Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Are Americans being subjected to Colour Revolution "Regime Change"????!!

Anti-Trump Students Demonstrating...
are these demonstrators being handled by
Colour Revolution "Regime Changers"?

Okay folks, I've been watching and listening to the newz on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...our taxpayer funded neocon propaganda machine.  There is non-stop highly inflammatory anti-Trump rhetoric on what passes for the nightly newz, combined with non-stop regurgitation of the street demonstrations going on in the US.  It's as if "someone" is trying to get Canadians on board with the refusal of SOME Americans to accept the outcome of the democratic election of yesterday.

Having watched how these things usually go down.  Here's a word to the wise.  If anyone sees Victoria Nuland handing out cookies to the demonstrators...that's a very BAD sign.

Just sayin'.

NOTE:  Those who are blindly "following orders" or are being paid to demonstrate against President-elect Trump should use their time more wisely by watching this video.  An interview with journalist and documentary film maker John Pilger.  It's called "No one to vote for."

John Pilger explains why Americans
Chose Trump


Ed(itor) said...

[&&]{**}[##] (utterly scary, given its precedent)

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

Thanks for the links. I will repeat what I said in my response to your comment in my previous post:

"....I'm quite worried. I've never seen the CBC quite this vile in its anti-Trump reporting. If it keeps up for more than 48 hours I would be worried about "regime change" like what happened in Kiev. Watch for snipers shooting at both sides from the rooftops.


Ed(itor) said...

Yes, I saw that. And also Madsen's concern about those around Trump, and at least one suggestion (to say nothing of the tweets) that he may be the target of assassination. We know Soros is afoot, and the flying monkeys have two months for their direct influence and mayhem.

Penny said...

Hey GC:

OMG! I checked the news this morning and the first thought that came to me..
America is getting it's colour revolution.

(not sure about an overthrow aka Ukraine, possible, but I'm thinkin' this is long term)

It made perfect sense why two of the most god awful/divisive candidates were running the most divisive campaigns imaginable
And Hillary's speech was full of identity politics meme dropping- so..
Then I come to see what you have up and boom- there it is
Your catching a whiff of the same foul odour!

though yesterday there were a pile of news stories about impeaching Trump before he takes office/after he takes office
And I was like what the hell!?