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CawRANT Events #36

CawRANT Events #36

Good morning, Folks.  It's an overcast but dry day on the West Coast.  It's what I call a "doable day".  In other words, I may put my gum boots on later and go out and rake the back yard.  We've had record-breaking amounts of rain over the past two months at least.  The back yard is a swamp of fallen and decomposing leaves.  But before I go out there...time for a RANT!

You Want it Darker - RIP Leonard Cohen

The world mourned the passing of a great Canadian poet and songwriter, Leonard Cohen, last week.  He died, as they say with his boots on, just having released a new album "You Want it Darker", which was produced by his son.  Here is the title song:

You Want it Darker

Cohen wrote seminal music to accompany the youth of the baby boomer generation.  Yes, I still have his album with the shocking artwork of the flames and the Sacred Heart on the back.  I listened to its morose tunes for hours back in the 60's.  I even named my first born "Marianne" after the song "So long Marianne".  My all time favourite Cohen song is, however, "The Future".  I'm still absolutely amazed at how "Spot On" Cohen was, in predicting what has been going on in the world since 9/11.  But, like a lot of celebrities, Leonard Cohen wasn't so nice in person as I his youth, he went through we used to say...."like toilet paper".  I feel sad for him that although he seemed to have a supernatural insight into the human condition...he couldn't manage a long term relationship.  One of those mysteries of life, I suppose.

Am I the only one who's ever noticed the sometimes symbiotic relationship between geopolitical events and earthquakes?  I've been following this for years, ever since I realized that humans have the capacity to cause earthquakes through Tesla/HAARP technology.  It makes sense to me, at least, that IF humans have this capability then EVERY EARTHQUAKE THAT HAPPENS SHOULD BE EXAMINED TO SEE WHETHER OR NOT IT WAS MAN MADE.  Yes, this does make perfect sense to me...but I am probably the only one on the planet who sees it this way.  Take for instance the recent earthquake in New Zealand.  There have been several earthquakes near Christchurch, the capital of the south island of New Zealand before.  It seems whenever the ziofascists get rattled, Christchurch gets rattled.  I chuckle to myself....remembering to have read somewhere that the next targeted refuge for jews if they start to feel uncomfortable in Israel and/or the Tasmania and/or New Zealand.  The only problem with New Zealand, as I see it, would be the inconvenient name of the capital city of the South Island of New Zealand.  

Dancing around Pedophilia

Several mainstream and alternative media sources have recently published sensational revelations about pedophilia in high places.  I watched Australia's 60 Minutes last night which talked about a long time pedophile ring in the highest reaches of the British government and establishment.  No surprise there.  The only question is....why is it STILL allowed to go on?

Then, there were the even more shocking disclosures contained in this article about a Washington DC pedophile ring with links to a pizza parlour in New York.  Is this the big scandal that the NYPD was alluding to in the last days of the Hillary candidacy?  Pedophilia is de rigeur for the illuminati.  It is one of the main ways they can blackmail and therefore control their political puppets.  It is the initiation fee and membership card into the highest reaches of the controlling class.  Now that homosexuality is socially acceptable, pedophilia and murder are the only methods of corruption and control.  Let's see if, now that Hillary has been defeated, the threat of revelations of pedophilia in the Democratic political elite class go back underground.  That seems always to be the case.

Which reminds me

I've written a couple of posts about my theory that the epidemic of youth suicides in Canada's North are related to the endemic sexual abuse and incest that goes on on the poverty-stricken reserves.  Here is a recent article from the Vancouver Sun which seems to support that theory.  But there is still no mention of whether the epidemic is also being fed by the pipeline of gross, disgusting and filthy Internet Pornography and violent "computer games".  I reason...we know that Internet porn is out there, easily accessible and highly addictive.  We know that youth in the North, for all their isolation and poverty, still have access to the Internet (Canada has one of the highest Internet coverages in the world) and computer games.  Can we not investigate to see whether or not there is a connection between these two happenstances?  After all, Putin recognized the threat to youth in the Russian federation a few years ago and shut down the filthy porn pipeline.  I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop in Ottawa.

Will President Trump re-open the 9/11 Investigation?

As we look forward to a change in the guard in Washington and try to predict what kind of an agenda Trump will pursue (as opposed to all his campaign promises/threats).  One deep hope that burns eternal in the truthers' breasts is for a re-examination of the 9/11 atrocity.  As I've said countless times on this blog...9/11 is at the core of every facet of modern global geopolitics.  It is the huge elephant in the houses of the US Senate and Congress.  It sits on the Pentagon and in the White House.  Will Trump deal with it?  Some people point to his friendship with former mayor of New York during 9/11, Rudy Giuliani as evidence that Trump is "in on the caper" and will not touch it.  Well, I'm of two minds about this.  Sure, Giuliani was part of the cover-up of 9/11...but inadvertent slips of the tongue in the hours immediately after 9/11 lead me to believe he may not have known about it beforehand.  It could be he and/or his family were threatened by the perps and he played along....until such time had passed that he could assist someone to the presidency who could re-open the investigation.  That is just my best case scenario about Rudy Giuliani.  Here is a good post about how Trump could turn the tables on his political enemies and crack open the Deep State 9/11 operation at the same time.

Speaking of hopes for the Trump presidency, my biggest hope...and IMO the litmus test of whether Trump is his own man or just a puppet of the perps is what decisions he makes re Syria.  Hopefully, now that the election is over, Russia can get it's planes back in the air and complete the liberation of Aleppo from the terrorist proxies.  From there, the Syrian and Russian forces can continue to reclaim all Syrian territory.  Here is a report of US soldiers being spotted in Raqqa.  What are they doing there?  Did Assad give them permission?  These are urgent decisions that must be made by the Trump administration.

Another hot spot is Ukraine.  I noted just the other day that six neo Nazis have been arrested in the Donbass regarding the assassination of military hero "Motorola".  Apparently some of them have confessed to the crime.  A Trump administration needs to pull the ziofascist plug on this doomed operation of the globalists to use Ukraine as a bludgeon against Russia.  Ain't gonna work...particularly since in a recent poll of Ukrainians...84% of them said, if given the opportunity, they would vote for Putin for President of opposed to 2% for Obama. 

Finally, back to Canada and CSIS

In a stunning legal decision, Canada's equivalent of the CIA [CSIS] was recently found guilty of maintaining secret files on individuals for no good reason (but probably blackmail)  Here is the report from the CBC:

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says he wants to "make it clear" the spy service was "not knowingly exceeding the scope" of its legal authority when it kept potentially revealing electronic data about people who posed no security threat over a 10-year period.
On Thursday, a Federal Court judge said the spy service was acting illegally and breached its duty to inform the court of its data-collection program, since the information was gathered using judicial warrants.
CSIS broke law by keeping sensitive metadata: Federal Court
What you need to know about the CSIS metadata ruling

CSIS director Michel Coulombe took the unusual step of issuing an additional statement on Sunday to defend the program, saying the spy service had been collecting the data using legal warrants and retaining it based on its interpretation of the law, but that it accepted the decision of the court.

Coulombe also says that the agency briefed former public safety ministers Stockwell Day and Vic Toews about the program, and shared information with the Security Intelligence Review Committee and other government stakeholders.

But Coulombe also says those briefings might not have dealt specifically with retaining the subset of associated data that is the subject of the ruling by the court.

Coulombe said last Friday that the spy service had halted all access to, and analysis of, the data in question while it reviews the court decision.

Let's be frank.  CSIS does no good for Canada.  We don't need a tax-payer funded spy agency going around collecting data on Canadians and then potentially blackmailing them or providing the information to foreign spy agencies...we don't need an agency that is somehow involved in the destruction of evidence regarding the take-down of a passenger jet with the murder of hundreds; we don't need a foreign, ziofascist mole in Canada luring vulnerable souls into False Flag terror plots and costing the federal government millions in legal fees and settlements to the victims.  We don't need an agency that renditions Canadians to foreign lands for torture, based on absolutely no evidence.  We don't need an agency to go down to Guantanamo and interview and help to maintain the incarceration of Canadians on false charges.

CSIS has been nothing but trouble, an embarrassment, a war crimes facilitator...and a big expense to Canada.  It's time to dismantle it and cast it to the four President John F. Kennedy wanted to do to the CIA...shortly before his untimely death.

Well, that's about it for this RANT...time to go out and put my garden to bed for the winter.  Bye...until my next CawRANT Events.

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