Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Triumph and Uncertainty - US Election 2016

Donald Trump - The "Twitter" President

As promised last night...I will finish off my three day coverage of the US Election with a summary and analysis.  Some astute readers may have noticed that my last two posts in this trilogy, The Gathering Storm and The Hinge of Fate, were titled after books written by Winston Churchill.  I was going to call this post Triumph and Tragedy which is another of Churchill's books about WWII, but decided that Triumph and Uncertainty is more appropriate.

I don't know why so many people are shocked at the outcome of this election.  Where have they been all this time?  Stuck with their heads in the sand?  It was pretty obvious that Trump was going to win...but there was overwhelming uncertainty as to whether he would be "allowed" to be victorious, given the power of the oligarchs with their history of election rigging.  When I closed off my post last night I said I would not be at all surprised to wake up and find that Hillary had been anointed the cabal in a rigged election.  I was indeed somewhat shocked but delighted to find out that The Donald had prevailed and that the cabal had not tried (successfully at least) to rig the outcome.  Some speculate that it was hubris and overconfidence in Hillary that caused them to let down their guard.

Off the top...I would suggest that it was fear that the 50 or more generals who had endorsed Trump plus covert support from untold members of the Intelligence community that scared the perps into playing by the rules.  As it happened, Hillary won California and the West Coast and ultimately the popular vote by 47.7 for Hillary Clinton to 47.5 for Donald Trump.

Pundits like Stephen Lendman and Paul Craig Roberts have already come out with very good analyses of what challenges lie ahead for America under a Trump presidency.  Many commentators are saying that, since the Main$tream Media was so overwhelmingly a shill for the losing candidate while the alternate media and particularly the blogosphere was for Trump (with some exceptions like Veterans Today and Webster Tarpley) that this indicates that the alternate media has supplanted the M$M as the "go to" news (as opposed to newz) source.  I would like to think so : ) but will not be setting up this blog for advertising revenue just yet lol.

Trump promised during the campaign that, if elected, he would meet with Russia's Vladimir Putin PRIOR to being sworn in in January.  Looking forward to him following through on that promise.  In that regard....lololol it is tradition that the US President meets with the Canadian Prime Minister before he meets with any other leader...kind of a mark of neighbourliness.  Wonder if this will happen due to le Dauphin, Justin Trudeau gratuitously dissing Trump several times during the campaign.  As I said at the time, Trudeau should have just kept his big trap shut...or he would have to use it to "eat crow" after the election.  The only thing I can add to this is...hopefully he has at least finally learned something he should have learned when he was a child.  Justin Trudeau has put Canada into a very awkward position.

Before starting this analysis, I watched Hillary Clinton's concession speech and Donald Trump's acceptance speech.  I must say that Hillary spoke better than Trump.  Too bad (for her) that she couldn't have conveyed such eloquence and passion on the campaign trail.  It was a very gracious speech and very strongly delivered.

Trump, as usual spoke very plainly and obviously from the heart.  He kept looking to the right (side of the TV screen) where his family and campaign workers were assembled on stage.  He totally ignored his left...where his Vice President Pence waited, smiling painfully, waiting to be acknowledged.  Never happened.  Big Faux Pas.  Finally, AFTER, Donald finished his speech...Pence stepped forward and awkwardly shook Trump's hand...Trump looked at him with embarrassed surprise and belatedly acknowledged him to the crowd.  Trump needs to become more professional if he's going to be as effective a president as he obviously wants to be. 

Trump talked Big plans of hope for Americans to accomplish during his presidency.  He mentioned infrastructure border security, improving trade deals, healthcare and getting along with other nations.  These goals have deep resonance with Americans.  Getting these dreams through to the population clearly was definitely what he did differently than Clinton...nobody can remember the specifics of any of her promises to "go forward together".

One big Dream for the future that Trump might well consider is a Trans-Siberian and around the world trade route.  This is the plan that Putin has talked about.  Creating a super highway starting in London, UK...going through Europe and Asia...across the Bering Strait through Northern Canada...down through Labrador and Quebec and ending up in New York City.  This is a dream for the millennia.  The reason I support it is, of course, the benefits that it would bring to Canada's North and the Indigenous people struggling to exist up there.

Well, the next days, weeks and months will be very exciting for geopolitical bloggers.  IMO, Americans made a very good choice.  Best of all, I won a bet with my "better half" and now he has to take me for a weekend in Las Vegas!  Sunshine and poolside I come!!!


Ed(itor) said...

Don't forget two tubes of SPF 50 and a very large bag of quarters.

greencrow said...

Folks, can't operate my own computer for some reason...appears to have crashed after a "regular" update. I have Windows 10 on my new laptop. Reason I'm posting a comment to my latest post is that I believe what we're seeing in the streets is a contrived "American Spring" or Colour Revolution. The perps are NOT going to accept Trump after all. This is all contrived...likely by Soros and co.

What we're seeing is another coup/ is antidemocratic and is being run by a hidden hand. Americans....beware!


greencrow said...

Hi again. Warning to all Americans. The CBC is going ballistic over the Trump Victory...bringing up every mistake he made during the election campaign and showing all the people demonstrating in the streets. I hope the demonstrators are just letting off steam. I hope they're NOT Colour revolutionaries and American Spring staged crowds to bring about "regime change" before the Trump government has even taken office. This is very suspicious!

Ed(itor) said...

Soros has been instrumental in the color revolution stuff, or its nastier brother OPR, and I don't think the powers that be are going to take the Trump victory with grace.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

Yes, I'm quite worried. I've never seen the CBC quite this vile in its anti-Trump reporting. If it keeps up for more than 48 hours I would be worried about "regime change" like what happened in Kiev. Watch for snipers shooting at both sides from the rooftops.


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
thanks for your postings the last few days. Your updates kept me informed without me having to wade through it all myself :)

I have absolutely no doubt that Soros et al will cause as much harm and strife as they can. It is what they do and what they are. They will not be able to help themselves. Expect finance to get even tighter.

BUT, they and their media will just continue to hammer nails into their own coffins with their divisiveness and the need for alternative financing will become really evident. Once that happens, we can finally kiss goodnight to the evil that grips out social and political process. IMHO, of course!