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The Greencrow Wants a Russian Passport Too!!!

Blogger Paul Craig Roberts "with kitties"
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order

Breaking News:  The Kremlin will consider giving a Russian Passport to Truth Blogger Paul Craig Roberts!  Here is the report and I will have my comments to follow:

According to the Russian Press

The Kremlin is ready to consider the issue of granting the Russian citizenship to Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, if he were to file a corresponding application, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Earlier this week, Roberts asked Russian President Vladimir Putin in an open letter for a Russian passport. The official reminded that Putin had granted citizenship to Steven Seagal, expressing hope that "being a Russian agent is as important as teaching martial arts to Russians."

"A corresponding application needs to be filed in order to receive citizenship. It will be considered if it is filed," Peskov told RIA Novosti.

Read more:

The greencrow is green with envy at this news.  Why does Paul Craig Roberts qualify for the most treasured object on the planet these days....the cherished Russian Passport....but not moi?!!!

I'm a pro-Russian Truth blogger too.  I have presented the Kremlin/Putin's viewpoint (sanity vs insanity) just as many times as PCR.  I have covered every single one of Putin's geopolitical master chess moves (including in the previous post)...and showed how, time after time he's run circles around the insane warmonger hegemonists in the White House.  I've even visited Russia (2014) and basked in the beautiful endless landscapes, high culture and deep history.  I have a special page on this blog "The Spirit of Russia" to prove it.

If I had a Russian Passport...I could leave Canada and it's majority "Sheeple" behind in their wooly self-imposed mass deception.

Greencrow Pleads Case for Russian Passport

No longer would I have to fear the steady encroachment of pipelines... and the tsunami of foreign migrants,  No longer would I have to subject myself to the puppet leaders and their cringing supplication before the globalists...."Le Dauphin" Justin Trudeau...his mop of unruly hair...and his naïve political bloopers be gone! No longer would I have to put up with Western "culture" with its crass commercialism...Black food and mind-numbing TV.  No longer would I have to fear the thermonuclear war that the West is always threatening and provoking with Russia...because I would be on the stronger side...with weaponry second to none!

If I had a Russian Passport I could visit the Kremlin Red Square and join in with Russians celebrating their New Years...which is very high up on my bucket list.  I could rent a small Dacha along the river just outside of Moscow and live in rustic luxury...with a log fire burning in the fireplace and homegrown vegetables on my table.  Why! I would be a Russian Babushka! One of those treasured stereotypes of Russian society.  And the best part would be I could still enjoy my favourite is just as big in Russia as it is in Canada.  Satellite would bring me all the games...Right?!  Spaciba Putin! for giving PCR the opportunity to win the World's Passport can you please just give one to me?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

UPDATED: Erdogan pleads Guilty of Illegal Syrian Aggression: Plea Bargain with Russia????

UPDATED:  December 1, 2016 Erdogan "backtracks" on earlier statement that goal in Syria is to topple Assad.  After telephone conversation on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Erdogan suddenly again remembers what side his bread is buttered on.

UPDATED:  November 30, 2016:  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be travelling to Ankara today (Wednesday, November 30, 2016) to discuss Syria with Erdogan and to find out what he meant when he disclosed that Turkey, a NATO member, was in Syria for the purpose of toppling the legitimate leader of Syria.  Syria is now on the brink of defeating the so-called "rebels" who are in fact foreign proxies.  One wonders anew what could have predisposed Erdogan to making such a gratuitously self-incriminating statement.

Turkey's President Erdogan

“In my estimation, nearly 1 million people have died in Syria. These deaths are still continuing without exception for children, women and men. Where is the United Nations? What is it doing? Is it in Iraq? No. We preached patience but could not endure in the end and had to enter Syria together with the Free Syrian Army,” said Erdogan, as reported by Hurriyet Daily News. The Free Syrian Army is a moderate rebel group.  As Quoted in Breitbart News

Everyone is crapping their pants tonight about Erdogan's admission that his military is in Syria for the express purpose of removing Assad.  They suspect that this is prelude to a final attack on Damascus with erstwhile ally US.

The greencrow flies high, gets a macro view, and has come up with another analysis.  Erdogan has admitted guilt in an effort to "plea bargain" with newfound friend....and coup protector extraordinaire, Vladimir Putin.  By this admission of guilt...this member of NATO has implicated the rest of NATO and in particular, the US.  Last I heard, the UN charter forbids attacking another sovereign nation without provocation or in self defense.

So, Turkey has implicated the US in a bald face grab for territory and elimination of (yet another) rightful, legitimate ruler.  So, now if Turkey withdraws from Syria....which I predict it leaves the US and the Ziofascist proxies "guilty by association" and "twisting in the wind".

So then....what do we have here...with Turkey's admission of guilt and attempt to "plea bargain"?

Yet another checkmate by the old chess master [and Master of International Law], Vladimir Putin!

Monday, November 28, 2016

CawRANT Events #37

CawRANT Events #37

Good Morning Folks!  It's NOT raining on the West I speak. There were monsoon rains all weekend, however. We have had more rain in the past three months than in the past three years, IMO...and it's becoming a matter of consternation....every night the police/ambulance sirens are screaming all night...people are in trouble...perhaps it is SAD...Seasonal Affective Disorder...caused by lack of exposure to the vitamins derived from sunshine.  I know I'm craving to sit by a pool in the sunshine and soak up a few rays.  For medical reasons, my partner and I are unable to leave the cloudy sky's of Canada for a full year.  So, I might as well let off some steam in a CawRANT!!!

Trudeau Steps in In It Again

You would think something would click in that head between Canada's Prime Minister, the wet-behind-the- ears Justin "le dauphin" Trudeau.  He keeps backing the wrong political horse.  This is one of the worst errors a politician can make in the phony world of politics. First of all, he backed Clinton in the last US election and dissed Trump on her behalf...probably at her know how that works...the humiliating test of loyalty...or payback for favours.

Now, he issued a public statement in praise of the recently deceased Cuban revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro...and all hell broke loose on the "Twittersphere".  Gawd I hate that phony silo of managed communication!  Trump...the Twitter King...took the opportunity to lambaste Trudeau for the praise and then Trump's opposite number, the "Liberals" took a swing at him:

In trying to please all of the people all of the time, Justin Trudeau has learnt a valuable lesson about the nature of contemporary liberals. They are willing to forgive themselves, but they quickly turn on one of their own when such an individual veers ever so slightly in favour of either traditional socialism or display an ounce of conservatism.

Poor Justin. I hope he can calm down and relax over a glass of non-dairy, fair-trade organic, double-cold pressed soil juice whilst listening to a greatest hits collection of Tony Blair speeches in the basement of Toronto’s finest post-gender, trans-human, tri-sexual bar.
So, as usual, Trudeau meekly backed off and apologized in a sense for "Praising without Permission".  He said that Castro was a "dictator".  The fact of the matter is that Fidel Castro was one of the greatest leaders of the last century.  Cuba was a backwards island (there was only electricity in Havana) where the US mob ruled the casinos and crime centre of Havana.  Most of the people who were displaced or lost their homes in the uprising were mob members or associates...their homes were the result of ill gotten gains.  With the help of the Soviet Union...and never forget that fact...Cuba was raised out of the middle ages.  It ended up with one of the highest standards of living when compared with the US controlled "banana republics" in the rest of the Caribbean.  Their schools and universities were excellent.  They ended up having one of the best Health Care Systems (the US could still take a page from Castro's book in that regard) and were an "exporter of doctors" to the world.

My partner and I spent a week in Cuba about eight years ago now.  We took bus trips from our beach side resort into the capital city of Havana and to the outlying small villages...which still look and function much like they did hundreds of years ago...still horses and donkeys in the small, cobblestoned streets.  Our tour guides spoke excellent English and schooled us in the history of the island.  I remember a few indelible snatches of their lectures...delivered by microphone as they drove the busses down the winding narrow two lane highways and through the crowded villages.  They said that the CIA tried very hard to destroy the revolution...even putting cement into the milk given to the children at the residential boarding schools that the children attended during the winter (the children all worked in the fields during the summer).  They were universally in praise of Che whom there is a huge monument in central Cuba.  The monument is treated like the Vatican....visitors have to remove their hats and remain silent on the grounds.  No matter what we read in the Western Main$tream Media...Cubans are very proud of their revolution to this day.  They have paid a very high price for it...surely a five star hotel in Cuba is about a three star hotel in the US.  The food is McDonalds or fancy restaurants in Cuba...but it is nourishing.  It was the first time I ate "real" bananas...and they're delicious...if a lot smaller than the GMO ones we get.  Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the inspiration for oppressed and indigenous peoples throughout the world during the last century.  No wonder the globalists and their acolytes hated them.

But Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre, was a personal friend of Castro and visited him in the chagrin of the Justin thought he could get away with a positive comment.  But not so...they own him and he has to use his youth and attractive image and irrepressible positivity in THEIR service and their service alone.  As an example, he better not make a comment about this:

World's Biggest Polluter has Pacific North West in Crosshairs

Hidden underneath the blanket of fluff that passes for Main$tream news was the small item that the US navy is planning to release 20000 tons of heavy metals and explosives into the fishing waters of the Pacific Northwest.  It's not like they haven't done it before.  In fact, the seabeds under the Georgia Strait are piled high with the rusting carcasses of depleted uranium torpedoes.  The Navy has and probably still is, used the fishing waters for practice drills of these toxic and radioactive explosives.  Even a dog doesn't poop in his own why is the US navy compromising the health of every succeeding generation of humanity?!  But SHush...don't say a WORD about it Justin (and he won't)...and neither will the Green Party of Canada or the US. 

Someone's' Pissing their pants as the clock ticks down to the change of the guard in Washington

John Kerry is apparently burning up the cross Atlantic telephone lines between Washington and Moscow...trying to forge a last minute deal with Lavrov over Aleppo.  The only problem is...that in the art of the deal....both parties have to have something to offer.  At this stage, Kerry has nothing...not even credibility or good will...which sometimes is enough.  When the US skuppered the last deal by attacking the Aid Convoy...that was it.  Now all the Russians need to do is wait for the Trump Presidency to take over.  Trump has promised to fight the terrorists alongside Russia.  But was TRUMP's promise worth anything?  There have been some very troubling signals from the Trump Transition Team:

Politically, I'm starting to fear the Donald Trump doesn't know his @$$ from a hole in the ground.  Really!  What did someone say recently?  The choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the choice you have in Russian Roulette between a gun with three bullets and a gun with six bullets.  Trump is apparently seriously considering this guy, Rudy Giuliani, for Secretary of State:

Rudy Giuliani can be brought up on charges today for his participation in the deception and negligence that led to the deaths and illness of so many workers at Ground Zero. However, his actions in that regard, and his personal history, point to the possibility that he was engaged in greater crimes related to 9/11.  Kevin Ryan

In a televised interview with ABC News immediately after the 9/11 attacks, Rudy Giuliani stated that he was told the World Trade Center towers were going to collapse before they actually did. This is what he said of the warning, which occurred shortly before the first tower fell.

“I .. I went down to the scene and we set up a headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Head of Emergency Management, and
we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna’ collapse. And it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building, so we were trapped in the building for 10, 15 minutes, and finally found an exit, got out, walked north, and took a lot of people with us.” [19]

Problems with these remarks include that, at the time, no one familiar with structural fires or tall building construction expected anything of the kind.[20] That is because no tall building had ever suffered global collapse from fire before and, moreover, none have experienced such a failure since that day. In fact, many architects and engineers still consider it impossible.[21]

Yes, according to pre-imminent 9/11 Researcher, Kevin Ryan, Giuliani should be in the prisoner's dock on 9/11...not being considered for a high ranking diplomatic position. If Trump doesn't know that...he doesn't know Sh!t.  Giuliano isn't the only dubious candidate for cabinet positions in the future Trump presidency. 

When it falls apart...It really falls apart - Soros' Secret Empire

But, I'm going to end on a positive note.  Soros' Empire seems to be falling apart.  He's thrown a final roll of the dice by backing Jill Stein's proxy effort for a vote recount in certain states on behalf of Hillary Clinton...but everywhere else, his influence appears to be waning:

This is from the Wayne Madsen Report:

November 14-15, 2016 -- George Soros hit with triple whammy

...In Bulgaria, a Trump-like political newcomer, Rumen Radev of the Socialist Party, defeated the Soros-backed and pro-EU and NATO presidential candidate Tsetska Tsacheva in a 59 to 36 percent final tally..."
...There was more bad news for Soros in Moldova, which lies between Romania and Ukraine. The Socialist Party’s Igor Dodon defeated Maia Sandu of the Soros-backed Action and Solidarity party by 52 to 48 percent of the vote in Moldova's first direct popular election of its president..."
...Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, who will face a Soros-backed pro-EU Green Party candidate in the Austria's December 4 election, has hailed Trump's victory as foretelling a better American relationship with Moscow. Hofer is expected to win and add his voice to the anti-EU and anti-migrant political surge now sweeping Europe in the wake of the United Kingdom's successful Brexit vote to leave the EU. December 4 is also the day Italians will vote in a referendum to change the Italian constitution to curb the powers of regional governments. Polls show the referendum going down to defeat. A "no" vote will also spell the end of the Democratic Party government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who counted Barack Obama among his friends and who endorsed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. The anti-EU Five Star Movement is gaining in opinion polls in Italy.

So, the Old Order Changeth....and a terrible thought just occurred to me.... If Soros was behind certain political candidates in the above three countries...and if he was behind Hillary Clinton's campaign...and if the Clinton's were behind is alluded to in my first link above....payback for favours...does that mean that Soros was/is behind Trudeau?  Egads!

I need to get out in the sunshine and take my dogs for a walk...until my next CawRANT...bye for now!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

US Desperados Pass Syria "No Fly" Resolution in House as Opportunities for Chaos in Syria Dwindle.

Drone Footage of Foreign-Sponsored Terrorists'
Damage done to Aleppo, Syria
All damage you will see in this video
brought to you by US Taxpayer dollar$

Carefully covered up activity by the Obama Regime in the last days of the Obomber's lame duck presidency indicates that the House of Representatives (Congress) passed a resolution for a Syrian No Fly Zone .... thus provoking war with Russia.  Here is the entire report and I will have my reaction in comments to follow:

Soon after the presidential election, key warmongers in Congress began formulating plans to make increased conflict a near certainty, complete with the kind of propaganda peddled before the Iraq attack. While everyone was distracted by the election of Trump, six representatives took advantage of the lame-duck session and suspended “normal rules” to bring us H.R. 5732.

As reported by Consortium News:

“Late in the day, on Nov. 15, one week after the U.S. elections, the lame-duck Congress convened in special session with normal rules suspended so the House could pass House Resolution 5732, the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act” calling for intensifying the already harsh sanctions on Syria, assessing the imposition of a “no fly zone” inside Syria (to prevent the Syrian government from flying) and escalating efforts to press criminal charges against Syrian officials…

Most strikingly, the resolution calls for evaluating and developing plans for the United States to impose a “no fly zone” inside Syria, a sovereign nation, an act of war that also would violate international law as an act of aggression. It also could put the U.S. military in the position of shooting down Russian aircraft.”

The suspension of rules procedure is supposed to be used for “non-controversial” bills such as naming Post Offices, but this small group of lawmakers used it to pass a drastically important bill. The blatant abuse of power shows the desperation in the neocon ranks.

Desperate to start WWIII in the dying days of the Obama Regime....the lame duck US democratic congress passed a "House Rule" giving the government permission to set up a "No Fly Zone" In Syria.  The US doesn't even bother with "fig leaf" pretexts more "weapons of mass destruction" or "gassing his own people".  NO.  Now they use an archaic form of legislation, meant for routine housekeeping, to start their wet dream Armageddon...before it's too late.  The so-called peoples' "representatives" and the criminally complicit Main$tream Media conceal this pernicious atrocity under a blanket of post election and "Black Friday" holiday distractions.

No wonder Putin and Erdogan are up late, burning the midnight oil talking on the telephone to one another these days.  Trying to save the planet from the "frothing blood at the mouth" psychopaths infesting the halls of US power is a 24/7 job.  While Americans are dining on Turkey....their Ziofascist government is cooking their goose!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Green Parties all over the Western World function as Ziofascist Moles

Jill Stein of the US Green Party

Follow the Money

One of the bigger stories making the rounds of the alternate media and blogosphere this week is the effort of Green Party and its leader, Jill Stein, to raise funds in the hope of getting a recount in three pivotal states. This could end up being an end run around the democratic election of Trump...unlikely. Or, more likely, could further "delegitimize" the election in the wooly minds of the Sheeple.

Of course, the Green Party and leader Jill Stein did not think this strategy up on their own.  To find out who actually did and who is the "brains" behind the operation...just follow the money:

Jill Stein says she'll file for recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as she racks up $4.5m from donors, but says she needs $2.5m MORE to push for Michigan and pay legal fees - and can't promise states will approve filings

  • President-elect Donald Trump secured the White House when he amassed 290 electoral votes with wins in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
  • Green Party candidate Jill Stein wants a recount of the two states, plus Michigan, after computer experts said hacks could have occurred
  • She raised $4.5million in two days online and claims the money will be used to pay for the recounts - but says she needs a total of $7million
  • Initially she had set $2million as her goal, saying that filing fees would come to around $2.2million for the three states
  • But that figure doesn't include legal fees or money to pay for recount observers, she wrote on her website
  • Stein has confirmed that Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are both going to be filed - but she says she can only apply, not promise a recount 
  • If all three states are found to have actually voted for Hillary Clinton - an unlikely outcome - the presidency would then move to the Democrat

What is Jill Stein Up To?

Apparently, Jill Stein, in no time at all, has raised more money for the re-count than she did for her entire election campaign.  This should raise some eyebrows...and it has.  Paul Craig Roberts is asking:  What is Jill Stein up to?

Jill Stein Tasked with Stealing the Election for Hillary?

So is Dave Hodges in the video above and so is Stephen Lendman in this post on his blog.  The Russians are even interested in the topic.

Well, the greencrow has her own per usual.  Flying high gives a different perspective and, in my case, it cannot help but include the chequered history of the Green Party in Canada and elsewhere.  Take Canada for example:

Canada's Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May

The Green Party here in Canada is a rump of whatever party the Zionist's support.  In historical fact, the Zionists support both parties and all parties.  It's like supporting both sides of a war or economic conflict..."you can't lose".  Canada's Green Party leader...the drab and colourless matron, Elizabeth May has gonnections with the Canadian Jewish Community.  That's her main claim to fame and to a very stable job as head of the Green Party.

Having a woman leader as head of the Green Party, no matter what country it's in is a very important feature.  Women are great "fillers" of leadership positions where there is no future and no power.  They are patient and compliant...and if they're not...they're easily disposed of.  The Green Party is the quintessential "controlled opposition" and "gatekeeper" for all those pesky hot button issues like "Palestinian Rights-the ongoing Genocide in Israel", "pipelines and the environment" and true electoral democracy at the voting booth.  They also spearhead distraction issues like LGTB and immigration issues.  All in all, third party Green Party's are invaluable to Zionists.  It allows them to control a myriad of issues below the radar...without ever doing anything about them. It fills a void for a "third choice" come election time...when there really isn't a third choice...or a first, or second choice.  But it prevents any "real" third choice from ever springing up...because it [the mysteriously always solvent Green Party] has comfortably "squatted"...taking up that territory.  But, most significantly, during an election, it gives the real Deep State controllers a vehicle by which to siphon off votes from a party that they have decided cannot, for whatever reason, form the government.  That's the role the Green Party has played for years in Canada and no doubt, also in the US and throughout so-called "Western Democracies".

But, returning to the original premise of this post...Why the recent effort of Jill Stein to raise money for a "recount".  What is the motive for that?:

The Green’s Motive

Because of Clinton’s popular-vote plurality, there have been calls for electors from states that voted for Trump to change their vote to Clinton, but there is no indication that Trump’s electors are switching sides. Twenty-four states do not legally bind electors to vote with the popular will of their states. The electors will vote in their state capitals on Dec. 19. The Congress will certify the election on Jan. 6.

The move by the Greens raises many questions. At face value, they say the integrity of the electoral system is the only thing at stake. But the Greens must know that the recount effort could only help Clinton and hurt Trump.

Is there some collusion between the Democratic Party and the Greens? Are they a Trojan horse for Clinton who can stay above the fray while getting the recount that some of her supporters have called for?

Have wealthy Clinton donors been behind the flood of cash into the effort in so short a time? Or are the Greens sincere in wanting voting irregularities exposed? One theory is that the recount will expose cheating by both the Republicans and Democrats – and thus reflect badly on the two-party system which has marginalized the Greens and other third parties.

There’s also the mystery of why one Stein quote mentions “foreign agents” while another doesn’t. In the waning days of the campaign, Clinton and her surrogates attacked Trump by suggesting Russian agents were conspiring to install him in the White House. Why did Stein, at least briefly, pick up that Clinton theme even though DNI Clapper had distanced himself from the accusation?

Though there’s widespread doubt among election experts that an audit of the results in the three states will swing the election to Clinton, there now is the possibility that the unpredictable 2016 election might still have a few last-minute twists.

Joe Lauria is a veteran foreign-affairs journalist based at the U.N. since 1990. He has written for the Boston Globe, the London Daily Telegraph, the Johannesburg Star, the Montreal Gazette, the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers. He can be reached and followed on Twitter at @unjoe.

So, there we have it.  According to the predominant view of the alternative press...Stein is a Trojan horse.  They think she's working for the Clintons.  But I would submit she's working for the Deep State itself.  She's a sock all leaders of Green by the Ziofascists as a front.

Different Kinds of Leaders - Two Traditional Types

Interestingly, just this morning, a local news outlet has published a report on a "leadership series" which is a thinly veiled attack on Donald Trump...being what the writer calls a "dominant leader" who is a bully, autocrat, etc.  The writer shoehorns Donald Trump in as an example of this category of leader.  Then there's the "prestige leadership". These types of leaders "get ahead by offering something of value to the group". Presumably Hillary is/was this kind of

But, I would submit there's yet another (third) kind of leader who shares the modern political stage with the above two leadership styles:

Then there's the modern day Sock Puppet Leader

This would, IMO, describe exactly any leader of any "Green Party"....impotently mouthing all kinds of socially correct and politically correct preaching's...while, like Jill Stein, being able to live comfortably on a salary and "pull money out of thin air" to run their vote-splitting campaigns and "special projects" like electoral recounts.

Sure...once every couple of generations, arising out of the political swamp, there comes a "real third party or independent candidate".  Someone who is not a sock puppet...who speaks for himself and for the voiceless.  In fact, the Americans had one such leader during the past election...his name was Donald J. Trump!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

US soldier dies due to ISIS booby trap in northern Syria

US advisors and special forces present alongside the
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
in Syria where, according to this report,
the US has already built a military base
on sovereign Syrian soil without permission
of the legitimate and elected government of Syria

Boots on the Ground

After years of claiming that the United States would never put "boots on the ground" of the sovereign nation of Syria...the Obama Regime appears to have done just that.  According to this report, indeed an American Soldier lost his life today in Syria as a result of stepping on an ISIS land mine.  Here is the report in its entirety and I will have my reaction in comments to follow:

On Thursday evening, the U.S. Central Command confirmed that an American soldier had succumbed to injuries substained by an Islamic State IED (improvised explosive device) in the northern part of Raqqa province, near Ain Issa.

Previously, Al-Masdar News has published photos of US advisors and special forces present alongside the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the region. At Tall Abyad further north, US troops have also built an American military base.

On November 6, the predominately Kurdish SDF began a large-scale offensive, dubbed operation 'Euphrates Wrath', to liberate Raqqa, the functioning Islamic State capital.

Kurdish forces advanced 13 kilometers in the first two weeks of the offensive; however, since reaching positions 25 kilometers north of Raqqa five days ago, the SDF has been unable unable to breach the Islamic State's next defensive line.

My reaction to this report?  If it is true, then Obama is the biggest liar and fraud in modern history.  And an American has lost his life as a result.  The bottom line here is that the United States is nothing more than a battering ram in the Middle East for the tiny, borderless entity called Israel.  Yes, I call Israel a "borderless entity" because it still refuses to officially define its borders to the United is still a "work in progress"....wanting as it does, to snap up the territory of its neighbours in the Middle East.  That long-held wet dream of Ersatz Israel has become stuck between a rock, Russia--under Vladimir Putin and a hard place--Syria under President Dr. Bashar al Assad.

Now, with a Trump presidency looming on the horizon and the uncertainty of whether the "battering ram" will still be a tool at the predators disposal...there is a palpable sense of urgency in Syria.  Will the thieves be able to steal the land in Syria and Iraq before the January 20th deadline?  Will Trump extend the deadline?  There is a lot of uncertainty.  Bombs are exploding all over Iraq...killing primarily Shite civilians.  Everybody is pretending they don't know who is doing the bombing.

But one thing is certain.  The land belongs to the sovereign state of Syria.  Stealing land from one sovereign state...creates a dangerous precedent for stealing land from ANY sovereign state.  Countries like Canada...with lots of territory but a small non-nuclear military...are sitting ducks in the predators' eyes.

9/11 Sanity takes on 9/11 Insanity....and...for once...WINS!!!

Ignorant BBC Reporter confronts Professor
about 9/11 and gets schooled

First, notice how YouTube has tried to minimize the impact of this video by the totally irrelevant face showing on the video above.  They want to discourage people from watching it.  Why? because it is an example of "Sanity confronting Insanity" and Sanity wins.  This is not good news for the 9/11 perps....who also control the entire Main$tream Media, including BBC,  Google and YouTube.

But watch and listen to the video.  It is absolutely delicious to see how sanity and rationality renders the insane and the irrational stunned and dumbfounded....without a credible response.  I wish all the people I know (most of my real life family and acquaintances) could watch the video and then give me their reaction.  But you know what?  I've already been through this hundreds of times since 2001 and I know the drill.  The $heeple will NOT watch such a video.  They don't want to be schooled and they don't want to know.  This is part of their DNA.  They would literally want the 9/11 perps to drive humanity towards a nuclear Armageddon WWIII rather than accept the truth about what happened on 9/11.

That is why the above video is such an anomaly.  A stupid and insane BBC Sheeple actually engages with a sane professor over the official 9/11 evidence.  This is extremely rare.  Watch, as the insane believer is left to the final scraps of a threadbare argument when he asks: "But, but, you don't believe in the official evidence?"  As if, having an "official" call something "evidence" automatically makes it an unassailable fact--even when the "fact" contravenes the Laws of Physics.  This is truly paltry, impoverished and twisted thinking....but it's what rules 67% of society.  C'est dommage!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump Makes First BIG Mistake of Presidency

Trump meeting with Editors of NYT

Demand to Appear

It's a common ploy by the Main$tream Media to attempt to control a leader or influential person by creating a swirl of controversy around him and by, in effect, "demanding that he appear" before them to answer questions raised by the artificially concocted "swirl of controversy".

A classic case of this arose a year or more ago now regarding the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.  It was just after the Western January or February of the year (when the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates its Christmas/New Year) and the Western Press announced that Putin had "gone missing".  They started to build a legend out of thin air around Putin's absence from public appearances and even said he was attending the "birth of his child (a son)" that he had with a girlfriend that he had kept hidden.  It reached a crescendo of fabulous ridiculousness.

The M$M ended up with egg on their face after this FUBAR when Putin reappeared with a visiting head of state at the Kremlin.  When the press questioned him about his "absence" all he did was smile and state: "Life would be very boring if there was no gossip."

But the press never learns from its just repackages them.  They did another "Demand to Appear" with President-elect Donald Trump late last week and the beginning of this week.  They got all in a snit when he went out for dinner on Friday night without a retinue of nosy parker, negative nilly press towing behind him.  When Trump didn't abjectly apologize...they released a barrage of negative lies about him and his family:

Melania "snubs" White House

Yes, the above was an actual headline in the M$M when it was revealed that Melania will remain back in the family home in NYC so that 10 year old son, Barron can complete his school year.  Duh!  This makes perfect sense to every parent in the world....except the "demand to appear" types in the press.  The Press will be surprised and shocked to learn that Canadian Prime Minister Justin "le Dauphin" Trudeau STILL has not moved his family into the official prime minister's residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.  Canadians were told that the official residence, being well over 100 years old, was a total tear-down, which was impossible--due to its heritage designation.  Instead, the government's heritage department has decided to gut it and rebuild the inside, new plumbing, electricity, etc., etc.  In the meantime...Trudeau and his young family are living in the Governor General's residence.

I visited the White House way back in the early 1970's.  This was after Jacqueline Kennedy did her much-vaunted renovation/restoration of the interior.  Frankly, I was shocked.  The White House, for all the aura of power and a tacky, poorly laid out and smallish collection of unimpressive rooms.  Sorry folks.  I'm telling the truth here.  Melania was probably similarly unimpressed by the lodgings and is in no hurry to move in.  My recommendation is that the White House get a complete refresh and a redesign to make Melania feel comfortable within the possibility of being able to feel "at home" in that matchstick construction.

Sorry for this my mother used to say..."Comparisons are odious".  But I've also visited public buildings in Russia...the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg, for instance.  Now those are magnificent dwellings!  High ceilings, all crystal chandeliers, rare woods and marbles polished to the nth degree.  I'm sure Putin was stunned, if and when he ever visited the White House, by the comparison.  Enough said!

But, Back to Trump

Trump was on kind of a roll...well a roll for him, anyway, when he aggressively handled the Main$tream Media's first official "demand to appear".  He called an "off the record" meeting with the mainstream media and called them all "liars".  Then he met with several controversial candidates for top jobs in his administration.  One of the most surprising was Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.  Apparently, Trump is considering her for Secretary of State.  IMO, this would be an excellent appointment, based on her video interview with CNN's CIA agent talking head, Wolf Blitzer last October:

Democratic Congresswoman makes short work
of Wolf Blitzer in interview about
US "illegal" aggression against Syria.

Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of State?  IMO, this would be an excellent about-face from the war-mongers who have been speaking on behalf of the US for more than a decade.  Honestly!  a sane person at last!  Who knew???!!!  He has since announced at least two more appointments.

Trump's First BIG Mistake

So, as I was saying, Trump was on a roll.  Then he stepped right into the biggest cow paddy of them all...the Clinton Legal Morass.  After backing and forthing on meeting with his declared enemy, the New York Times, Trump finally sat down with them...and proceeded to back-track on his promise to "lock her up!".

Now, as I said right after the second debate when Trump famously threatened to put Hillary in jail...  He should know...or one of his legal aids should inform him...that it is not up to the President to put anyone in jail.  And to even make this kind of threat is a clear "conflict of interest" and possible "obstruction of justice"  I thought he would be in hot water after that public threat...but the Clinton Campaign did not make anything of it....this was their mistake.

Yesterday, Trump doubled his error by back-tracking on the threat.  Again, even a legal secretary (as I was for 12 years) knows that it is not appropriate for an elected or appointed person of influence or power (or anyone)  to make any kind of a statement--either threatening someone with legal action or promising NOT to take legal action.  That is up to the independent judicial system in a functioning democracy to do.  In Canada, elected officials have had to resign their office for even making a timely phone call to a judge on behalf of someone.  IT'S THAT SERIOUS!!!

I frankly do not know what's going on with the legal system in the United States that nobody is speaking out about this....except for murmurings from the Presstitutes.  The head judge of the US Supreme Court should be loudly admonishing Trump for these statements.

And, as for pre-emptively abandoning the normal legal processes against the Clintons...IMO, that would be another BIG mistake.  As I said in my JFK post of yesterday, Kennedy was killed by inhabitants of the very same "undrained swamp".  A word to the "wise"(?) is sufficient thereof.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The 53rd Anniversary of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

53rd Anniversary of the Assassination
of  US President John F. Kennedy

Just about every year around this time I write a post commemorating the anniversary of one of the greatest and most tragic events in modern history....the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.  JFK was (to use an expression originally spoken by one of the only truthful investigators of the crime, New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison) "shot down like a dog in the streets" of Dallas on November 22, 1963. 

Truthtelling historians and alternate bloggers now agree that the murderers of Kennedy were a consortium of mobsters, foreign subversives of the US government, banksters, CIA terrorist warmongers and their co-horts in the main$tream Media.  I don't think the perpetrators of the murder anticipated the long term implications of the murder.  They thought that the press could cover it up, distract the public with hoax after the "lunar landings" and in a few years, or perhaps decades....that infamous day and the true evidence would be moldering in some government archival storage warehouse...gathering cobwebs.

Many Internet links about the JFK assassination

No doubt to their ongoing chagrin--some of the murderers, like George H.W. Bush who was a CIA operative at the time, are still alive--Truthers arose, like a force of avenging angels, and pursued even the most tangentially relevant evidence about the case with a determination, commitment and passion that only grows with time.  There are dedicated websites and thousands of books devoted to the question of:  Who killed John F. Kennedy?  In response, the CIA along with the main$tream media, were mainly tasked with the cover-up of the crime.  The pejorative phrase "conspiracy theorist" was first coined to devalue Truthers and their work.  Up to 400 members of the CIA were assigned, at taxpayer expense, to devise all sorts of Black ops projects to cover their tracks--"Project Mockingbird" was one of them.  Sullying the good name and reputation of John F. Kennedy and members of his family was another strategy.  The CIA infiltrated the media and subverted the fifth estate to the extent that there was virtually a "Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy"....a posthumous character is revealed in the video below:

The Second Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

A whole new genre, "fake news" was invented and ultimately took over the formerly independent journalists, newspapers and TV networks.  Today, that is all the main$tream media consists of....fake news.  I have always believed that one of the more heinous aspects of the cover-up....the destruction of JFK and his brother RFK's (also assassinated by the same perps only five years later) personal reputations was a desperate effort to dull the sword of truth as it cut ever closer to the truth, through the body of lies erected in the cover up.  No credible evidence has ever been presented to support the ridiculous number of extra-marital affairs each man is supposed to have had.  Since Kennedy, like Trump just the other week, announced he would take no salary for being the president...the perps could not get JFK on financial corruption.  But Kennedy and his brother Robert were handsome and charismatic, so the ziofascist media just assumed the public would accept that they must be philanderers.  There is no proof.  And many of the women (like Marilyn Monroe) alleged to be paramours....were washed up and mentally unstable "molls"....well known to be assets of the mafia.  I have written previously on this blog my view that the Kennedy brothers' strict Catholic upbringing, their close extended families and successful marriages and their super busy careers would preclude the time and opportunities available for such risky and negative activities.

JFK was the devoted father to two young children
The year of his death, he and wife Jackie had lost their
third child, a son, shortly after birth

But the main evidence that there was a second (character and reputational) assassination of President John F. Kennedy became clear after the truthers honed in on who was the primary force behind the assassinations...the State of Israel.  The State of Israel and its ziofascist leaders wanted Kennedy dead for several reasons:  His opposition to nuclear bombs for Israel, his desire to see the end of the ziofascist-owned Federal Reserve, his Catholicism, his insistence that the Jewish Lobby register as a foreign lobby...and his opposition to warmongering resource driven military-industrial-complex aggression against smaller, vulnerable countries, like Cuba...and Viet Nam.

Michael Collins Piper connected the JFK assassination with Israel

JFK Investigator and videographer Michael Collins Piper was one of the first Truthers to establish the strong evidentiary link between the Dallas hit men and the America-hating cowards behind the contract killing.  Here is a link that presents the evidence against the Israeli henchmen and describes at least three ziofascist coups in American history...the first in 1910-13 when the Federal Reserve was illegally and unconstitutionally foisted on the Republic...the second was the Assassination of JFK in 1963 and the third was 9/11 on September 11, 2001.  According to this well received theory...the ziofacists have infiltrated every agency and institution of the United States and control it to this day.  The predominant opinion of observers of the last US election on November 8, 2016, is that the perps were not happy with the publics' decision to elect an outsider, Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump in the crosshairs

Which brings me around to why younger generations would be well advised to make themselves students of John F. Kennedy's short but eventful presidency and his assassination.  Why?  Because the same perps are still in charge of the CIA, the main$tream media.  There are subversive moles in every agency and governmental and public institution.  The M$M virtually ignored and/or disparaged Trump during his entire campaign.  Now they are seeding their propaganda rags with ominously negative stories about him and/or his family.

Trump is approaching his presidency with the same "drain the swamp" fervor that Kennedy did.  He is therefore, wreaking the same fear and loathing from the "hidden rulers of the US".  They are lying in wait.  Truly the swamp is a good metaphor to describe the habitat of these low-lying creatures.  Some truthers and bloggers suspect that Donald Trump is "too good to be true"...that he's actually "one of them" and will ultimately capitulate to their agenda.  I believe his calling to his offices of Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Monday put the final nail in that coffin.  She has a well earned reputation as an ex-veteran and an anti-war activist.  If you watch the video of her being interviewed last October by neocon CIA agent CNN's Wolf Blitzer, you will see the look on his face and hear the distain in Blitzers' voice in response to her "anti-war in Syria" perspective.  You will then know that Donald cultivating Tulsi puts him directly into the perp's crosshairs.

Viewing the Trump ascension to the US Presidency from the perspective of the JFK assassination perps it looks like deja vu all over again.  Did they not think that Americans would eventually revolt against their political and military oppression and ongoing criminality...even up to and including provoking WWIII nuclear war with Russia???!!!  Do they not have their centuries old history of wearing out their welcomes as an indelible cautionary tale? 

Looking at the situation from the Trump camp's perspective.  If the Trump White House is unable to learn from the Kennedy assassinations...they may well be doomed to repeat them.  They must not make the mistakes that Kennedy naively made.  They must truly "drain the swamp" as they threaten to do [and as Kennedy wanted to do to the CIA] if their lives depend on it.  They must cleanse the Augean stables of law enforcement and the judiciary in order to then be able to stand back and allow justice to take its course at arms' length.  They must not (as Trump appears to have done just today) make the mistake of precluding/prejudging the legal system vis a vis charges against the Clintons for their "pay to play" corruption.  And, of course, it goes without saying that Trump needs to maintain the utmost top security for himself and his family, including his extended family.  Unfortunately, he cannot entirely trust the letter agencies.

After all, there are many (including this writer) who believe that, amongst Hillary and Bill Clinton's many crimes is complicity in the assassination/murder of Hillary's would-be Senatorial rival, John F. Kennedy Jr. his wife and her sister.

NOTE:  Here is a petition for Americans to consider signing.  It was submitted  to the White House by blogger Wayne Madsen and supports the removal of Kennedy assassination co-conspirator President Lyndon Baines Johnson's name from all United States public buildings and property. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Celebrities cry over election results, but not over war victims (VIDEO)

Child in the War Torn Middle East

It is very rare that I post a link in its entirety....but this RANT written by Adam Garrie from The Duran is so spot on that I'm going to do that.  The only thing I would add is that the RANT does not only apply to celebrities.  I have personally met quite a few ordinary people [aka "Sheeple"] in the past week....who have been bemoaning the defeat of Killary Clinton....these same folks have never said "boo" about the non-stop Ziofascist atrocities that have blighted humanity since 9/11.


Celebrities crying over election results shows their disconnect with the rest of the world, where millions are suffering from US-sponsored wars and destruction.

Watching videos of idiotic celebrities bitch, moan and cry over the fact that Crooked Hillary lost the election would be funny, if there weren’t a tragic element about it. Donald Trump, who had the entire establishment and more rigged against him, still managed to pull off a sensational victory.

But for the professional losers called celebrities, this is not enough. They are crying, they are making threats, they are being hysterical, some are even encouraging hooliganism.

But where were their tears when Saddam was illegally removed from power and executed like an animal? Where were they when Crooked Hillary’s Islamist terrorists waged a war against the government of Libya and murdered Gaddafi as he begged for mercy? Where were they when President Yanukovych was forced to run for his life from fascist mobs? Where are they now that President Assad is trying to destroy ISIS and Al Qaeda?

The answer is that they were making millions, peddling obscenity, destroying people’s minds with inane nonsense. These people are not the cause but are instead, symptomatic of a broader western malaise of normative relativism. According to this sick hypocritical relativism, if Donald Trump proposes a trade policy that they don’t like – they shout hysterically, but when a million Iraqis die because of US and UK foreign policy, ‘life goes on’.

Well the lives of the rich celebrities go on, the lives of the penthouse anarchists and the prostitutes with body guards, the psychopaths with top class, fix-figure medical treatments; their lives do go on indeed.

But life does not go on for the Serbian children who died in their mothers arms because the US wanted to destroy and exploit the once stable, prosperous and tolerant Yugoslavia. Life has not gone on for the black Africans who are being ethnically cleansed in post Jamahiriya Libya. Life has not gone on for the raped infants and dead civilians in Donbass. Life has not gone on for the people of Syria who once lived in one of the most secular regimes in the region and are now living under the barbaric hand of throat cutting terrorists.

The fact of the matter is, no matter who won the US election, America would remain a first-world country with broadly high living standards, with freedom of expression from the profound to the totally inane, and most importantly, no foreign power would go to war with the US because of their displeasure with the election results.

The same cannot be said of other countries whom America and European states only allow to be free if the freedom is that of the obedient servant. The fact that these idiotic celebrities do not realise that a Trump victory assures the possibility of peace where a Hillary Clinton victory would have guaranteed the escalation of war, demonstrates the wanton ignorance of such individuals.

If they really cared about the wider world and about broader human causes rather than their own limited special interests, they would if anything, have endorsed Trump, either cautiously or enthusiastically, depending on their capacity for optimism vis-à-vis cynicism.

But this has not been the case, they’re own selfish agenda has trumped any attempt to truly understand Trump and what his victory means. I have no time to consider the feelings of those shedding tears. I have spent too much of my life agonizing over those whose blood has been shed.

Celebrities Crying Over Trumps' Victory - Compilation

War Victims - Collateral Damage

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Desperate Final Moves for Ziofascists in Syria

In the final days of the Three Decades+ long Ziofascist Regime in Washington...Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, there are the usual signs of fin de siècle desperation setting in.  Power does not release power easily.  Very strange bedfellows are emerging as pathetic proposals are made by the losers...and "last chance motel" bargain basement deals are attempted to be cut. 

Syria was the fourth of the "Seven Countries in Five Years" that the ziofascists in the Bush/Obama oligarchy attempted to impose on the world in the early 2000's.  Chaos had already been successfully injected into Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya:

And he said, "I just got this down from upstairs" -- meaning the Secretary of Defense's office -- "today." And he said, "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."Sep 11, 2011 General Wesley Clark

Syria was the third jewel in the ersatz Israel crown stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Egypt had also been made a mess of--by way of a Soros "Arab Spring" Colour Revolution"?

But something happened half way along the road to the Greater Israel PNAC project.  Russia caught on to the caper and decided to draw a line in the Syrian sand.  Having one of its most important naval bases in the Syrian port of Tartus, was no small factor in this decision. The thin veneer and shop-worn pretext for the Ziofascist aggression---"Assad was a monster who gassed his own people" quickly dissolved under the abrasion of Russian insistence on the application of the Rule of International Law through the United Nations.  The Obomber backed off.  It has always been my view that Obama's demurring to full scale invasion of Syria was in major part due to a fission cracking within the Pentagon.  IMO, this was the beginning of the "below the radar civil war" being fought within the US letter agencies for the past four years (at least).  As I noted in my previous post, the Trump electoral victory signals that the "white hats" have won that internal combat.

So now, in the final days and weeks of the pro ziofascist regime, we have the incredible proposal, supposedly made by the United Nations, that Syria agree to a cease-fire in the major northern Syrian city of Aleppo, where the holed up al Jewsra terrorists are holding hundreds of thousands of East Aleppo Syrians captive. The terms of the UN proposal are that Syria would grant the terrorists sovereignty over the stolen Syrian lands.  NOTE:  I just noticed that my blogging colleague "Penny for your thoughts" has blogged today on the UN audacity as

Of course when you want to read the details of an official lie...where do you go but to the BBC...Best British Calumny.  We have viewed at least five video interviews of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad in the past several months....where he calmly and clearly enunciates over and over again that the Syrian position is based on the Syrian Constitution and International Law.  Assad says over and over and over again that it is not even within his presidential powers to give up Syrian Territory.  Duh!  Is it within Obombers' powers or Merkels' powers or Hollandes' power to give up US, German or French territory? NO!  The proposal is a non-starter.  And why SHOULD Assad relinquish Syrian territory when the Syrian army, supported by the Russian airforce, are literally on the brink of liberating Eastern Aleppo and freeing the citizens there who have been desperately trying to escape the ziofascist clutches of their kidnappers?

Then, just today, we hear of another desperate initiative....this time by France (French President Hollande soon-to-be-electorally discarded sock puppet for the US and NATO)  This time the Ziofascists are trying to stave off the liberation of the eastern city of Raqqa (and location of lucrative and stolen-by-the terrorists Syrian oil industry) by having a "coalition offensive against the terrorists".  Again this proposal is a clear non-starter.  Why would Assad give up the economic backbone of Syria?  And why would he allow his foreign-backed proxy terrorist enemies to maintain a "foot in the door" when he's now in a position to drop them to the ground and take them out...not unlike the FSB agent took out this foreign operative in the video below:

FSB agent takes down CIA agent

Yes, the take-out in the above video is an excellent metaphor for what I would like to see Assad and Putin (and Trump, if he is so inclined) do to the remaining Ziofascist terrorists in Syria!  The sooner the better.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Too Good to be True...Is this Guy for Real???

Too Good to be True...Is this Guy for Real???

Steve Unpronounceable is at it again....issuing ultimatums against the US Deep State.  The self-admitted intelligence wonk came in from the cold during the US election campaign.  He introduced himself in a shocking video as representing the "White Hats" (as opposed to the knock-off "White Helmets") in the Pentagon/CIA.  Steve said he was part of an "informal" group who were spear-heading a counter-coup to the Clinton coup.  He said both coups were silent and bloodless "Internet" driven coups.  I like what he had to say because, if true, it supports my theory, often presented on this blog, that the United States was/is in the midst of a covert "civil war" between factions in the "letter agencies".

The trouble with Steve is he gives very little detail about who he represents and who they are fighting.  The proof of his authenticity would be if, in the video above, for instance, he named the names of the people who made the decisions about the false flag events [9/11, Sandy Hook, Orlando, etc.] he lists and declares that "they" do not want to happen again.

Maybe this is one of the names:
James Clapper head of NSAJames Clapper resigned from his position as head of the NSA today.  Resignations of this sort are normal at the end of a Presidential mandate.  But here is the inconsistency with Steve....Truthers KNOW who likely was behind the false flags he lists and says no more of.  Some of them are the same people recently mentioned as candidates for a future Trump presidency. 

Speaking of names....Wayne Madsen is saying the Trump White House Team may include many of the old Bush neocon guard that initiated the destructive wars for Israel on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.  If Trump names neocons like John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and others to his cabinet...then will that piss Steve and his group off? Will he have to, as he threatens in the above video, resurrect his covert and silent coup?'s pretty obvious to me, if no one else, that Steve's coup was conducted through WikiLeaks.  It is obvious to me that the source for all the embarrassing leaks was Steve's "informal" group.  So we don't have to falsely blame Russia, etc., etc.

Hillary on Election Night - Portrait of a BPD sufferer???

Back to election night for a moment...I cannot resist posting this link about an inebriated Hillary becoming physically violent towards two of her campaign workers after she announced her defeat.  True or not, it supports my BPD diagnosis and raises the story to legend-status--the stuff of Hollywood movies.  In more recent days, Hillary has toned down her purple outfit to a "purplish" blue but is still urging her Soros paid for and bussed in agitators to continue their "colour revolution". a speech at a children's charity she urged the audience to fight for American values and "never give up."

The colour revolutionists...whose backers are, IMO, determined to destroy America through divide and conquer, are predicating their demonstrations on the notion that Hillary "won the popular vote".  I said from the moment of the announcement on election night that Clinton won California that the vote (in California) was rigged.  IMO, Hillary did NOT win the popular vote.  It does not make sense even from an outsider's perspective looking at the landslide electoral vote, that she could have won the popular vote...had the electoral vote been closer, perhaps.  Here are some links that support my contention that the popular vote was stolen, particularly in California:

Electoral Officer says voters she talked
with on Election Night were surprised to
learn from her that they could only vote "by mail".

No, it is evident that there was vote tampering and that the "Black Hats" (as opposed to Steve's "White Hats") will not give up.  I have reached the conclusion that the bigger picture of this entire decades-long campaign by the shape-shifting neocons (now they're being called "neo-liberals") is to destroy and balkanize the United States.  Why?  I don't know exactly...but everything they've done since their murder of President John F Kennedy has been working towards that goal.  Their never-ending and bankrupting wars, their inciting of hatred of America all over the world with their rapacious economic and military hegemony, their destruction of the American democracy by corrupting the press, the police, the legal system and the Treasury. Their brinkmanship with nuclear-armed Russia. Everything, when you view it from a the crow flies....spying from above...has been a laser focused on the fiery destruction of the American Republic.  Perhaps they expect to rise, like a phoenix, out of the ashes.

Soros is Definitely one of the "Black Hats"

So, the Trump usurpation of presidential power is just a bump on the highway.  They will continue to degrade and destroy.  Finally realizing that the people have largely abandoned and ignored the Main$tream Media, they will go after it's replacement, the alternative media.
Instead of going after the lying M$M after their massive failure to accurately cover the campaign...the perps are going after the alternative "Conspiracy Website" media....

They will continue to use the American military, built up to a maximum over the decades because the military-industrial complex is the only real economy in the a force for global war and chaos.  Their new military recruitment advertisement even spells it out:

Towards the "Sounds of Chaos"

Trump would be wise to complete and announce his transition team quickly and work towards a seamless transition...because the perps feed off their ad clearly illustrates.

Monday, November 14, 2016

CawRANT Events #36

CawRANT Events #36

Good morning, Folks.  It's an overcast but dry day on the West Coast.  It's what I call a "doable day".  In other words, I may put my gum boots on later and go out and rake the back yard.  We've had record-breaking amounts of rain over the past two months at least.  The back yard is a swamp of fallen and decomposing leaves.  But before I go out there...time for a RANT!

You Want it Darker - RIP Leonard Cohen

The world mourned the passing of a great Canadian poet and songwriter, Leonard Cohen, last week.  He died, as they say with his boots on, just having released a new album "You Want it Darker", which was produced by his son.  Here is the title song:

You Want it Darker

Cohen wrote seminal music to accompany the youth of the baby boomer generation.  Yes, I still have his album with the shocking artwork of the flames and the Sacred Heart on the back.  I listened to its morose tunes for hours back in the 60's.  I even named my first born "Marianne" after the song "So long Marianne".  My all time favourite Cohen song is, however, "The Future".  I'm still absolutely amazed at how "Spot On" Cohen was, in predicting what has been going on in the world since 9/11.  But, like a lot of celebrities, Leonard Cohen wasn't so nice in person as I his youth, he went through we used to say...."like toilet paper".  I feel sad for him that although he seemed to have a supernatural insight into the human condition...he couldn't manage a long term relationship.  One of those mysteries of life, I suppose.

Am I the only one who's ever noticed the sometimes symbiotic relationship between geopolitical events and earthquakes?  I've been following this for years, ever since I realized that humans have the capacity to cause earthquakes through Tesla/HAARP technology.  It makes sense to me, at least, that IF humans have this capability then EVERY EARTHQUAKE THAT HAPPENS SHOULD BE EXAMINED TO SEE WHETHER OR NOT IT WAS MAN MADE.  Yes, this does make perfect sense to me...but I am probably the only one on the planet who sees it this way.  Take for instance the recent earthquake in New Zealand.  There have been several earthquakes near Christchurch, the capital of the south island of New Zealand before.  It seems whenever the ziofascists get rattled, Christchurch gets rattled.  I chuckle to myself....remembering to have read somewhere that the next targeted refuge for jews if they start to feel uncomfortable in Israel and/or the Tasmania and/or New Zealand.  The only problem with New Zealand, as I see it, would be the inconvenient name of the capital city of the South Island of New Zealand.  

Dancing around Pedophilia

Several mainstream and alternative media sources have recently published sensational revelations about pedophilia in high places.  I watched Australia's 60 Minutes last night which talked about a long time pedophile ring in the highest reaches of the British government and establishment.  No surprise there.  The only question is....why is it STILL allowed to go on?

Then, there were the even more shocking disclosures contained in this article about a Washington DC pedophile ring with links to a pizza parlour in New York.  Is this the big scandal that the NYPD was alluding to in the last days of the Hillary candidacy?  Pedophilia is de rigeur for the illuminati.  It is one of the main ways they can blackmail and therefore control their political puppets.  It is the initiation fee and membership card into the highest reaches of the controlling class.  Now that homosexuality is socially acceptable, pedophilia and murder are the only methods of corruption and control.  Let's see if, now that Hillary has been defeated, the threat of revelations of pedophilia in the Democratic political elite class go back underground.  That seems always to be the case.

Which reminds me

I've written a couple of posts about my theory that the epidemic of youth suicides in Canada's North are related to the endemic sexual abuse and incest that goes on on the poverty-stricken reserves.  Here is a recent article from the Vancouver Sun which seems to support that theory.  But there is still no mention of whether the epidemic is also being fed by the pipeline of gross, disgusting and filthy Internet Pornography and violent "computer games".  I reason...we know that Internet porn is out there, easily accessible and highly addictive.  We know that youth in the North, for all their isolation and poverty, still have access to the Internet (Canada has one of the highest Internet coverages in the world) and computer games.  Can we not investigate to see whether or not there is a connection between these two happenstances?  After all, Putin recognized the threat to youth in the Russian federation a few years ago and shut down the filthy porn pipeline.  I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop in Ottawa.

Will President Trump re-open the 9/11 Investigation?

As we look forward to a change in the guard in Washington and try to predict what kind of an agenda Trump will pursue (as opposed to all his campaign promises/threats).  One deep hope that burns eternal in the truthers' breasts is for a re-examination of the 9/11 atrocity.  As I've said countless times on this blog...9/11 is at the core of every facet of modern global geopolitics.  It is the huge elephant in the houses of the US Senate and Congress.  It sits on the Pentagon and in the White House.  Will Trump deal with it?  Some people point to his friendship with former mayor of New York during 9/11, Rudy Giuliani as evidence that Trump is "in on the caper" and will not touch it.  Well, I'm of two minds about this.  Sure, Giuliani was part of the cover-up of 9/11...but inadvertent slips of the tongue in the hours immediately after 9/11 lead me to believe he may not have known about it beforehand.  It could be he and/or his family were threatened by the perps and he played along....until such time had passed that he could assist someone to the presidency who could re-open the investigation.  That is just my best case scenario about Rudy Giuliani.  Here is a good post about how Trump could turn the tables on his political enemies and crack open the Deep State 9/11 operation at the same time.

Speaking of hopes for the Trump presidency, my biggest hope...and IMO the litmus test of whether Trump is his own man or just a puppet of the perps is what decisions he makes re Syria.  Hopefully, now that the election is over, Russia can get it's planes back in the air and complete the liberation of Aleppo from the terrorist proxies.  From there, the Syrian and Russian forces can continue to reclaim all Syrian territory.  Here is a report of US soldiers being spotted in Raqqa.  What are they doing there?  Did Assad give them permission?  These are urgent decisions that must be made by the Trump administration.

Another hot spot is Ukraine.  I noted just the other day that six neo Nazis have been arrested in the Donbass regarding the assassination of military hero "Motorola".  Apparently some of them have confessed to the crime.  A Trump administration needs to pull the ziofascist plug on this doomed operation of the globalists to use Ukraine as a bludgeon against Russia.  Ain't gonna work...particularly since in a recent poll of Ukrainians...84% of them said, if given the opportunity, they would vote for Putin for President of opposed to 2% for Obama. 

Finally, back to Canada and CSIS

In a stunning legal decision, Canada's equivalent of the CIA [CSIS] was recently found guilty of maintaining secret files on individuals for no good reason (but probably blackmail)  Here is the report from the CBC:

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says he wants to "make it clear" the spy service was "not knowingly exceeding the scope" of its legal authority when it kept potentially revealing electronic data about people who posed no security threat over a 10-year period.
On Thursday, a Federal Court judge said the spy service was acting illegally and breached its duty to inform the court of its data-collection program, since the information was gathered using judicial warrants.
CSIS broke law by keeping sensitive metadata: Federal Court
What you need to know about the CSIS metadata ruling

CSIS director Michel Coulombe took the unusual step of issuing an additional statement on Sunday to defend the program, saying the spy service had been collecting the data using legal warrants and retaining it based on its interpretation of the law, but that it accepted the decision of the court.

Coulombe also says that the agency briefed former public safety ministers Stockwell Day and Vic Toews about the program, and shared information with the Security Intelligence Review Committee and other government stakeholders.

But Coulombe also says those briefings might not have dealt specifically with retaining the subset of associated data that is the subject of the ruling by the court.

Coulombe said last Friday that the spy service had halted all access to, and analysis of, the data in question while it reviews the court decision.

Let's be frank.  CSIS does no good for Canada.  We don't need a tax-payer funded spy agency going around collecting data on Canadians and then potentially blackmailing them or providing the information to foreign spy agencies...we don't need an agency that is somehow involved in the destruction of evidence regarding the take-down of a passenger jet with the murder of hundreds; we don't need a foreign, ziofascist mole in Canada luring vulnerable souls into False Flag terror plots and costing the federal government millions in legal fees and settlements to the victims.  We don't need an agency that renditions Canadians to foreign lands for torture, based on absolutely no evidence.  We don't need an agency to go down to Guantanamo and interview and help to maintain the incarceration of Canadians on false charges.

CSIS has been nothing but trouble, an embarrassment, a war crimes facilitator...and a big expense to Canada.  It's time to dismantle it and cast it to the four President John F. Kennedy wanted to do to the CIA...shortly before his untimely death.

Well, that's about it for this RANT...time to go out and put my garden to bed for the winter.  Bye...until my next CawRANT Events.