Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Love Birds are Back Home


The Lovebirds are finally back home!  That's what all the relatives are saying...and with not just a little relief.  It's been quite a week.  I returned home on Wednesday but couldn't really relax until my husband came home on Friday, yesterday afternoon.  We both went into the hospital early Monday morning and underwent major abdominal surgery.  I gave my husband one of my kidneys.  Everything seems to be "taking" fine, although he's going to be on a wack of medications for the rest of his life.

This operation has been planned for about six years and so we were well prepared, mentally and physically.  Our family has been very supportive.  Kidney transplant operations are quite common these days.  My surgeon says he's done 1200 so far.  Because we live in Canada and have a universal national health care plan, all we ever had to do for all the myriad of tests, and the operations themselves, was show our "Carecards".  Never a word about money, insurance or anything else.

One thing about pain, it does concentrate the mind.  Gone were all thoughts about geopolitics...Syria crisis and all.  Gone were all reactions to the latest US election scandals and revelations.  All thoughts were on being able to turn over in bed without bursting my stitches (or so it felt like).  So now, I'm back in the land of the living, as they say....and starting to catch up and regain interest in the world.  I hope to post a couple of half finished articles on Syria and the Philippines.  One thing is my energy level is unpredictable.  I will have a burst of energy and get a lot of things accomplished and then, like a balloon, I suddenly deflate and have NO energy.  So I don't know how regular my posts will be in the coming days and weeks.  I hope my readers will understand. Additionally, the Blogosphere is undergoing a subtle shift...the Editor of the blog Occurrences is saying that Google and the other megalith Internet controllers from the main$tream media goons are tightening and restricting the ability of Bloggers to spread our message of truth.  To me this is the inevitable sign of success.  We've reached the "Then they fight you" stage of Gandhi's maxim about activism:

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you win.

Sometimes I feel that Bloggers are like the man with the two grocery bags facing down the tanks in Tiananmen Square so many years ago.  I published that video in a recent post. We're so small, relative to the power of those who want to marginalize us and negate our message.  But Bloggers have the second strongest weapon on the face of the earth...the truth. The strongest weapon is love.


Penny said...

glad you are back GC. I wish all the best to you and your hubby in your recoveries
take good care, both of you!

Penny said...

"Bloggers have the second strongest weapon on the face of the earth...the truth. The strongest weapon is love"

Love it Greencrow!
If I can combine them- the love of truth is our weapon.

Speaking for myself, I spent my time on political forums and became so disgusted with fake left right politics and sooooo many lies- lies on lies on lies
Out of frustration I began the blog in 08- Where I could dissect main stream media news using my own skills- my own smarts and my own abilities.
I could no longer tolerate being spoon fed lies- couldn't stomache it

That's my story- Probably much like yours- One lone gal trying be the change that which I believe sorely needs to changed-
I'm glad you and others like you are here with me :)

wallflower said...

Get well soon to you and your husband. Such a step of faith and love in unity. Now you certainly are considered not only one in spirit but also one in flesh. Here is to many more days of happiness together.

Take care

Ed(itor) said...

Oh, so I was right.. blessings to you and your hubby. You picked a very interesting time to be recovering in each other's support, given the news. Gees, can the US be in a uglier situation? [Hi, Penny...] Hope you have lots of help and support in the next little while. I'd come over and bring some home-cooked meals, but it'd take me a week to get there.

mlvizrico said...

Have followed your blog since Kenny went 2 other side. Prayers 4 speedy healing 2 u and your husband. U r a light in this increasingly dark world.

james@wpc said...

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you, Greencrow, and you husband. Take care

Anne Evans said...

May you both feel better soon. I look forward to your blogs as they are so informative and honest. I am on the other side of the world on the island of Jersey, so no cooked meals from me either, just good wishes to the two of you.

greencrow said...

I want to thank each and every one of the commenters above for their words of support and encouragement. It means a lot to me. I hope you will forgive me for thanking you all I one comment but I want to save me blogging strength for posting later on, hopefully. As I've said, my energy level is unpredictable and drastic. But every day is exponentially better than the one before. This is the only post I will do about this personal episode in my and my family life. I don't want the blog to become about discussing operations and "comparing scars" lol. I even debated whether to mention it at all...but in the end decided in favour of "being honest" on principle, and because my regular readers would know something was up and would have to embark on needless speculation in the absence of facts. This is something the whole blog is against so....I decided to lay it on the line but not dwell on it.

Penny, your comment about bloggers being driven by "love of truth" gave me not one but two great ideas! Thanks. I may not implement these ideas myself or in this blog but they are great ideas and someone will eventually implement them. Here they are

1. A special page (I could have it on this blog or it could be a special blog or everyone could have a link to it) where bloggers write a short couple of paragraphs about their blog...what first drove them to do truth blogging and what issues compel them the most. Occurrences would be an excellent site for this special page or link : )

2. A Truth Bloggers Union. This could be a loosely run organization of technical support, information and solidarity for truth bloggers as we move into a new era of increased repression, marginalization, etc. There could be a logo drawn up that all members of the Union could add to their blog face page. It would look like the old Union logos. I really believe in the Union Movement and even tried to spear head a union organization movement when I was a legal secretary many years ago. I won't tell you how that turned (or as we said in those days hahahahaha)

Think about all of this folks and please add ideas if you wish...or take up the ball and run with it!


tsisageya said...

Awesome. What a wonderful privilege to give, and receive, such a gift. I can only imagine.

P.S. I'm thinking...