Friday, October 21, 2016

Fourth girl takes own life in Northern Saskatchewan

"Fear" - by Andy Everson

Lost in all the stories about international war mongering and the American election was the sad story reported two days ago that yet another young First Nations Girl took her own life in Northern Saskatchewan.  This time, a 10 year old.

The CBC report as usual mentioned that the community was coming together to mourn the loss and to try to prevent yet more supposedly inexplicable calamities.  They even posted a list of "symptoms" of suicidal ideation to watch out for:

"Here are some of the warning signs:
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Purposelessness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Feeling trapped.
  • Hopelessness and helplessness.
  • Withdrawal.
  • Anger.
  • Recklessness.
  • Mood changes."
Missing from the list was the most important indication that the child might kill her (or him) self.  This is, a history of being a victim of child sexual abuse. This is the elephant in the living room of northern indigenous communities. 

A couple of days ago, I inadvertently clicked on a traffic URL that appeared in the statistics on my blog.  In a split second, a horrific pornographic photo showed up on my screen.  It seared my eyeballs with it's ferocious hatred of women.  I couldn't press delete/exit fast enough.  It took days for the image to fade.  But I appreciated, in one sense, having had the hideous experience...because it opened my eyes to the toxicity of the pornography that is permeating the easy it is to access and how difficult it is to avoid.  Then, last night, I had a vivid dream about attending a First Nations healing ceremony....several of my former women clients were there.  These women had been victimized by generational sexual abuse which affected their child rearing capabilities.  The dream caused me to write this post.

Internet pornography is like throwing gas on a brush fire of child sexual abuse. This is the evil that is spreading like a cancer throughout the north and killing the youth.  Addicts of Internet pornography say it is a drug as powerful as heroin or fentanyl. A month or so ago, blogger Henry Makow posted a letter he received from a young pornography addict who said that online pornography is getting worse...more violent and more deviant...with a recent emphasis on incest with children.

Who's doing this world wide?  Well I'm sorry to say, folks that it's the "usual suspects"...the usual suspects who've been purveyors of prostitution and pornography for millennia.  Now, they're reaching into the remote indigenous communities of the world and destroying the souls of entire communities.  I recently read that Putin has banned this death-causing toxicity from reaching Russian communities.  One more reason to give the man a medal [but not the Nobel Prize, which has been destroyed by the Ziofascists].

As a former front line child protection social worker, I can say definitively and from direct experience that sexually abusing a child is tantamount to killing the child.  It kills the soul and the spirit.  In fact, it would, in a perverse way, almost be kinder to kill the child than to subject the child to a lifetime of extreme mental anguish like these young men are enduring after being abused by a Catholic priest:

Shame and embarrassment

The men believe they have suffered personal and professional setbacks as a result of the alleged abuse. In some cases, they say they are only now realizing the extent of the impact it had on their lives.

"By the time I hit high school I could no longer be around people," said a third victim. "I could no longer trust other people. I could no longer participate in gym class. I couldn't go to the change room. I just couldn't do those things.

"Just the feeling of shame and overwhelming embarrassment wouldn't even let me in the door, wouldn't even let me start to disrobe, it just wouldn't let me."
Ronald Léger, archdiocese sued by sex assault victim

"I'm not very emotional," he continued. "And so that's been a profound impact on me and continues to have a profound impact on the way I interact with people. I just don't let people in."

Do you have any doubt now, after reading the testimonies above, why the young girls are killing themselves in Northern Saskatchewan?  In case you still don't understand...I will spell it out for you:


There!  I couldn't make it any clearer...except to say that the Canadian Federal Government needs to act immediately to shut off the porn pipeline.  Do as Putin did.  Assume your responsibility, Trudeau, and protect your people!!!

In Today's news, a US Judge is being held to account for giving only a 60 day sentence to a man who routinely sexually abused his 12 year old daughter.  Why did the judge give such a pathetic sentence?  Well, among other mitigating circumstances, the mother of the 12 year old victim and the grandmother both wrote letters to the judge saying what a great father the man his sons.  You cannot depend on families, even women in families, to correctly react to this insidious evil.  It is up to those who know the damage done to react to protect society.  One way, as Putin did, was to outlaw and ban Internet pornography.  The Judge in the above case did make this a condition of sentencing:

Among those conditions, which McKeon called “quite rigorous,” was the requirement for the man to register as a sex offender, the Glasgow Courier reported. He also cannot access pornography and has limited access to the Internet.

What we need is a war on porn.  We need anonymous "hackers", like the ones who give political dirt  to WikiLeaks,  to trace the porn back to its purveyors.  We need to identify and "out" these remote murderers of children.  Who are they?  What countries harbor them? Why do they do it?  How do they profit?  THIS needs to be the new and relentless focus for those who care about society, families and children.


wallflower said...

Hey Greencrow,

My first thought was the same as yours...esp when considering the ages. I agree with the measures Putin has stepped up to address. And I feel that this is an area you have credentials in taking this straight to the Canadian Government. Considering government controls that have been an affront on Indigenous Peoples (including the US), I feel that this is the foundation of their plight and hopelessness for generations. Their ways of life that has been destroyed for a long long time. The Internet needs to not only be avoided...but the need to restore their culture is more important to not become "deliberate" slow genocide. They need purpose (as you said), and a feeling of continued existence. I think a window has been opened up for you?

Take care.

I learned about this from watching:

and it outraged me. The curse can't stop unless there is repentance and forgiveness.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Like any other noxious, toxic and lethal substance, pornography and particularly child pornography must be declared a banned substance. It must be treated like heroin and fentanyl are supposed to be treated. Dealers and traffickers in pornography (including their countries of origin) need to be outed and prosecuted. Society can no longer afford to hide this out of "shame". Children will continue to die because of the silence.

james@wpc said...

Thanks for posting this, Greencrow. Excellent point re the elephant in the room.

The list of 'symptoms' without any mention of cause tends to focus the 'cause' as being with the victims i.e. as being some sort of character fault of the victims rather than the effect of an assault or injury caused by others.

I listened to an interview today by Richie Allen of Dr. Gail Dines. It is on topic and very disturbing
Dr. Gail Dines On How The Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Children & How It Encourages Paedophilia.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks so much for your comment and for your excellent link. I listened to the entire interview with Dr. Gail Dines and was shocked at how prevalent this horrific epidemic of hijacking our children with degeneracy is. I highly recommend listening to the video

to everyone. It confirms my worst fears. I was also shocked to learn that almost all the porn can be traced back to one porn company operating out of Luxembourg with offices in Canada and the US.

Again...I say that it is the government's responsibility to shut down these porn pipelines of death and destruction. If they do not do so in a matter of weeks if not days...then the government is, itself criminally negligent and responsible for the deaths and human misery the purveyors of porn leave in their wake.

james@wpc said...

"...then the government is, itself criminally negligent and responsible for the deaths and human misery the purveyors of porn leave in their wake."

I'll paraphrase a piece of wisdom that I remember from Joe Vialls - "to determine if the State has been complicit in terrorism/crime, ask the question: 'What should have happened but didn't?'"

This is about easy and ubiquitous access to horrendous material. It is not a complex issue. It is very straight forward.

So where are the organised feminist groups on this issue of promoting sexual violence towards women? I'm not hearing anything. Is it just me?

greencrow said...

Hi James:

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with child sexual abuse is the inability of many women to react to protect their children. Call it the "Stockholm syndrome" call it the hierarchy of needs (roof over their heads and food vs. kicking the pedophile out of the house).

I mentioned to my husband about this post and he responded "Well, some women like porn, just like men, don't they?" (He likes to be the devil's advocate :\) I do believe feminist groups, like all other social activist groups, have been co-opted and/or neutralized by the perps. What I want to do is name who is responsible for allowing this filth to destroy young minds. Then, if more children die...we can say...their deaths are on YOUR heads...Justin.