Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Putin's Istanbul Trip...fleeting answers to fleeting questions.

Erdogan and Putin

Geopolitical events stream by us at warp speed.  So hard to keep track of what we were even talking about a week or two ago.  Oh yes, now I recall...I was speculating that the reason for the sudden trip of Putin to meet Erdogan in Istanbul on October 10/11th was, in part at least, to quell a rumoured second coup attempt against Erdogan.

It seems there was also a big Energy convention going on in Istanbul at the time.  Lots of reason to have soldiers and security personnel in the streets.  The report linked above is very clear about the terms of the proposed pipeline agreement between Russia and Turkey.  The best thing about it is that it will force Erdogan to finally and irrevocably reject the West's proposed pipeline route...through a dismembered Syria.

Possibly in preparation for such a tectonic pivot by Turkey is some unfinished Turkish Parliamentary business to conclude which will expand presidential powers:

Turkey to draft law on expanding presidential powers

One would assume that Turkey never again wants the dynamic where the president (Erdogan) is kept out of the loop when such important decisions (such as shooting down a Russian jet) are taken by other, independent, factions of the government/military.  Prior to any pipeline agreement with Russia going ahead....any possible disunification forces must be disabled and disbanded.

Speaking of such forces...whatever happened about that "imminent" decision the US was going to take re the alleged coupmeister Gulen?  More pie in the sky, by and the US State Department?

Meanwhile, Germany has assigned more German/NATO troops to a NATO base in Turkey.  With or without the permission of the Turks was not indicated in today's report. 

One very mysterious recent announcement out of Russia may or may not have anything to do with the Stand-off in Turkey between NATO and the Russians.  This was an official directive for Russian government officials to repatriate their children studying abroad...immediately...not even allowing them to finish the semester.

The most likely reason for this is to remove potential blackmail or hostage taking opportunities by the West as yet another effort to trigger WWIII by way of some sort of false flag against Russia.  A more long term reason for this decision could well be to stop the anti Russian indoctrination going on in the west from poisoning the tender minds of future Russian leaders.

The last tea leaf left to be taken from the cup and examined is the news from Cyprus that the Nulanator is in Cypress for a big UN "drill"  Hmmmm.  Have a look at the link.  This was apparently a BIG military drill involving all areas of the armed forces.  Could this have been the "cover" for the (either postponed or cancelled altogether) invasion of Turkey from Cypress which I talked about in my previous post on the topic?

Which brings me full circle to why Putin made the trip to Istanbul.  We'll probably never know whether his visit headed off a second coup or's pretty hard to prove a least if you follow the traditional rules of logic and critical thinking.  These are rules, by the way, tossed aside by the perps and their controlled media flunkies at the time of 9/11...they almost NEVER use them.


Penny said...

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Nemesis - what a strange name for a 'rescue' drill.