Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Gathering Storm - US Election Update

UPDATED:  November 6, 2016 Things are happening very fast now folks.  Comey has come out again and cleared Hillary of any malfeasance over the new 650,000 e-mails discovered last week....very quick "verdict" after sitting on previous e-mails for over a year.  Most disturbing of all is this op ed by Finian Cunningham which suggests that the Deep State could cause a cyber False Flag on Election Day which they will blame on Russia to: 1) nullify a Trump Victory; and 2) start a war with Russia.  IMO this [a False Flag EMP attack] is extremely likely and there was even a "drill" a week or two ago which I posted about hereHere is a post from Eric Zuesse giving much the same warning.

So.  Here we are, the last Sunday before the US election next Tuesday.  Still there's no clear "winner" on the horizon.  It has been unarguably the most infamous, the most scandal ridden (on both sides) election in human history.  Yet both candidates, although bloody, stand unbowed on the public stage.  Too close to call?  That was/is the way it was always going to be.  A low-hanging fruit...ripe for the picking of the fraudsters, hiding in the bushes like scorpions, or rattlesnakes, ready to strike.

One thing is shockingly clear.  Americans are, as Paul Craig Roberts always informs us, the most "insouciant", the most easily distracted and...dare I say it...even though it is obvious to the entire world...the most stupid population that ever inhabited a country.  Don't believe me?  Here are just a few indications:

-  Who else would trust their democracy to elections decided by "voting machines" that don't even provide paper trails or "receipts" to the voters?

-  Who else would have gotten rid of "exit polling" as a back-up to the ballot box?

-  Who else would put up with an "upper tier" of electors "the Electoral College"...not beholden to the be the final arbiter of who gets to be president?

And, finally, who would put up with having the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation...come out days, prior to the election, with an announcement that he is continuing with investigation into corruption/criminality by one of the candidates...and then just fade into the sunset....not issuing indictments or even saying specifically with the criminality was?  It would appear that Mr. Comey is just buying "cover your @$$" insurance in the event of a Trump presidency...rather than seeking justice for the American People.  Do they say anything about it?  No!

Here is a very good analysis of the criminality we're talking about with the Clintons....who are, at this very moment, hanging like a "Sword of Damocles" over Amerika...and the world.

Column by Kevin M. Patten.

.....[Bill and Hillary Clinton]are: international killers who murder and slaughter without abandon (which would otherwise be called terrorism); sealers of potential loose-lips; traffickers of deadly narcotics; enhancers of a police state that prosecutes the victims the same as the pushers; long-held charges which reveal the Clintons as compulsive and professional liars – not to forget hypocritical “equality” advocates; and, making a central point of this obloquy quite clear, noting with worthy credibility for him – a disgusting and carnivorous woman abuser in the form of a serial rapist who “bites” his victim until she submits. And her, as the wife and accomplice, thereafter hiring private spooks to intimidate, harass, and discredit these women once they decide to speak out. The line that cannot be denied? She’ll do anything to attain Power.

For many (yes, the following can already be seen on the Interwebz), the slogan “I’m Ready for Hillary” has always sounded like bracing for a prostate exam. The average American progressive has overwhelmingly favored Bernie Sanders, and everyone from that pool who now adopts the mantra is currently bending over, gritting their teeth and grinding their toes into the floor.

Oh, and I forgot to add one more item to the list above....who would announce publicly...from one side of the forked-tongued "government mouth" at least....that they have "hacked into the Russian electrical grid" and are ready to cause havoc in the Russian Federation?  Again, nobody says 'nuthin.  IMO, this is a deliberate and desperate provocation of the Russians.  Trying to start an 11th hour they've been trying for weeks, if not months, in Syria.  They see a common Russian "enemy" as the only straw they can grasp as they finally lose their grip on the cliff of Washington Deep State Power.  It must be supremely frustrating and humiliating...when the Wiley fox, Vladimir Putin...doesn't take the bait...but lets them stew in their own juice.  Putin has kept his war jets on the ground in Syria for the past month or so...just for this reason. 

Now the word is out that "al Qaeda" will be attacking in America.  Well, I don't doubt that for a minute.  Especially as it has been proved via WikiLeaks that ISIS/al Qaeda were funded, trained and sponsored by the Clinton Cabal...out of the same pot of laundered moneys that the "Clinton Foundation" used.  If al Qaeda does strike with one or more False Flags in the next 48 hours or so....we can think of it as a modern era "Custer's Last Stand".

the final nail in the coffin

Hopefully the last photo I will post of this entity
...outside of a courtroom

If we do get the glorious newz on Tuesday night that "Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead".  The election result could well usher in a new era in the US and in global geopolitics.  There will be far reaching effects.  The Military Industrial Complex could be seriously weakened.  Trump has no overt connections to the letter agencies, the Treasury Department, or the big military companies that have the US economy by the gonads.  Perhaps the secret "global warming"/carbon tax hoax/weather modification and geoenginering....GMO/Monsanto....biological weapons programs will be adversely affected...ditto Haarp, chemtrails and Ebola/Zika et cetera.  This is the real neocon "Basket of Deplorables". The long term hegemonic programs against Russia and China will also likely be downgraded, if not eliminated.  It is almost limitless...the changes that might happen under a Trump presidency...unfettered by MIC blackmail, bribes and bullying.

Who knows, we might even get to see the perps of 9/11 publically identified, indicted, and brought to justice. That would be a wonderful relief for all truthers and families of the victims.  Unfortunately, as several of us have pointed out....all the WikiLeaks e-mails so far revealed have NOT touched on 9/11 or the Mossad/Israel's role in it...which leaves a BIG question mark hanging over the authenticity of WikiLeaks/Assange...just as it hangs over Edward Snowden and the Intercept.  As it has since September 11, 2001, it will always come back to 9/11.  Unless that atrocity is dealt with...we will never be out of the clutches of the Ziofascist matter WHO is in the White house.

Regarding Election Night Coverage of the US election.  I hope to be able to do an "Off the Top" real time blog of my reactions/assessment/analysis of the Internet coverage of the results.  We'll see how much stamina I have to withstand hours of M$M bullsh!t and bafflegab.


tsisageya said...

Yes, because everyone is concerned about the US election and the final update.

I'm sure you've seen this.

No offense.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya

No, I did not see that video from James Corbett of The Corbett Report. I did watch the You Tube video link you provided and here are my views. James is simplifying everything down to "It's all about hate". Well, I strongly disagree. Nothing is that simplistic...but if I wanted to be as simple minded as possible I would say: "This is all about the Rule of Law. IMO, it's all about whether the future will be chaos and anarchy (BTW, James calls himself an "anarchist".} Or whether the Rule of Law...the finest achievement of civilization and humanity...will prevail. I'm talking about local, provincial (state) and federal well as International Law vs "The Law of the Jungle".

That's what I think this election is all about. That and a zillion other things...too complex to wrap up in one video.


Unknown said...

You will wear yourself to a frazzle trying to keep up with updates in this fiasco .

I noticed recently you have an article on young children and suicides in Canada. Very distressing.

WSWS has an article also for US you might want to see.


greencrow said...

Hi rouge k

Thanks for your comment and for the link. It is interesting to note that youth suicides are up in the US too. My theory is that, in part, this is related to the piping into homes, via the Internet, of super violent and super filthy pornography/video games. Children are captive audiences of this porn. It is creating an epidemic of porn addicts who will likely want to act out their fantasies. Again, younger children will become victimized.

In isolated communities up north where children are also being subjected to very unhealthy environments, living in substandard and crowded housing, poor nutrition, poverty, unemployment by their parents and other addictions, including alcoholism. this new factor of absolute mental filth contaminating members of the community is leading to overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, self-degradation and desperation in the young...the only escape for them is death.

The worst aspect of the crisis IMO is the taboo surrounding child sexual abuse/incest/porn addiction. It is the elephant in the living room. I am saying that from my relatively small first hand experience as a front line child protection social worker in an urban environment...I saw enough child sexual abuse and its long term generational recognize the symptoms when I read about them in the newz.

Putin put a stop to the disgusting porn coming into Russia and western leaders should do the same....if they care at all about young people and ending the suicide epidemic....we will see if they do.

Ed(itor) said...

Hey GC, I've been pretty much out of the loop for various and sundry reasons (grandkid's birthday party, six hours of travel, hosting a group of fascinating people for lunch) and am just coming back online so when I see you're contemplating an online real-time blog on Election Night, it prompts me to charge up and take my "device" to the local bar & Grille on Tuesday for hamburgers and margaritas where I can watch the big screen TV, listen to others over the noise, and check up on what the awakened have to say.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

You sitting amongst the newly awakened on Election Night sounds like a great idea! You will need that margarita(s). I will keep an eye on your blog tomorrow night. I told my husband this morning that if Trump wins, we'll book a couple of days in Las Vegas to celebrate and get some much needed sunshine. If Hillary wins...we'll maintain our current habit of avoiding the US, except for necessary airport stopovers.

Ed(itor) said...

Next Occurrences later tonight, before the voting. Post-voting Occurrences likely to be Thursday around midnight. Probable change of plan, however: Homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs over pasta in front of the home TV with a Sam Adams lager.