Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump Makes First BIG Mistake of Presidency

Trump meeting with Editors of NYT

Demand to Appear

It's a common ploy by the Main$tream Media to attempt to control a leader or influential person by creating a swirl of controversy around him and by, in effect, "demanding that he appear" before them to answer questions raised by the artificially concocted "swirl of controversy".

A classic case of this arose a year or more ago now regarding the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.  It was just after the Western January or February of the year (when the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates its Christmas/New Year) and the Western Press announced that Putin had "gone missing".  They started to build a legend out of thin air around Putin's absence from public appearances and even said he was attending the "birth of his child (a son)" that he had with a girlfriend that he had kept hidden.  It reached a crescendo of fabulous ridiculousness.

The M$M ended up with egg on their face after this FUBAR when Putin reappeared with a visiting head of state at the Kremlin.  When the press questioned him about his "absence" all he did was smile and state: "Life would be very boring if there was no gossip."

But the press never learns from its just repackages them.  They did another "Demand to Appear" with President-elect Donald Trump late last week and the beginning of this week.  They got all in a snit when he went out for dinner on Friday night without a retinue of nosy parker, negative nilly press towing behind him.  When Trump didn't abjectly apologize...they released a barrage of negative lies about him and his family:

Melania "snubs" White House

Yes, the above was an actual headline in the M$M when it was revealed that Melania will remain back in the family home in NYC so that 10 year old son, Barron can complete his school year.  Duh!  This makes perfect sense to every parent in the world....except the "demand to appear" types in the press.  The Press will be surprised and shocked to learn that Canadian Prime Minister Justin "le Dauphin" Trudeau STILL has not moved his family into the official prime minister's residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.  Canadians were told that the official residence, being well over 100 years old, was a total tear-down, which was impossible--due to its heritage designation.  Instead, the government's heritage department has decided to gut it and rebuild the inside, new plumbing, electricity, etc., etc.  In the meantime...Trudeau and his young family are living in the Governor General's residence.

I visited the White House way back in the early 1970's.  This was after Jacqueline Kennedy did her much-vaunted renovation/restoration of the interior.  Frankly, I was shocked.  The White House, for all the aura of power and a tacky, poorly laid out and smallish collection of unimpressive rooms.  Sorry folks.  I'm telling the truth here.  Melania was probably similarly unimpressed by the lodgings and is in no hurry to move in.  My recommendation is that the White House get a complete refresh and a redesign to make Melania feel comfortable within the possibility of being able to feel "at home" in that matchstick construction.

Sorry for this my mother used to say..."Comparisons are odious".  But I've also visited public buildings in Russia...the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg, for instance.  Now those are magnificent dwellings!  High ceilings, all crystal chandeliers, rare woods and marbles polished to the nth degree.  I'm sure Putin was stunned, if and when he ever visited the White House, by the comparison.  Enough said!

But, Back to Trump

Trump was on kind of a roll...well a roll for him, anyway, when he aggressively handled the Main$tream Media's first official "demand to appear".  He called an "off the record" meeting with the mainstream media and called them all "liars".  Then he met with several controversial candidates for top jobs in his administration.  One of the most surprising was Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.  Apparently, Trump is considering her for Secretary of State.  IMO, this would be an excellent appointment, based on her video interview with CNN's CIA agent talking head, Wolf Blitzer last October:

Democratic Congresswoman makes short work
of Wolf Blitzer in interview about
US "illegal" aggression against Syria.

Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of State?  IMO, this would be an excellent about-face from the war-mongers who have been speaking on behalf of the US for more than a decade.  Honestly!  a sane person at last!  Who knew???!!!  He has since announced at least two more appointments.

Trump's First BIG Mistake

So, as I was saying, Trump was on a roll.  Then he stepped right into the biggest cow paddy of them all...the Clinton Legal Morass.  After backing and forthing on meeting with his declared enemy, the New York Times, Trump finally sat down with them...and proceeded to back-track on his promise to "lock her up!".

Now, as I said right after the second debate when Trump famously threatened to put Hillary in jail...  He should know...or one of his legal aids should inform him...that it is not up to the President to put anyone in jail.  And to even make this kind of threat is a clear "conflict of interest" and possible "obstruction of justice"  I thought he would be in hot water after that public threat...but the Clinton Campaign did not make anything of it....this was their mistake.

Yesterday, Trump doubled his error by back-tracking on the threat.  Again, even a legal secretary (as I was for 12 years) knows that it is not appropriate for an elected or appointed person of influence or power (or anyone)  to make any kind of a statement--either threatening someone with legal action or promising NOT to take legal action.  That is up to the independent judicial system in a functioning democracy to do.  In Canada, elected officials have had to resign their office for even making a timely phone call to a judge on behalf of someone.  IT'S THAT SERIOUS!!!

I frankly do not know what's going on with the legal system in the United States that nobody is speaking out about this....except for murmurings from the Presstitutes.  The head judge of the US Supreme Court should be loudly admonishing Trump for these statements.

And, as for pre-emptively abandoning the normal legal processes against the Clintons...IMO, that would be another BIG mistake.  As I said in my JFK post of yesterday, Kennedy was killed by inhabitants of the very same "undrained swamp".  A word to the "wise"(?) is sufficient thereof.


tsisageya said...

I haven't finished reading yet but, right off, I'd take exception. Not that we can believe anything the media says but, his worst mistake, after all his rhetoric, in my opinion, is the fact that he brought all the assholes closer to him. He lied. SURPRISE, surprise, surprise! Obama's third term. And now a so-called Repuke is doing it.

BRING ON THE FUCKING VOTE-COUNT, WHINEY SAFE-SPACE BABIES!!! KILLERY has already been proven to be a cheater.

Anonymous said...

Trumps presidency will not begin until January 20, 2017.

When pedo Jews like Alan Dershowitz head the most prominent law school in the US, and the Supreme Court, replete with Jews and their puppets has a Jewish lesbian "justice" who has never even tried a case--now you have an inkling of why such ridiculous illegal things go on here.

Add this to the fact that for 8 years, a man sits as president who does not even have a valid ID or social security number, nor was he born in CT as his social security number indicates. The PDF of the nonexistent birth certificate released to the public is a nine layer forgery and no one even cares about that, so how do you think they will care about anything going on now? I graduated from Columbia University and I can tell you unequivocally that no one there even saw him or heard of him in his class or any other one--there is no college transcript or diploma either.

There are still idiots who believe Obama is a Muslim because of his fake name, when every year he has celebrated Passover, not Easter--even if they fall on the same day as they may in the Gregorian calendar. How these idiots think a Muslim would bomb eight Muslim countries to help Israel is beyond comprehension. Nothing about Trump is half as preposterous as that.

As far as "Trumps mistake", I would not be too hasty. He was raised around the slipperiest of the NY Jew mobsters.

Remember that Kennedy kissed Jews ass to get in and trounced them in his inaugural speech in a complete reversal. I recall hearing that many who voted for Nixon were completely won over. Then Kennedy issued real non-Fed currency (which LBJ immediately had confiscated when he came to power), made plans to abolish the Fed, tried to prevent the expansion and nuclear capability of the criminal enterprise of Israel. These things are credited with getting him assassinated.

Less well known is that his brother Robert, the attorney general, ordered AIPAC to register as a lobby of a foreign govt, which got him killed also.

I think an additional less well known reason is that Kennedy was fighting for the Palestinian right of return(which he never mentioned in his campaign of course) and he was so close to getting it and forcing the Jews to evacuate villages they had stolen in the Nakba, that Ben Gurion was forced to resign. He was killed shortly after that.

I doubt Trump is less well informed than the people who are disappointed he is not breathing fire on Hillary. He is not yet in power and is up against unimaginable evil. I will reserve my judgement until after his inauguration.

He has already castigated the media and told them to their faces they are all liars, so their calumnies will no doubt be redoubled against him. Why does anyone believe what they report?

Regarding the white house, the smallest house in Kuwait is much larger and fancier.Yet somehow Hillary tried to steal everything that wasn't nailed down when she left and was forced to return the stolen goods.Remember that?


greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

Yes, it's not over till the fat lady sings the results of the electoral college vote in mid-December.

greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina

Thanks for your astute observations. I share your hopes for the Trump presidency.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greencrow,

Regarding the state of the white house such that Trump can't get into the oval office, etc.:

In the course of going over some Wikileaks emails about the gruesome "pizzagate" I found out that Obama had parties in the white house "flying in 'pizza' and 'hot dogs' for $65,000". that gets interesting when decoded.

In light of that, I think some of the sick stuff these people do may possibly be part of the reason for the sudden need to "renovate" that shack. They probably also want to put in a lot of surveillance and sabotage too.


tsisageya said...

Thank you very much, greencrow. I guess I succumbed for moment. It takes a village.

tsisageya said...

Lol. I mean it's quite funny, right? Because, either way, we're fucked.

Right this second, that makes me laugh.