Wednesday, October 26, 2016

UPDATED: Trudeau Heckled - Could this be the reason? "Western wars have killed 4 million Muslims since 1990"

UPDATED:  OCTOBER 27, 2016  lololol....JUST AS I THOUGHT.  I was musing in the comments whether the Political animals in the West set up the Young Worker's Conference to compete with Putin's annual chit chat with intellectuals and the young.  Sure 'nuf.  I checked the dates and the Yearly Valdai Conference in Russia is taking place between October 24th and 27th...while the First "Annual" Young Worker's Conference took place from October 23 to 25th.  Coinkydynk?  I think not.  This is how the Main$tream Media controls the narrative and how Google can bury things they don't want the public to know about.

It would appear that Canadians' Honeymoon with the young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is over.  A few days ago Justin met with a convention of "Young Workers" and was repeatedly heckled, called a liar and...worst of all...called another "Harper"...a reference to the previous, hated regime.

"You're acting like Harper!" yelled one member of the crowd, drawing out the former prime minister's surname.

Justin Trudeau was explaining his consideration of the Trans Pacific Partnership. And now the voice of outrage had gifted the prime minister a chance to score a point.

"Actually, the approach that I'm choosing to take is one in which I am sitting here," he said, shrugging and then gesturing towards the room, "engaging with you, listening to you, working hard on understanding..."

Some applauded.

But on stage at the Young Workers' Summit, an event organized by the Canadian Labour Congress, Trudeau was receiving something less than a unanimously warm welcome. Rather, he was jeered and, in some cases, angrily questioned.

The truth of the matter is...citizens of Western so-called "democracies" are deeply and irreversibly disgusted by the last few decades of neocon, globalist, criminal warmongering and economic exploitation of the world's home and abroad.  If le Dauphin thought that a pretty face and big smile was going to overcome this deep-seated revulsion...he found out differently at the "Young Workers" meeting. 

Now, Justin could blame unionized workers antipathy towards the TTIP or whatever secret, globalist, sham trade agreement the perps are currently trying to shove down the throats of the working public...or he could even sluff it off as "poor manners"...but I would recommend that he look at the bigger picture. 

The big picture is that, immediately following the last election Prime Minister Justin Trudeau quickly and shamelessly fell into line behind his despised predecessor, Stephen Harper and sanctioned the ongoing "Wars against Muslims" that have been going on since 1990.  Despite being give a strong electoral mandate to shuck the mantle of the The U.S.-led psychopathic imperialist coalition which consists of: The U.S., the UK, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Morocco Trudeau chose not to. This is Canadian tax dollars at work committing war crimes.

Just today, Amnesty International...which has recently reduced its world-wide reputation to "tepid" due to its up to now anemic responses to Western Atrocities in the Middle East...has come out with a new report:

War crimes: US-led 'coalition' killed 300 Syrian civilians in 11 airstrikes - Amnesty International

According to an eyewitness account, an initial night strike was followed by a second attack from a helicopter gunship, which hit first responders trying to dig out survivors.
"At this point I had a two-month-old baby boy in my arms whom I had rescued. The hit caused me to fall and drop him... I fell into the hole made by the air strike. That was what saved me... My mother, aunt, wife and children - a daughter who was four years old and a son who was two and a half were all killed. The woman and her son who I'd rescued were killed. Everyone but me was killed," the survivor

It was the usual script.  Bomb the bejesus out of a village and then, when first responders arrive...follow up with another bombing run to take them out.  This is the immorality that Western politicians have been sanctioning since 1990....and this is the blood that is metaphorically splattered all over Justin's designer shirt and hands as he attempts to talk to Canadians.

You cannot separate morality from much as Western Politicians would dearly love to.  If Canada is associated with killing millions of innocent civilians in geopolitically strategic and/or resource rich vulnerable cannot separate that bloody association from domestic or trade/economic policies.  So you can't forgive Canadians if, in our utter disgust and frustration with bloody and weak-minded politicians...we use a "convention" of young workers as a forum to vent.

Philippines' Duerte is starting to look better all the standing up to the US.  Trudeau could take a page...or at least a couple of lines, out of the reckless Philippine leader's playbook.  Like Duerte, Trudeau was given an electoral mandate from the people to change Canada's obsequious vassal-state prostration.

Let me just make this prediction.  Unless Justin Trudeau distances himself from the bloody, lawless, war criminal...and soon.  He will be a "one term" Prime Minster.


wallflower said...

Hey GC,

["The U.S.-led psychopathic imperialist coalition which consists of: The U.S., the UK, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Morocco..."]

You left out the "head" of the beast...ISRAEL.

Each time I read alt news I make sure they are including ISRAEL. Oh how they love to hide behind the murderous carnage...then blame the rest of the "body" for their disgusting obedience. AIPAC/JEWS/ISRAEL control the US/GOVERNMENT/MILITARY/BANKS/CORPORATIONS/CIA/NSA/DESPICABLE CONGRESS/SICKENING PRESIDENTS...AND THE WHOLE DEEP STATE...with Goy cowards that are only thinking of their bank accounts.

Way to go CALLING HIM OUT!!! We need to have this enmasse in the US. Calling out the truth and making change. Enough is enough. Well done!

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower. Yes, I forgot to mention that Israel is directing all the ziofascists in the endless wars. But, you might note that I did label it under "Ziofascism" at the bottom of the post.

Penny said...


Justin booed- yeah!
I get a sense of anger all over the place
In Ontario were getting hammered with very high electricity rates- as in ridiculous and extreme- and the irony of it all--- when the electricity that is created here is not used- Ontario pays other parties to take the electricity.
In 2013 it cost us a billion dollars

Justin and Wynne are very buddy, buddy- with the homosexual Wynne pushing the transgender, created by the pedophile, sex ed for schools here.
Ontario is really a shit hole- sorry for the bad language

Penny said...

If Trudeau is going to distance himself, he would really have to do that- for real
I don't think he can...

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Ontario is the home base of Ziofascism in Canada. Any wonder that issues like the electricity theft is going on? One thing I've been wondering for a very long time. Justin's younger brother Sacha. He never got involved in Justin's political campaigning. He just kind of disappeared. It's like he knew what a patsy his brother was/is?

Sacha took after Pierre while Justin took after Margaret. Justin is just an attractive and glib dumba$$ IMO.

I think the "Young Workers" convention was a Liberal set up. It was the first time they've ever had such a convention in Canada...and probably the last. I think it was supposed to be a platform for Justin, in rolled up shirtsleeves, to try to compete with Putin's public image of accessibility to the young Russians...sitting down with them and talking mano a mano.

But it backfired...LOL!!! Bigtime. Why? Because, as I said in the post...Canadians are fed up to the gills with warmongering, bloodyminded, Ziofascist politicians. We want CHANGE!!!