Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day 2016

Remembrance Day, 2016

First, a "Flash Back" Video:

Greencrow's only You Tube Video Rant
Only because it was a "miracle" to upload
And I haven't been able to technologically
repeat the feat : (

It's Remembrance Day or Poppy Day here in Canada and I'm going to repost above the only video in existence of me as a RANT.  I taped it way back for Remembrance Day 2011.  I've tried to tape video RANTS many times since, but have never been able to successfully upload them.  I like the above video particularly because I make reference to Hillary Clinton's bloody "regime change" operation in Libya.  This was one of the seminal events in the past few years that defined her as an insane monster.  The world is now celebrating America's wise choice in the recent American election.

Remembrance Day is a day for honouring those who have been dragged in and bamboozled by the 1% to fight their profit-making wars.  It is a time for truthers to re-commit to publicly declaring that, as Major General Smedley Butler said:  "All Wars are Banker's Wars".

One of the first positive acts of President-elect Donald Trump, which will prove his authenticity (or not) will be to end the disgusting and cowardly proxy war against Syria.  How he treats Syria will be a litmus-test of what kind of a President Americans have really elected.

So, as I head off to reflectively walk my dogs alongside the salmon stream in the beautiful nearby Urban Forest...I wish all my readers "Peace".  And to my American readers, I congratulate you on your election outcome.  Peace lovers all over the world thank you for your wise choice.  Here's a song for you:

  Born Again American


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow....I did not know you are so young.... you look good for a young lady of 39!

greencrow said...


LOL...if I'd known the video RANT was going to be my only success...I would have put makeup on and fixed my hair.

Penny said...

are you eastern european (descent) cause you sure look like it!

I don't do poppies at all!
years back this lady and I had it out in the local no frills because I wouldn't respect the moment of silence- she accosted me as I shopped with the 'how dare I' line about those who sacrificed themselves for my freedom, blah, blah blah

and I told her I don't support war/soldiers etc., nor do I believe they are fighting for my freedom- I said straight up I do not approve of Canadians going to other people's countries to kill other people's children!

She turned around mumbled something about my disrespect under her breath and walked away

I do like your idea though. It's just not for me, but, could be used to send a message I may come around to

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

No, as my Mother's relatives used to say...we're all as Irish as Paddy's pig. My father's side is completely Irish as well. Interestingly, and funny, When my husband took me to northern Sweden about a year after we married to meet his relatives...several of them looked at me in astonishment and asked my husband in Swedish...."Why did you go and marry a Norwegian!" (Swedes and Norwegians being historical enemies). This was because I'm a natural red head. But, as you probably know, the Vikings (Scandinavians) invaded my bloodline could be Norwegian...centuries ago.

Yes, as you can tell from the video...I had...and still have a BIG problem wearing the poppy. It's all part of the machine. It is doubly symbolic since NATO invaded Afghanistan in order to corner the opium trade.

Ed(itor) said...

Not to change the subject, but

greencrow said...

A rush of Mexicans to move to Canada? my lifetime we've had the rush of Eastern Europeans after WWII, the rush of Americans during the Vietnam War....the rush East Indians/Asians...the rush of Chinese and Orientals and now the rush of Mexicans (and Americans fleeing Trump).

All I can say makes for a lot of good restaurant choices.

Ed(itor) said...

".it makes for a lot of good restaurant choices" Well said, GC. Food is the greatest people-connector. When I was laid up in the hospital for weeks, I watched an earlier reincarnation of Anthony Bourdain traveling the Silk Road and dining with the locals.