Thursday, November 17, 2016

Too Good to be True...Is this Guy for Real???

Too Good to be True...Is this Guy for Real???

Steve Unpronounceable is at it again....issuing ultimatums against the US Deep State.  The self-admitted intelligence wonk came in from the cold during the US election campaign.  He introduced himself in a shocking video as representing the "White Hats" (as opposed to the knock-off "White Helmets") in the Pentagon/CIA.  Steve said he was part of an "informal" group who were spear-heading a counter-coup to the Clinton coup.  He said both coups were silent and bloodless "Internet" driven coups.  I like what he had to say because, if true, it supports my theory, often presented on this blog, that the United States was/is in the midst of a covert "civil war" between factions in the "letter agencies".

The trouble with Steve is he gives very little detail about who he represents and who they are fighting.  The proof of his authenticity would be if, in the video above, for instance, he named the names of the people who made the decisions about the false flag events [9/11, Sandy Hook, Orlando, etc.] he lists and declares that "they" do not want to happen again.

Maybe this is one of the names:
James Clapper head of NSAJames Clapper resigned from his position as head of the NSA today.  Resignations of this sort are normal at the end of a Presidential mandate.  But here is the inconsistency with Steve....Truthers KNOW who likely was behind the false flags he lists and says no more of.  Some of them are the same people recently mentioned as candidates for a future Trump presidency. 

Speaking of names....Wayne Madsen is saying the Trump White House Team may include many of the old Bush neocon guard that initiated the destructive wars for Israel on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.  If Trump names neocons like John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and others to his cabinet...then will that piss Steve and his group off? Will he have to, as he threatens in the above video, resurrect his covert and silent coup?'s pretty obvious to me, if no one else, that Steve's coup was conducted through WikiLeaks.  It is obvious to me that the source for all the embarrassing leaks was Steve's "informal" group.  So we don't have to falsely blame Russia, etc., etc.

Hillary on Election Night - Portrait of a BPD sufferer???

Back to election night for a moment...I cannot resist posting this link about an inebriated Hillary becoming physically violent towards two of her campaign workers after she announced her defeat.  True or not, it supports my BPD diagnosis and raises the story to legend-status--the stuff of Hollywood movies.  In more recent days, Hillary has toned down her purple outfit to a "purplish" blue but is still urging her Soros paid for and bussed in agitators to continue their "colour revolution". a speech at a children's charity she urged the audience to fight for American values and "never give up."

The colour revolutionists...whose backers are, IMO, determined to destroy America through divide and conquer, are predicating their demonstrations on the notion that Hillary "won the popular vote".  I said from the moment of the announcement on election night that Clinton won California that the vote (in California) was rigged.  IMO, Hillary did NOT win the popular vote.  It does not make sense even from an outsider's perspective looking at the landslide electoral vote, that she could have won the popular vote...had the electoral vote been closer, perhaps.  Here are some links that support my contention that the popular vote was stolen, particularly in California:

Electoral Officer says voters she talked
with on Election Night were surprised to
learn from her that they could only vote "by mail".

No, it is evident that there was vote tampering and that the "Black Hats" (as opposed to Steve's "White Hats") will not give up.  I have reached the conclusion that the bigger picture of this entire decades-long campaign by the shape-shifting neocons (now they're being called "neo-liberals") is to destroy and balkanize the United States.  Why?  I don't know exactly...but everything they've done since their murder of President John F Kennedy has been working towards that goal.  Their never-ending and bankrupting wars, their inciting of hatred of America all over the world with their rapacious economic and military hegemony, their destruction of the American democracy by corrupting the press, the police, the legal system and the Treasury. Their brinkmanship with nuclear-armed Russia. Everything, when you view it from a the crow flies....spying from above...has been a laser focused on the fiery destruction of the American Republic.  Perhaps they expect to rise, like a phoenix, out of the ashes.

Soros is Definitely one of the "Black Hats"

So, the Trump usurpation of presidential power is just a bump on the highway.  They will continue to degrade and destroy.  Finally realizing that the people have largely abandoned and ignored the Main$tream Media, they will go after it's replacement, the alternative media.
Instead of going after the lying M$M after their massive failure to accurately cover the campaign...the perps are going after the alternative "Conspiracy Website" media....

They will continue to use the American military, built up to a maximum over the decades because the military-industrial complex is the only real economy in the a force for global war and chaos.  Their new military recruitment advertisement even spells it out:

Towards the "Sounds of Chaos"

Trump would be wise to complete and announce his transition team quickly and work towards a seamless transition...because the perps feed off their ad clearly illustrates.


Anonymous said...

read this - very informative perspective:


greencrow said...

Hi ev:

Thanks very much for this link:

Should be required reading for every geopolitical analyst who thinks Trump might be different. Depressing....but very likely...the future.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i hope it's not true, but something tells me otherwise ...
p.s. very much enjoy your blog and blogroll!

greencrow said...

Thank you ev. I appreciate the encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this.

You are probably correct about the BPD, though that is certainly not her only problem.

Thanks for your continuing good work.


Anonymous said...

Is he too good to be true? Well he has been on Alex Jones a lot ... so I would probably say that yep, he is too good to be true. Anyone who gets interviewed with Jones should be held up as being suspicious. Jones is the biggest shill in the so-called alternative media. There are many others, of course, but he does have the highest profile of all of them.

We have to stop giving people benefit of the doubt. Too much damage has been done to the so-called "truth movement" by giving people like this guy the benefit of the doubt, and believing the misinfo and disinfo coming out from people like Jones.

Remember, someone who worked in the CIA or intelligence is always going to be in intelligence. They cannot be trusted. When you are tapped by the CIA, you are CIA for life, and should be treated with kid gloves. Same with intelligence. Their job is to bamboozle people, and just because they give out a little bit of truth, does not mean that they aren't blowing smoke up your ass the other 98% of the time.

It is time now for people to stop following these talking heads, and begin to think for themselves. If they don't then eventually we'll all be screwed.

Best wishes

Harvey Price, Palmerston North, NZ

greencrow said...

Hi Harvey Price:

Thanks for your comment. Yes we should be skeptical, particularly of those who have a background in intelligence. I have gone full circle about Alex Jones. When I first entered the truth movement, he was a "mentor"...then I learned that his wife was Jewish, etc., etc., and that he should not be trusted, he was a shill. Then I started to recognize a form of elitism settling into the truth movement...some truthers are more "truthie" than others.

Finally, I arrived at a point where I realized that NOBODY has a franchise on the truth. We all, including Jones, have bits and pieces of it. I learned to forage amongst all the alternative blogs and media and pick and chose what "facts" resonated for me. So I don't disbelieve everything Jones says just because everybody started calling him a "shill" (although he does have a very loud and annoying voice). Nobody can take away from Alex that he called 9/11 for being an inside job THE DAY IT HAPPENED. In fact, he predicted it would happen beforehand. So he deserves a bit of respect for that alone.