Friday, October 14, 2016

US wants Nuke War with Russia but can't launch anything into space without Russian Rockets

United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket carrying © Scott Audette / Reuters

I go on comments forums very rarely these days....not much point with all the scripted and paid ziofascist trolls.  When I do, as I've done in the past...I never miss a delicious opportunity to blow the minds of Americans.... with the reality how far their country has slipped.  The M$M has done a superlative job of keeping tender American minds cocooned in a furry wrap of dumbed down newz, infotainment....and little or no facts...all the more to lead the sheeple up the nuclear Armageddon slaughter-house ramp.

The following link from RT would be a handy one to keep around for such discussions when the US speak of their prowess in space exploration...Man on the moon and that kind of lunacy.  I would ask the simple question:  If the US went to the moon in 1969, why don't they now even have the capacity to launch one of their own rockets?!!!

From RT

Atlas V missions to the International Space Station (ISS) will be carried out using Russia's RD-180 engines at least through 2019, the engine manufacturer has said. The launch operator is expected to purchase up to 20 engines for the current mission.
It has been decided that the Atlas V manned program will be implemented using Russian  engines. The crew had already been selected and is being trained,” NPO Energomash General Director Igor Arbuzov  RIA Novosti on Friday.
The missions will be carried out aboard the heavy-lift Atlas V vehicles with Boeing’s Crew Transportation System (CTS) capsules. The first unmanned test launch is expected in 2017, while manned test launch is scheduled for 2018, Arbuzov said. The United Launch Alliance (ULA) operator which is responsible for the launches plans to purchase from 10 to 20 Russian engines for the missions.
One can say with confidence that no other engine in the world except the RD-180 is ready for manned launches as part of the Atlas V rocket,” Arbuzov said, adding that the RD-180 engines’ and Atlas V's joined performance has been very successful over the years.
Arbuzov specified that the engines that have already been shipped to the United States will be used for both test launches and the first manned flight along with those that are to be delivered between 2017 and 2019.


The Rocket gap is just one of the many areas in science and technology where the Russians have far outstripped Americans.  Another area is in the mysterious Khibiny technology where an energy shield is set up around a geographic area and is rendered impenetrable by any airborne weaponry.  Enemy planes and bombs simply fall out of the air. 

Now, I'm no rocket scientist...but if I were....when designing such a technology...I would make the shield so big that any nuclear bombs would fall from the air BEFORE they left the country of the aggressor.  This would not only protect Russia...but turning enemy bombs against the enemy would also add to Russia's firepower.

Decades have been spent talking about the "space race".  Now there's a different kind of race going on in America...a race between Americans finally waking up...and their total annihilation.


wallflower said...

["Decades have been spent talking about the "space race". Now there's a different kind of race going on in America...a race between Americans finally waking up...and their total annihilation."]

You got that right my feathered friend. It's not about if the arrogance will be countered, but when. Any speck of light in that direction gives me hope. This American can only hope when that day comes I will be somewhere safe or over-the-rainbow. God only knows. One thing is for sure...when you are not afraid to die, is the day you long for justice even if it means you are included with the evil it is meant for. So be it. I hate living with it.

Take care my good neighbors across the pond...may the Truth set us all free.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower

Thanks for your comment. When Putin told all Russian ex pats to return to the "motherland" last week. I asked myself...what about me? Can't I return to the Russian motherland too? What about all of us who have been on the side of Russia against the neocon US Deep State for years? Are we sentenced to glow in the dark just like all the sheeple who didn't listen to us after 9/11?

Maybe some day we truthers will be acknowledged. In the meantime, like you say, we long for justice--even if we are included with the evil...rather than having to live with it.