other runs out of options. Then it is just a matter of mopping up and negotiating a peace treaty.

greencrow said...

The latest from RT

is that, according to Lavrov, The militants are surrounded and although the US has spoken of supplying them with weapons, including MANPADS, the weaponry will not be able to get through to them. Therefore, they have run out of options in Aleppo but are likely just holding on to get a better deal in the peace negotiations...hoping that the Russians and Syrians, weary of war will perhaps allow them to set up a rogue state in Idlib or elsewhere.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad says that while they have achieved victory in Aleppo, the war will not be over until the last militant has been kicked out of Syria. I guess I have to go from what he says.

tsisageya said...

Thank you, greencrow. Awesome.

Penny said...

Singing Sam:

I think you misunderstand my comment- Turkey is in the crosshairs- because what is going on is a remake of the middle east and north africa-

Turkey is as much a victim of that remake as Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen etc.,
Too much focus on the trees and everyone is missing the forest

Did you know Turkey paid off it's IMF debt in 2013? Do you really think that can stand? Debt and war are banker business models...

Everything I read, everything, Turkey is very clear they have no designs on Syrian territory- the wall they are building surely suggests that is the case.

Penny said...

btw GC- notice Canada's move at the UN- taking orders from Samantha Powers..

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes! Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau never saw a cow paddy he didn't step in. Samantha Powers and Joe Bieden...two has beens...or never was'es....why does Canada have to carry the water for THEM!!!

tsisageya said...

I wish I understood as much as you and Penny do. Thanks you guys. You're very helpful to me.

tsisageya said...

I hear you sister.

SingingSam said...

Penny, I understand your comment and don't disagree about Turkey becoming another MENA victim. They have changed their tune and are building a wall. That doesn't change the fact that they've been a very bad actor in the proxy war against Syria. I don't want Turkey to become the next Libya. Erdogan will be replaced with someone even worse, or perhaps with a totally failed state. But as long as Turkey has boots on Syrian soil I do not trust them. Correct me please if I am wrong, but Assad did not invite them.
GC, Assad is too smart to underestimate the enemy. He understands that the enemy's human (using the term loosely) and material resources are fixed only in the very short run. Throughout the proxy war fighters and weapons have kept flowing into Syria. That flow hasn't stopped. Imagine the possibilities in a chess game in which players can add pieces to the board at will. That's the deadly game Assad has been forced to play. He has proven himself to be tougher and smarter than many "Assad-must-go" players who have already been swept into the dustbin of history. Even so he knows the game isn't over.

Penny said...

Hey Singing Sam:

Turkey's been building that wall for quite some time now and its supposed to be completed in about 5 mos time- Yes, Turkey has been a bad actor in this proxy war- but that has changed. Over the past few years many actions have been taken by the US and Turkey that indicate a divide. A growing divide

Though I do understand and share your apprehension.

singing sam "Correct me please if I am wrong, but Assad did not invite them"

How are we defining invite? Are you familiar with the Adana agreement?
The Adana agreement is in effect to my knowledge and an intervention to block the Kurds would require no invitation from Assad. It's a given.
Assad knows this. I've mentioned this many, many times at my blog- Though I've not written about it-

"Signing of Adana Agreement on October 20, 1998 marked a turning point in relations. The agreement established cooperation against PKK terrorist organization and relations subsequently began to develop in all areas.

After Bashar Assad came into the power both leaders in both countries expressed intet to furher develop and expand relations. Accordingly, the number of official visits increased steadfastly at various levels, including Presidents, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers"

everyone knows the so called syrian kurds are PKK

Penny said...

btw GC: if you find multiples of my comment blogger was giving me the 400 error repeatedly- haven't a clue why, of course, but it's blogger (rolls eyes)

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the heads up re you getting the 400 error. While I did not get multiples of your post, I have had a lot of multiple postings in the recent past. Blogger trying to discourage posting?

Interesting, your comment about Syria and Turkey having an "understanding" about interventions by Turkey into Syria to "block the Kurds". I didn't know that. Assad frequently conveys a public antipathy towards Turkey, including it in with the other "foreign aggressors".

Penny said...

GC: I just spent three hours getting a post up on the Adana Agreement

Background- related to today
the how and why of the Adana- Turkey, Iran and Syria and yes it's about the kurds
(not entirely, but, the Kurds are one reason)
I hope singing sam will read it also
so ss understands when I say "how are we defining Assad inviting Turkey in"

because the Adana agreement is like a standing invitation

SingingSam said...

Penny, I've seen minutes about the Adana Agreement in English, but not actual text of the agreement.

What it says does not matter as much as what has been said and done since 1998. The agreement's status is questionable. Turkey's minister of foreign affairs, Ahmet Davutoğlu said in August 2011, "We are completely suspending all of these trade relations, all agreements between Turkey and Syria have been suspended." This quote is easy to find and confirm online.

Turkey is not at liberty to suspend agreements and then 5 years later invade a sovereign nation without invitation. They are not invited. The fact that Turkey and Syria have mutual PKK concerns does not make their relationship friendly. The fact that Turkey finally understands that they're on the hit list does not make them allies of Syria.

Turkey should have been a friend and ally of Syria from the beginning of the proxy war, but they have been quite the opposite. I do not trust them.

Olive Farmer said...

There's a bigger war, one we are all losing, a war against the evil that shapes and has always shaped this reality. WE are a moments conscious reflection away from understanding this need not be, that humanity can reshape reality and make it good. It will take all of us, but those awake to the evil should unite and lead the way,
You might not know it, but an evolution is beginning:

SingingSam said...

Ok, now you can say that Aleppo is liberated.

What's equally significant is that the West is no longer a party to the peace negotiation.