Thursday, November 24, 2016

9/11 Sanity takes on 9/11 Insanity....and...for once...WINS!!!

Ignorant BBC Reporter confronts Professor
about 9/11 and gets schooled

First, notice how YouTube has tried to minimize the impact of this video by the totally irrelevant face showing on the video above.  They want to discourage people from watching it.  Why? because it is an example of "Sanity confronting Insanity" and Sanity wins.  This is not good news for the 9/11 perps....who also control the entire Main$tream Media, including BBC,  Google and YouTube.

But watch and listen to the video.  It is absolutely delicious to see how sanity and rationality renders the insane and the irrational stunned and dumbfounded....without a credible response.  I wish all the people I know (most of my real life family and acquaintances) could watch the video and then give me their reaction.  But you know what?  I've already been through this hundreds of times since 2001 and I know the drill.  The $heeple will NOT watch such a video.  They don't want to be schooled and they don't want to know.  This is part of their DNA.  They would literally want the 9/11 perps to drive humanity towards a nuclear Armageddon WWIII rather than accept the truth about what happened on 9/11.

That is why the above video is such an anomaly.  A stupid and insane BBC Sheeple actually engages with a sane professor over the official 9/11 evidence.  This is extremely rare.  Watch, as the insane believer is left to the final scraps of a threadbare argument when he asks: "But, but, you don't believe in the official evidence?"  As if, having an "official" call something "evidence" automatically makes it an unassailable fact--even when the "fact" contravenes the Laws of Physics.  This is truly paltry, impoverished and twisted thinking....but it's what rules 67% of society.  C'est dommage!


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missingarib said...

More like cauterized brain damaged than C'est dommage! How awful that even some of our closest friends and relatives will not open their eyes -they look but do not see ,hear but do not understand,lose all reason .more is the pity.

Penny said...


As of now I do not believe that Syria struck Turkish forces
The more I dig, the more I smell disinfo
Do you realize that this occured on the one year anniversary date of the shootdown of the Russian jet?
And this could be a provocation in hopes of getting Russia and Turkey to fight or at the very least to stop their rapprochement?

I'm updating my latest post and right now I do not believe at all Syria hit the Turks