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The 53rd Anniversary of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

53rd Anniversary of the Assassination
of  US President John F. Kennedy

Just about every year around this time I write a post commemorating the anniversary of one of the greatest and most tragic events in modern history....the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.  JFK was (to use an expression originally spoken by one of the only truthful investigators of the crime, New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison) "shot down like a dog in the streets" of Dallas on November 22, 1963. 

Truthtelling historians and alternate bloggers now agree that the murderers of Kennedy were a consortium of mobsters, foreign subversives of the US government, banksters, CIA terrorist warmongers and their co-horts in the main$tream Media.  I don't think the perpetrators of the murder anticipated the long term implications of the murder.  They thought that the press could cover it up, distract the public with hoax after hoax....like the "lunar landings" and in a few years, or perhaps decades....that infamous day and the true evidence would be moldering in some government archival storage warehouse...gathering cobwebs.

Many Internet links about the JFK assassination

No doubt to their ongoing chagrin--some of the murderers, like George H.W. Bush who was a CIA operative at the time, are still alive--Truthers arose, like a force of avenging angels, and pursued even the most tangentially relevant evidence about the case with a determination, commitment and passion that only grows with time.  There are dedicated websites and thousands of books devoted to the question of:  Who killed John F. Kennedy?  In response, the CIA along with the main$tream media, were mainly tasked with the cover-up of the crime.  The pejorative phrase "conspiracy theorist" was first coined to devalue Truthers and their work.  Up to 400 members of the CIA were assigned, at taxpayer expense, to devise all sorts of Black ops projects to cover their tracks--"Project Mockingbird" was one of them.  Sullying the good name and reputation of John F. Kennedy and members of his family was another strategy.  The CIA infiltrated the media and subverted the fifth estate to the extent that there was virtually a "Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy"....a posthumous character assassination...as is revealed in the video below:

The Second Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

A whole new genre, "fake news" was invented and ultimately took over the formerly independent journalists, newspapers and TV networks.  Today, that is all the main$tream media consists of....fake news.  I have always believed that one of the more heinous aspects of the cover-up....the destruction of JFK and his brother RFK's (also assassinated by the same perps only five years later) personal reputations was a desperate effort to dull the sword of truth as it cut ever closer to the truth, through the body of lies erected in the cover up.  No credible evidence has ever been presented to support the ridiculous number of extra-marital affairs each man is supposed to have had.  Since Kennedy, like Trump just the other week, announced he would take no salary for being the president...the perps could not get JFK on financial corruption.  But Kennedy and his brother Robert were handsome and charismatic, so the ziofascist media just assumed the public would accept that they must be philanderers.  There is no proof.  And many of the women (like Marilyn Monroe) alleged to be paramours....were washed up and mentally unstable "molls"....well known to be assets of the mafia.  I have written previously on this blog my view that the Kennedy brothers' strict Catholic upbringing, their close extended families and successful marriages and their super busy careers would preclude the time and opportunities available for such risky and negative activities.

JFK was the devoted father to two young children
The year of his death, he and wife Jackie had lost their
third child, a son, shortly after birth

But the main evidence that there was a second (character and reputational) assassination of President John F. Kennedy became clear after the truthers honed in on who was the primary force behind the assassinations...the State of Israel.  The State of Israel and its ziofascist leaders wanted Kennedy dead for several reasons:  His opposition to nuclear bombs for Israel, his desire to see the end of the ziofascist-owned Federal Reserve, his Catholicism, his insistence that the Jewish Lobby register as a foreign lobby...and his opposition to warmongering resource driven military-industrial-complex aggression against smaller, vulnerable countries, like Cuba...and Viet Nam.

Michael Collins Piper connected the JFK assassination with Israel

JFK Investigator and videographer Michael Collins Piper was one of the first Truthers to establish the strong evidentiary link between the Dallas hit men and the America-hating cowards behind the contract killing.  Here is a link that presents the evidence against the Israeli henchmen and describes at least three ziofascist coups in American history...the first in 1910-13 when the Federal Reserve was illegally and unconstitutionally foisted on the Republic...the second was the Assassination of JFK in 1963 and the third was 9/11 on September 11, 2001.  According to this well received theory...the ziofacists have infiltrated every agency and institution of the United States and control it to this day.  The predominant opinion of observers of the last US election on November 8, 2016, is that the perps were not happy with the publics' decision to elect an outsider, Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump in the crosshairs

Which brings me around to why younger generations would be well advised to make themselves students of John F. Kennedy's short but eventful presidency and his assassination.  Why?  Because the same perps are still in charge of the CIA, the main$tream media.  There are subversive moles in every agency and governmental and public institution.  The M$M virtually ignored and/or disparaged Trump during his entire campaign.  Now they are seeding their propaganda rags with ominously negative stories about him and/or his family.

Trump is approaching his presidency with the same "drain the swamp" fervor that Kennedy did.  He is therefore, wreaking the same fear and loathing from the "hidden rulers of the US".  They are lying in wait.  Truly the swamp is a good metaphor to describe the habitat of these low-lying creatures.  Some truthers and bloggers suspect that Donald Trump is "too good to be true"...that he's actually "one of them" and will ultimately capitulate to their agenda.  I believe his calling to his offices of Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Monday put the final nail in that coffin.  She has a well earned reputation as an ex-veteran and an anti-war activist.  If you watch the video of her being interviewed last October by neocon CIA agent CNN's Wolf Blitzer, you will see the look on his face and hear the distain in Blitzers' voice in response to her "anti-war in Syria" perspective.  You will then know that Donald cultivating Tulsi puts him directly into the perp's crosshairs.

Viewing the Trump ascension to the US Presidency from the perspective of the JFK assassination perps it looks like deja vu all over again.  Did they not think that Americans would eventually revolt against their political and military oppression and ongoing criminality...even up to and including provoking WWIII nuclear war with Russia???!!!  Do they not have their centuries old history of wearing out their welcomes as an indelible cautionary tale? 

Looking at the situation from the Trump camp's perspective.  If the Trump White House is unable to learn from the Kennedy assassinations...they may well be doomed to repeat them.  They must not make the mistakes that Kennedy naively made.  They must truly "drain the swamp" as they threaten to do [and as Kennedy wanted to do to the CIA]...as if their lives depend on it.  They must cleanse the Augean stables of law enforcement and the judiciary in order to then be able to stand back and allow justice to take its course at arms' length.  They must not (as Trump appears to have done just today) make the mistake of precluding/prejudging the legal system vis a vis charges against the Clintons for their "pay to play" corruption.  And, of course, it goes without saying that Trump needs to maintain the utmost top security for himself and his family, including his extended family.  Unfortunately, he cannot entirely trust the letter agencies.

After all, there are many (including this writer) who believe that, amongst Hillary and Bill Clinton's many crimes is complicity in the assassination/murder of Hillary's would-be Senatorial rival, John F. Kennedy Jr. his wife and her sister.

NOTE:  Here is a petition for Americans to consider signing.  It was submitted  to the White House by blogger Wayne Madsen and supports the removal of Kennedy assassination co-conspirator President Lyndon Baines Johnson's name from all United States public buildings and property. 

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pete fairhurst said...

The assassination of JFK was a psyop. Read this:

Whatever you think about Miles Mathis explanation for why they ran the psyop he provides plenty of evidence that it was a psyop.

His site is a treasure trove for truthseekers.