Sunday, November 13, 2016

Epilogue - US Election 2016

Trump Protest in Los Angeles

The emotional flags at Greencrow As The Crow Flies are flying at half mast today, folks, as I absorb the shock of the death of my younger sister.  She passed away last night after a 13 year battle with breast cancer.  Her courage and tenacity long ago earned her a place in the Family Hall of Fame.  Through everything life flung at her...and sometimes if must have felt like a Tsunami...she always rose to the surface and kept on swimming. May she rest in peace.

So it is in that spirit of tenacity that I will post today this "epilogue" to my coverage last week of one of the most tumultuous events of the past half century or so...the 2016 election.  I have some random thoughts and links I want to get out while the ideas are still fresh in my head.

First of all, I will never believe that Hillary Clinton won the popular voteAs Alex Jones said in this video yesterday, his numbers say she stole 5 states.  He's going to do a more comprehensive video with the numbers, etc.  But, as regular readers may remember....around 8 p.m. PT...there was a "pregnant pause" in the media coverage election night...after which was the sudden announcement that "Clinton had won California".  I immediately said that I would never believe that was true.  I'm waiting to see whether Alex Jones includes California in the list of states that Hillary stole.

Keep this Popular Vote map in your mind
as a reference point when the
final popular vote tallies come in

Another point I want to make is that, when Hillary fainted at Ground Zero on 9/11 I did a post where I said that IMO, Hillary Clinton has borderline personality disorder.  One of the symptoms of BPD is inability to accept any responsibility for any problems or mistakes she might have made.  This informal diagnosis was supported by her blaming the FBI director for her loss during a telephone conference call with her supporters yesterday.  If she did not have BPD, she would have the capacity to think past the FBI Director's public statements to why she was under investigation in the first place.  She had put herself in that situation.  She will never be able to see that (and therefore learn from it), however.

When People Laughed At The Idea Of Trump
Actually Being Elected President! Compilation

Speaking of inability to learn from mistakes...I read today that Public Editor Arthur Sulzberger, the owner of the NYT apologized in a way for all the mistakes of the "newspaper of record" during the campaign.  But in his soft-shoe dance of an apology letter....he still insists that the paper was "fair to both candidates".  Didn't I read an editorial in the NYT during the campaign where the editorial staff said they could not report on Donald Trump "fairly" because he was not a "real" candidate...or some such.  The fact of the matter of the great scandals emerging in the aftermath of the Trump victory is the collusion between the Hillary Campaign Camp and the Main$tream Media There was virtually NO media entity on Trump's side.  And yet he won.  The only entity that Trump is beholden to is the Internet alternative community...who almost unanimously supported him.

The BBC, which was pulling North American media (including the CBC) puppet strings from across the pond was recently forced to do a major on-camera "self reflection" post mortem on their  Newsnight program.  Assembled for the program were all the big "presenters"....many of them alluded to voter "anti-Semitism" as lying behind Hillary's defeat.  Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!

As a reviewer of the Newsnight program notes:
In the end one could not help noticing one interesting if rather awkward fact about that edition of BBC Newsnight. The editor, two out of three of the main presenters, and all seven of the main interviewees in Washington and London were Jewish. Not bad for a group said to represent less than 0.4% of the British population.
But given that self-awareness is one area where the elites are notably deficient, it might be s good idea to remind them of the massive Jewish overrepresentation on display here. This is one very privileged group indeed. Overrepresented and overprivileged, one might say.

So, my point is...they can take the vote any way they want...they can accept responsibility for the loss...they can blame others...they can blame anti-Semitism...whatever.   In the end, the big question going forward is whether or not they have the capacity to accept the loss in a peaceful manner for the sake of the country and humanity.  Early indications are that they cannot.  And this is the biggest threat on the horizon.  Ron Paul, in his recent interview with Peter Lavalle on RT warned everyone about the Deep State with their strategies of False Flags, assassinations and other forms of terrorism as a possible response of the thwarted.

Just yesterday, in the ongoing "colour revolution" paid for protests going on around the country...a gunman fired at a protester walking across a bridge in Portland Oregon.  This is the fear I have.  The next escalation from the paid-for and bussed-in demonstrators is the "sniper attacks" on both sides.  Not living in the cities where the demonstrations are taking place, I have no way of knowing how popular these protests are with the ordinary people.  Because I only see them through the purple tinted and magnified lens of the Main$tream media...they appear to be big and popular revolts!

Hopefully, they are isolated and will soon fizzle out.  But my thoughts keep returning to that scene, midway through the campaign, where Hillary was described as screeching at her black assistant after a difficult TV interview, where she was asked some unscripted questions.  Apparently one of the things she screeched were words to the effect: "If you don't fix this...all our heads will be in the noose!"  That's a pretty powerful motivator for someone who finally finds themselves cornered.

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tsisageya said...

I'm so sorry, Greencrow! Thank you for telling us, and also for carrying on your sister's character(istics) of courage and tenacity.

Very nice epilogue. (Also, I love your face!)

greencrow said...

Thanks tsisageya:

You know what they say....after age 50...everyone gets the face they deserve : )


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I know! More and more I keep looking like my MOM! That's okay, it's just a little weird. Plus, I keep shrinking, inch by inch, but my grand daughter keeps growing taller at an exponential rate!

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